Prince Carl Philip's Education/Work in Photography and Design

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Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg were in Jukkasjärvi at the Icehotel in preparations of designing the suite, at Instagram of Bernadotte & Kylberg:
"What a wonderful challenge! Creating design on nature's own terms in such a beautiful Nordic environment. We simply love it! @icehotelsweden We are so looking forward to the final result"
The suite Bernadotte & Kylberg has designed for Icehotel Sweden in Jukkasjärvi has been presented:

When we were asked to design a suite for Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, we didn’t hesitate for a second. We also knew that it would be all about the ice.
Our idea? Well, what better way to show the true character of the ice than to encapsulate the most delicate and beautiful Swedish midsummer flowers in an arctic environment? For us Swedes, midsummer, and especially midsummer’s night, is filled with myth and legend. The Scandinavian nature that surrounds us flowers and ice plays a huge part in our cultural upbringing and has a bearing on who we are as Nordic people as Scandinavians. Hopefully, our vision with the suite ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ will invite you also to be a part of us.
A Midsummer Night's Dream _ ICEHOTEL

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Bernadotte & Kylberg har designat en svit i Icehotel 365

bernadotte & kylberg suite at the icehotel 364 in sweden

Great idea, the suite looks wonderful.
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Interview in Forbes
Oscar Kylberg and his partner, Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte — formally, also the Duke of Värmland and the son of Sweden’s reigning monarch, King Carl XVI Gustaf — have been making a splash in the hothouse of European commercial design right out of the gate, since they founded their boutique Stockholm design firm, Bernadotte & Kylberg, in 2012.
Arctic Circle Luxe_ Oscar Kylberg And Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte Of Sweden Design A ‘Midsummer’ Suite In Jukkasjärvi’s Icehotel

Photos from the suite at Icehotel

Inside the brand new royal suite at Sweden's ice hotel _ CNN Travel

We have a lot in store for this year which we are very much looking forward to sharing with you all. Thank you for your great continuous support of our design and being an important part of our design journey forward. 2022 - let’s go! /B&K

Bernadotte & Kylberg AB
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Expressen has investigated:

Carl Philip and his friend Oscar Kylberg didn't have to pay for the renovation at their new premises at the Royal Stables five years ago, the premises were renovated at the taxpayers' expense.
Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg wanted new premises for their company in 2015. The mediation was handled via Carl Philip's contacts, the Office of the Governor of the Palaces. Maria Uggla from the National Property Board says that The Royal Stables is covered by the Royal Right of Disposition, which means that tenants must be approved by the Office of the Governor.
Margareta Thorgren says that it is the King who ultimately decides who is allowed to rent within the royal right of disposition. There are several tenants who conduct business. The tenants pay market rents to the National Property Board.
The rooms at The Royal Stables required a major renovation, the cost SEK 1,037,711 plus VAT was paid by the National Property Board. Carl Philip's name is not seen in the emails between the NPB and Bernadotte & Kylberg. An email exchange requested by Expressen shows that Oscar Kylberg has taken care of the emails.
Expressen asked Oscar Kylberg, how did they get the chance to get into The Royal Stables and how much time Carl Philip spends at the studio? Kylberg says that they got there because Carl Philip could rent space there and because there was vacant rooms, suitable for their studio. They work full time with their company, sometimes there are calmer periods, but especially at new launches, they usually work more than full time.
The contract shows that B&K pays SEK 11,000 a month for 103 square meters studio, excluding VAT. The relatively moderate rent includes electricity, heating and water and sewerage costs. The rent level is determined on a commercial basis and has been paid throughout the rental period, says Maria Uggla.
Prinsens affärslokal fixades för skattebetalarnas pengar

The shock! Prince Carl Philip's luxury purchase with tax money
That Prince Carl Philip loves design is no secret. But that premises at the Royal Stables was renovated for his business, it is not as well known.
Prins Carl Philip avslöjad – köpte lyx för skattepengar _*Svensk Dam

It is interesting to know that the right of disposal only covers who is allowed to rent/lease spaces in the royal sites, but the rents themselves are paid to the National Property Board, which is the agency that manages the buildings.

In the specific case of the Royal Djurgården, however, I believe the rents are paid directly to the Royal Djurgården Administration, which is under the Royal Court, the difference being that the Administration is then also responsible for managing/ maintaining the buildings. Is that correct?

EDIT: Going back to the main topic, if the National Property Board paid for renovations in a space rented to Carl Philip's business in the Royal Mews, wouldn't that be an issue to be taken with the Swedish government ? After all, the National Property Board is not part of the Royal Court and responds directly to the government instead.
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Bernadotte & Kylberg at its Instagram:
Friends! Our first coffee table design! We are so happy with our table that we named ‘NORDAN’ for @garsnas1893 - the Swedish furniture manufacturer renowned for their supreme craftmanship and iconic furniture. To us, beauty lies within the practical use of an object. For us a table is not necessarily just a table – it may serve many functions. Our choice of materials such as curly birch (masurbjörk) and brass, are selected because of durable properties and the premium feel - these are materials that stand the test of time. Curly birch also has a beautiful and natural graphic pattern that breaks all the straight lines on the table. The graphic pattern thus becomes a natural complement to the shadow play that is created if, for example, wheat, oats or tall grass or flowers are placed in the table's brass box. The premium table comes in two shapes – rectangular and as an octagon. We hope you like it as much as we do. Thank you Gärsnäs for a great collaboration and for making our vision ‘NORDAN’ come true in the best possible way.
Oscar Kylberg designed last year a prize to Stiftelsen Adam Alsings Minne (The Adam Alsing Memorial Foundation). He is also one of the ambassadors of the Foundation.
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"Adam was a very good friend who I appreciated very much and who I, like many others, feel a great longing for. Adam was a very sincere person who had a unique ability to really see the person he met and talked to. He was intellectually multidimensional both in breadth and in depth. Adam also had a curious eye for details, something we often talked about as he was also very interested in design.
When I was asked to design the prize for Adam's memory - the Adam's Memory Foundation, I felt that I wanted to capture our joint conversations and reflections on design and art and how important it is that it creates a reaction in the recipient - preferably in an unexpected way. and surprising way."
Priset ”Adams Minne” _ Adams Minne
Bernadotte & Kylberg at its social media:
"We are proud to present our new collaboration with the progressive furniture manufacturer @madebychoice know for its great craftsmanship and progressive thinking! The chair we have designed is called ‘Wiurila Chair’ and is designed specifically for the restaurant at the historical Finnish manor Wiurila, located in Halikko in southern Finland. The inspiration for the chair's wing-shaped back is taken from the roof of the outbuildings, and the chair's legs from the manor's pillars. It was natural to let Wiurila's architecture influence the design giving the chair both great comfort and a clear identity. Happy neighbors!!"

Finnish design company receives royal help - Swedish Prince Carl Philip's handprint appears in new chair
Suomalainen designyritys sai kuninkaallista apua – Ruotsin prinssi Carl Philipin kädenjälki näkyy uudessa tuolissa - Talous _

Prins Carl Philip designade stolar för Wiurila gård – för HBL förklarar han hur det gick till

We are proud to present a new collaboration with Bernadotte & Kylberg. The Swedish design duo created the new Wiurila Chair for the restaurant at the historical Finnish manor Wiurila, located in Halikko in southern Finland. The chair is now availble for pre-order and a limited-edition of 50 chairs will be uniquely numbered.
Nordic Happiness is Made by Choice
The chairs for sale cost 1200 euros.
Nordic Happiness is Made by Choice

I have visited the Wiurila Manor, it is a great place.
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Bernadotte & Kylberg at its Instagram
"New design sees the light! Our collaboration with acclaimed @skultuna1607 continues. voilà! Our new candleholder ‘PIPE’s round shape reflects the soul of the room. On the inside, the brass softly reflects the warm light from the candle. In other words - form, function and minimalism in harmony. Available today!"

On sale at the webshop of Skultuna, the candleholder costs 90€.
"The candleholder Pipe is a reduced modernistic masterpiece in its simplicity where rounded spheres meets in many places to create a magic light. The candleholders are made of solid brass, the iconic material of Skultuna since the start in 1607. Designed in 2022."
Pipe Candleholder I Skultuna Messingsbruk 1607
Bernadotte & Kylberg at its Instagram:
Our popular ceramic designs for @njrddesign are carefully shaped to give you that perfect feel of balance in shape and function and also that wonderful natural feel that is unique for ceramics. Have you seen all the color combinations @nordicnest Available in over 70 countries!
Newest design of Bernadotte & Kylberg, published three days ago.

Wallflower is Skultuna's latest collaboration with the Stockholm-based design studio Bernadotte & Kylberg. Wallflower is a wall-hung vase or a wall scone, where the polished surface reflects the flowers or the candle. With an insert, you can switch between vase or candle holder. Made of polished brass, Skultuna's iconic material since the start in 1607. Designed in 2022.
Wallflower - Vase & Scone I Skultuna Messingsbruk 1607
The National Museum has received the Wiurila Chair designed by Bernadotte & Kylberg as a donation from the Finnish design company Made by Choice. The chair was originally created for a restaurant at the Finnish manor Wiurila located in Halikko in the southern part of Finland.
Bernadotte & Kylberg was founded in 2012 by Prince Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg. Their design language has often been described as graphic and Scandinavian.
The design language and solid design process appealed to Made by Choice who offered the designer duo to create the chair for the famous Wiurila mansion. Wiurila's history goes as far back as the 15th century.
- There is a lot of architecture in the chair. It is important to learn from history and be aware of it, but without starting to copy. The end result is exciting when tradition meets modernity. It is a chair with a strong identity in the back. The back was also the one that was drawn first, says Oscar Kylberg.
- I am extremely happy about the donation of the Wiurila Chair to the National Museum's collections. The chair represents timeless design and reminds of the cultural and historical relations between Sweden and Finland, says Susanna Pettersson, superintendent at the National Museum.
Wiurila Chair till Nationalmuseums samlingar _ Nationalmuseum

Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg with their Wiurila Chair in the beginning of September at the residence of Finland's ambassador to Sweden, Maimo Henriksson, at an event where Made by Choice introduced new Scandinavian collaborations and launches as part of Stockholm Design Week.
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Bernadotte & Kylberg at its Instagram
"We are very proud to announce that The Wiurila Chair that we designed for the famous manor house ‘Wiurila’ at Halikko in southern Finland is now part of the design collection at the Swedish Nationalmuseum. We are equally glad for the great design collaboration with the Finish furniture producer Made By Choice."

Made by Choice at its Instagram
"We are very proud to announce that The Wiurila Chair designed for the famous manor house ‘Wiurila’ is now part of the design collection at the Swedish Nationalmuseum. We honoured by the design collaboration with Bernadotte & Kylberg."
Bernadotte & Kylberg celebrate their first 10 years as a design agency, and their PR-Agency Grand Relations arranged the 2023 opening dinner of Stockholm Design Week as a celebration of B & K's 10 years at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

Bernadotte & Kylberg at its Instagram
"10 years! A decade of change through design’! Thank you all for your great support on our design journey. It means the world to us both. Thank you @grandrelations for a great start of celebrating our first 10 years with a smashing dinner @grandhotelstockholm More celebrations to come. A lot more new design to come. Here’s to another great 10 years! Cheers!"

Grand Relations published some photos from the evening. One of the guests was Cia Jansson, Editor-in-chief of Elle Sweden.
Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg have been interviewed by German magazine

To celebrate the year: Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte and Oscar Kylberg look back in an interview with AD Germany - and look forward to the future with joy
At the article among other things:
The two of you have been working together for ten years now – which project are you particularly proud of? And what about your plans for the future?
Carl Philip: As a designer, you don't want to highlight a project. Every single one of them was a great experience. I am grateful that we can work in so many ways. But designing a suite for the now famous “Icehotel” in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, just 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, was truly unique and one of a kind. Everything was designed with and made of ice - from the bed to the lamp . We made it our mission to work flowers into the layers of ice to commemorate one of Sweden's most beautiful traditions: midsummer celebrations.
Oscar Kylberg: Even if we don't always agree, I agree with you on that point. The "Icehotel" is awesome, working there was highly meditative. I think that we want to do projects of this kind more often in the future. We would like to develop in this direction together. The best thing about it is that we are not alone and can rely on each other.
Prinz Carl Philip Bernadotte und Oscar Kylberg blicken im Interview mit AD Germany zurück – und mit Freude in die Zukunft _ AD Magazin
Oscar Kylberg, the ceo of Bernadotte & Kylberg, has done illustrations to book "Tomten"

Viktor Rydberg's classic poem "Tomten" gets new life in an exclusive hardback edition. Oscar Kylberg's captivating illustrations connect Santa's nocturnal musings and thoughts with the magical feeling of Christmas, and connect the past with the present.
- As a designer, portraying "Santa" has been a fantastic creative challenge. It's not just about drawing the figure, but also about weaving together the illustrations with the environment where the poem takes place and defining what that environment represents, says Oscar Kylberg. (..),q_auto:good,w_746/tdfa9fwukzcylebvb0sb,q_auto:good,w_746/fpekdvmcdoorp7sp0c3o
Viktor Rydbergs ”Tomten” i stämningsfull nyutgåva med illustrationer av Oscar Kylberg _ Story House Egmont
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From design studio to own brand
Bernadotte & Kylberg creates a completely own brand with its own webshop that opens today. The collection was presented yesterday evening at Soho House in Stockholm.
The home is the focus of Bernadotte & Kylberg's brand, even if the ambition is to move in the borderland of fashion, at least that is the case with this first collection consisting of plaids and scarves.
Carl Philip in a press release: We have worked a lot with textiles and we like it. Therefore, it was natural to land in textile products for our first collection in our new brand. They are personal products that can be loved for a long time and passed down as a legacy. In terms of design, the collection is completely out of our DNA and that will also be reflected in other types of products in future collections where we launch more products for the home.
Nu kan prins Carl Philip klä dig _ Damernas Värld

Bernadotte & Kylberg's Instagram

And here we have the new website of Bernadotte & Kylberg, with their webshop.
Bernadotte & Kylberg – Bernadotte & Kylberg

The products Bernadotte & Kylberg has designed through the years.
Studio – Bernadotte & Kylberg

Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg were interviewed by Dezeen Magazine, an architecture, interiors and design magazine, with over three million monthly readers and six million social media followers.
Their first own-branded products are scarves and blankets embellished with the B&K logo. This will later expand into a wider collection of products for the home.
"We want to make a statement," Kylberg said. "These are our products and this is our brand, our name."
"We designed that logo in 2012 and we haven't really used it before now," added Bernadotte. "It actually works really well on textiles."
The Bernadotte & Kylberg founders spoke to Dezeen via Zoom from their Stockholm studio, a former saddle-making chamber in the Royal Stables. While Kylberg appeared the more confident and articulate spokesperson, both were friendly and engaging.
The pair said they had dreamed of launching a Bernadotte & Kylberg brand "from day one" but that they didn't feel the time was right before now.
Everything we do is going to be looked at more_ says Swedish prince Dezeen

Photos from the launch of the Bernadotte & Kylberg brand at the Soho House, from Instagram of Hans Hjelmqvist, the ceo of Grand Relations, Bernadotte & Kylberg's PR-company. And at the Instagram of Grand Relations.
Victoria attended the launch:

Andrea Brodin attended at the launch too, here Andrea with Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg.

Model Florian Alexander is one the faces of Bernadotte & Kylberg's new campaign/brand:
"Happy to be the new face of @bernadottekylberg amazing campaign"

At the website of the model agency
Florian Alex lemanagement

Bernadotte & Kylberg lanserar eget varumärke – se bilderna _ Residence Magazine
Prince Carl Philip of Sweden launches brand Bernadotte & Kylberg - Vogue Scandinavia
Bernadotte & Kylberg_ a new exciting design journey _ DesignWanted
Bernadotte & Kylberg_ There’s room for a local premium home interior and accessories brand
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Aftonbladet writes that the products of Bernadotte & Kylberg's new brand/collection are expensive.
The silk scarf with the company's graphic profile costs SEK 2,500 (216 €). The long scarf costs SEK 2,100 (181 €) and the cashmere and merino wool blanket costs SEK 5,200 (450 €).
- The duo has invested in quality and good materials, that's why the products are very expensive, and it means that the products are inaccessible to most people. It would have been fun to see a design line that was more accessible, says court expert Sara Ericsson.
Prins Carl Philip startar eget modemärke - dyra prylar

Andrea Brodin at her blog about the launch of the collection at Soho House
Bernadotte Kylberg _ Andrea Brodin
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Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg have given a large interview to Elle Sweden about their first own collection, which will eventually be expanded with designs for bathroom, bed and table.

When asked about dreams for the future, the answer is clear. They are there now, in the dream.
- These are the first ten items on the list, I would say. We are very much looking forward to developing our collections, says Oscar Kylberg.
- We have ideas and have outlined things that are underway. We'll see where we go... says the prince.
But one thing is certain: They are going there together, as a duo. The watchwords are care, security – and luxury.
- If you are a person, fantastic - but you only get to a certain level. If there are two of you, you challenge and strengthen each other. And the collaboration that Oscar and I have, for me it is very luxurious. We support each other in everything, says the prince.
Prins Carl Philip och Oscar Kylberg sin första egna kollektion _ ELLE
Premiere for Bernadotte and Kylberg's unique suites
Bernadotte and Kylberg have designed three unique suites at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature's new hotel Arken. The suites are the crown jewel of the new hotel section. Furniture, floors, carpets and wallpaper are specially made for Eriksberg. Each suite has its own theme, inspired by Eriksberg's rich flora and fauna.
“Eriksberg is a unique and beautiful place in Blekinge. It is a total nature experience on nature's own terms. It is precisely that encounter with nature that we want to celebrate by blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors," says Carl Philip Bernadotte.
"Our task has been to create and implement a total interior design vision for the new building Arken's three suites on three different floors. The suites have been named Urberg, Skog and Himmel and reflect Eriksberg's soul and natural diversity. We have designed everything from furniture to fixtures and carpets. We hope and believe that visitors will enjoy the suites as much as we enjoyed creating them," says Oscar Kylberg.

The suites
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It looks like he is enjoying working in his uncontroversial niche. Is that indeed how the Swedish people look at it?
Carl Philip takes a seat on the board of his half-owned design company Bernadotte & Kylberg. This is written at the documents recently submitted to the Swedish Companies Registration Office. (..)
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Bernadotte & Kylberg at its Instagram
Create lasting memories with a timeless gift from our Signature Collection. Delivered in a textile covered gift box with our signature B&K logo in gold on the lid and a black shoulder around.
Bernadotte & Kylberg at its Instagram
Create lasting memories with a timeless gift from our Signature Collection. Delivered in a textile covered gift box with our signature B&K logo in gold on the lid and a black shoulder around.
I like that P.Carl-Philip is really putting in the effort in this design company and has been involved for several years now.
But can I ask in this video, what is the actual gift shown? Is it a blanket or a towel or similar?
I like that P.Carl-Philip is really putting in the effort in this design company and has been involved for several years now.
But can I ask in this video, what is the actual gift shown? Is it a blanket or a towel or similar?

Bernadotte & Kylberg's Signature Collection has silk scarves, wool scarves and throws:

Victoria has worn silk and wool scarves from the collection.
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