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It seems the military visits and ceremonies of the royal house are being assigned to (the King and) Prince Carl Philip. Has that always been the case, and is it likely to continue into the next reign?

Yes, Carl Philip is an Officer, a Major. Victoria didn't do any military training since that wasn't open to women at the time.

Afer the the current King, the Monarch will no longer be the head of the military (well he isn't now either but he's kept some functions).

I suppose C-P will go on doing things like honoring veterans and other more ceremonial stuff. He's much appreciated in those quarters.
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Carl Philip had today a meeting with the Swedish team ahead of the Bocuse d'Or 2023 international cooking competition.
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Carl Philip handed out The Royal Patriotic Society's Trade and Industry Medals at Riddarhuset (The House of Nobility) this evening at the Society's annual event.
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On the left at this photo is Hans Eric Brodin, the King's friend and father of Andrea Brodin. He is a member of the management committee of the Royal Patriotic Society.

Carl Philip handed out the Trade and Industry Medals to
Jan Blad and Erland Erlandsson, Amokabel
Näringslivsmedaljen till Jan Blad och Erland Erlandsson, Amokabel _ Kungl. Patriotiska Sällskapet

Magnus Bolin, Gotlandsägg
Näringslivsmedaljen till Magnus Bolin, Gotlandsägg _ Kungl. Patriotiska Sällskapet

Madeleine Brehmer and Caroline Cederblad, Sabis
Näringslivsmedaljen till Madeleine Brehmer och Caroline Cederblad, Sabis _ Kungl. Patriotiska Sällskapet

Lena Holst, Starka
Näringslivsmedaljen till Lena Holst, Starka _ Kungl. Patriotiska Sällskapet

Edward Liepe, Saturnus
Näringslivsmedaljen till Edward Liepe, Saturnus _ Kungl. Patriotiska Sällskapet

David Modig, Modig Machine Tool
Näringslivsmedaljen till David Modig, Modig Machine Tool _ Kungl. Patriotiska Sällskapet
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Carl Philip attended yesterday the annual meeting of the Friends of the Nationalmuseum and the awarded scholarships.
Photos by SPA
Prince Carl Philip attended the 75th anniversary meeting of the Association of Household Societies in Stockholm today, May 31:

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Carl Philip spoke at the 75th anniversary meeting of Hushållssällskapet (The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies). He is the Society's patron.

The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies is a modern and vibrant body of knowledge transfer with history extending all the way back to 1791. At that time agriculture was fundamental for the survival and prosperity of Sweden and its people. As famine was reality back then, there was immediate demand for knowledge transfer and research and development in order to secure food production.
The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies is a national body made up by 15 independent Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies.
In English _ Hushållningssällskapet

Court website
During the meeting's festive program, Carl Philip listened to, among other things, a talk by Gunnar Wetterberg with the title "Hushållningssällskapet from King Karl XIV Johan to Prince Carl Philip".
Prins Carl Philip hos 75-årsjubilerande Hushållningssällskapet _ Kungahuset
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Carl Philip awarded the research grants from Lilla Barnets Fond at the Swedish Society of Medicine today. He is the patron of the Fond.
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Prins Carl Philip delade ut anslag ur Lilla*barnets fond _ Kungahuset

Prince Carl Philip has a cast in his arm and hand after an accident.
- Sometimes you fall, said an aide-de-camp in the prince's company when asked what happened.
Prince Carl Philip attended the awarding of research grants in Lilla Barnets Fond.
Expressen has contacted the court.
Prins Carl Philip har gipsat armen efter olycka _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Margareta Thorgren to Svensk Damtidning:
- Prince Carl Philip had an unfortunate fall last week in connection with a family activity and then injured his arm.
The accident happened sometime after Thursday, October 19. Then Carl Philip attended the final of the Chef of the Year, without an injured hand.
Hovets besked_ Det hände när prins Carl Philip bröt armen _*Svensk Dam
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Carl Philip visited today Militärsällskapet (The Military Club) in Stockholm together with major general Peder Ohlsson, Chief of HM the King's Military Staff (he is not at the photo). The King is the patron of Militärsällskapet.
Carl Philip delivered today Prince Carl Philip's Prize at the Sweden International Horse Show.
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SPA photos
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Carl Philip attended today the Veteran Conference at the Swedish Defence University.

The government gave this year the Armed Forces the task of organizing an annual veterans' conference together with veterans' and relatives' organizations with four main objectives:
That veterans and relatives should receive support.
That veterans and relatives should receive recognition and appreciation.
That veteran research should be continuous and comprehensive and contribute to development.
That the skills of veterans must be utilized.
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