Prince Albert's Older Children Part 2: 2023 -

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Not only Camille. Quite a few members of the family are illegitimate (or were born illegitmate), although several of the parents later married:
Louis Ducruet (born 3 years before his parents married)
Pauline Ducruet (born 14 months before her parents married)
Sacha Casiraghi (born 5 months before his parents wed)
Raphael Elmaleh (parents never wed)
Princess Charlotte (Rainier's mother)
Elizabeth-Anne de Massy (Rainier's niece, Princess Antoinette's daughter)
Christian de Massy (Rainier's nephew, Princess Antoinette's son)
Christina de Massy (Rainier's niece, Princess Antoinette's daughter)

With a list this long, the royal family should have plenty of experience managing children born outside marriages.
The previous poster makes relevent points about Albert's attitude when Alex was born. He demanded a DNA test and NC had to fight hard for him to recognise the child as his son. However Alex states in the interview that Albert readily accepted him when he was born which obviously isn't true and he would not need to dig deep to find that out. I think he's trying create an alternative narritive as the truth is probably too painful but there's no point in rewriting history.

Paris Match published photos of Albert with Alexandre as an infant. Albert was holding the child and looked relaxed and completely comfortable (PA successfully sued PM for invasion of privacy)

The point is that Albert never denied fathering Alexandre, which would have been foolish because Alexandre bore a striking resemblance to Prince Albert when he was a baby.

Albert's conflict with NC was about going public, which she did upon the death of Rainier III in order to force Albert to publicly acknowledge his eldest son. Albert had already formed a private relationship with Alexandre as the Paris Match photos proved.

The child he refused to acknowledge paternity of for years was Jazmin. Tamara Rotolo engaged in a long and very public battle with Albert which only ended when Rainier died in 2005.

Perhaps he did not deny it to the public, however, the reports linked earlier indicate that Prince Albert did initially break his promise to Nicole Coste to legally acknowledge their son, and thus she also resorted to the courts.
Jazmin is not a royal and and also not in the Monégasque line of succession .

I realize that she is not considered royal. She has never had a right to succession. I have been aware of this child for 29 years. I should have said royal adjacent. I knew someone would make a response to my post. Thank you for bringing more attention to my post. I can't wait to see how Prince Albert and family would respond to the arrival of a grandchild from Jazmin or Alexandre in the future. A wedding ceremony would be interesting as well.
The difference with Camille is that she was reared by her mother, Princess Stephanie , in Monaco. Very different to children who were living with their mothers outside of Monaco. And Stephanie’s position is obviously very different from Albert’s.
Although he is the eldest son, he is not the eldest. If any desire to be known as prince is there, it will only work if his sister wants the title too. In the ECHR, they would win. However, they know their current freedoms will cease and I think they enjoy current positions more. The little one is already looking miserable with the weight of responsibility weighing heavily.

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Older children have the best of the world of the famous and rich. They have access to rich daddy's money and connections, social perks and no obligations, freedom to do as they please. If they're wise, they would appreciate that.
On March 10 Jazmin Grace and Ian attended Elton John AIDS Foundation's 32nd Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party West Hollywood, California:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

Yesterday, March 14, Alexandre attended a special in-store cocktail event to celebrate the opening of Dsquared2's London flagship store in London:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
This video was taken around May 26 the same time as the Monaco Grande Prix Formula One car race was in town. Most likely Alexandre was there for the race. The fairly new President of SBM is Stéphane Valeri.
Alexandre attended the Gucci Men's Spring Summer 2025 Fashion Show during the Milan Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 in Milan, Italy today, June 17:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
I like them. I also like the fact that Alexandre openly talks about his grandmother Grace Kelly. He appreciates her iconic status and her name and love for her in this world. He's happy to celebrate her.
Who is this girl with Alexandre?
His girlfriend?
I don't know whether she's his girlfriend, but she's called Savannah Hennessy and on her instagram account she states being an actress.
I don't know whether she's his girlfriend, but she's called Savannah Hennessy and on her instagram account she states being an actress.
Savannah is part of the Hennessy family of cognac making fame and her grandmother Bárbara de Posch-Pastor is the current Countess of Evreux as the wife of Prince Michel d'Orleans. Savannah and Alexandre are eight cousins once removed (I think) through the Counts de Polastron.

Who is this girl with Alexandre?
His girlfriend?

More on the mystery lady, she's one of the members of the Hennesy fortune family:
Prince Albert’s son loves Hennesy heiress Savannah

She is the daughter of Kilian Hennessy and Melonie Foster Hennessy, whose name stands for nothing other than the famous cognac company.
The young couple, Savannah and Alexandre are both 20 years old, attended the men's fashion show of the luxury brand Gucci at Milan Fashion Week together on Monday. On the same day, Alexandre and Savannah also sat in the front row at the Zegna fashion show.

My notes/findings:

Kilian and Savannah are one of many members of this Irish-French family that started with founder Richard Hennessy in 1765. Here's more on Alexandre's companion ancestor from the paternal side: Richard Hennessy - Wikipedia

Savannah is also the granddaughter of Barbara de Posch Pastor, who later became Princess Barbara of Orleans, on her 4th marriage, to Prince Michel of Orléans & Count of Évreux.

Savannah is not an Orleans since she is from her grandmother Barbara's 1st marriage to Gilles Kilian Hennessy. Barbara herself is descendant of Silvia Rodríguez de Rivas, countess of Castilleja. So she has some blue blood herself, too.

Savannah's Count of Castilleja de Guzmán line was a Spanish noble title created by Queen Isabella II on September 22, 1866, for García Álvarez Gato y Valencia to replace the title of Marquis of Álvarez Gato that had been granted by Archduke Charles of Austria on November 12, 1718, to García Álvarez Gato y Valencia. Queen Elizabeth II authorized the use of the title with a change of name.
Source: Condado de Castilleja de Guzmán - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Two things, 1. from Marquis to Count is a demotion and 2. I like his old title was Marquis de Gato (Marquis of Cat) because it reminds me the Puss and Boots movie 😺
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