Prince Albert & Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 3: April 2013 - February 2015

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Is anything, anything at all, to suggest that Charlene reads this board to start off with? - If I were her, I would probably laugh my head off. And then dig my heels in in determination to stick to English wherever, whenever, whatever! :)
Charlene has only been married for two years. She cannot be compared to Mary who has been married for 9 years.

According to Wikipedia, she does speak French.

It's very true that Charlene is rather new to her job. With more time, she might learn Italian, too. :)
I give you the comment of a wife on the official page of the palace under the message of the principaly couple.

This wife is Celina Lafuente De Lavotho. she is very known in monaco, she belongs to the residents of Monaco, she is the writter of a news published in english every day called Monaco Life. She belongs with her husband to the high Society of Monaco, she raises money in many charity associations we saw her always in the photos near the principaly couple or near Charlène when there are big galas. She is a familiar of the principaly couple, I don't believe she is one of their friends but she knows them a lot. her husband received the medal of Saint Charles last november at national fest for the services he gave to Monaco.

She wrotte: Charlene was great delivering her bref message, but with now more than 120 nationalities in monaco the message should have been in english.

In this message, she wants to say that english is also important in monaco. In the galas, in many charity associations , the english language is spoken because the persons who are at the head of these associations are very often not monegash but residents. Also When Charlene attends to these events, she speaks english every body is speaking english

When she meets people of Monaco , what can she say ( Hello, how are you, where you live, when it is a child it is ' what is your name , ordinary words and very easy words, she know.s) no need to do a elaborat speech as she has to do in a gala .

She learns french language, she said it, we saw that this year she kept to be near Albert with the message of new year and she wished a very bref message, she said it more easy than last year. I saw yeatersay the swimming event on the Tv, she could communicat whith children. The french will wait in the interviews.

The video on the inauguration of Nobu with the princely couple and Robert Dr Niro

Nobu se dévoile au Fairmont Monte-Carlo / Videos / Monaco Info : Les Reportages / Chaines - MC Channel - Chaînes vidéos de Monaco

the video about the fest of the swimming , there was also an exposition of the water in the same times.

La fête de l'eau au Stade Louis II de Monaco / Videos / Monaco Info : Les Reportages / Chaines - MC Channel - Chaînes vidéos de Monaco
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The little girl with flowers in her hair is beautiful!
Thank you for the video! Such an interesting and beautiful place to visit.
Who is the little girl who is with Charlene and holding her hand?
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What a beautiful little fact the entire area looks enchanted!:whistling:
The little girl and Charlene look like a mother and daughter holding hands. I think Charlene would be happy if that were to be the case. :)
Iceflower; the photos are beautiful! - I copied one and will to try post it in my avatar; see how it goes...

I'm not big on royalty in general, but Charlene is a soft spot for me because of her style and elegance. Her style is different from that of Grace Kelly, but both ladies had a classy appearance. In my book, Charlene's is superior, though.

Twins for Charlene? I like the thought of it! - Off to making an avatar...
Who is Jenson Button? When I tried to access the Daily Mail link I was unable. :sad:

Thanks in advance-
Who is Jenson Button? When I tried to access the Daily Mail link I was unable. :sad:

Thanks in advance-

Jenson Button is a British Formula One (F1) driver for McLaren. He has driven in many Monte Carlo Grand Prix.
He is also Ambassador for the Princess Charlene Foundation...
The link, Lumutqueen has shared, seems to no longer exist, or it will be updated later on. Here are some of the pics of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene arriving:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
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Princess Charlene did not attend Andrea and Tatiana's church wedding on February 1, but she obviously attended the celebrations prior to that. She was pictured departing for her events in Monaco on Saturday, February 1, and was kissed goodbye by Albert at the heliport in Gstaad :) Albert departed on February 2nd.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** gallery ** gallery 2 **
It's not a warm, loving or passionate kiss. It's an official kiss. - I wouldn't blame Charlene is she shouldn't be in love with Albert. I couldn't do it either. :)
How can you say that it is not a warm kiss? how is a warm kiss for you ?, at the contrary, I see a lot of love between them.
I agree, that looks like one heck of a kiss! And it looks like her bought her a gift from a very nice store!
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