Prince Albert & Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 3: April 2013 - February 2015

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I just saw Pcs Albert in the funeral, but it was a very quick glance, I could not say if he was alone.
Very sad and strange that he attended alone. Charlene was already there in the country, there was plenty of room and she has been very vocal about Mandela being her "grandfather." If the likes of Oprah, Richard Branson, Idris Elba and Jesse Jackson could make it there without government assistance then there is simply no excuse for her absence. Celebrities with no ties came from out of the country and certainly do not have the resources she does.

To come alone to the grave later smells more of a photo op than respect for the man. There must be something else going on or, as usual, the palace is not clear about the true reason.
Charlene attended the memorial ceremony on december 10th. She represented very well the princely family. She talked to the family of nelson Family. Qunu is very tini and the autorities asked to the personalities to come more at the memorial ceremony. All the kings , the princes and heads of states came on december 10th. prince Felipe, prince frediric, Kinf Wilhem and king Philippe came without their wife. prince Albert could not cancel all his duties and he came yesterday. Prince Charles came without Camilla. princely couple is the one who could attend the 2 ceremonies. One with princesse charlene and the funberal with prince Albert ; the other kings and princes came one time and without their wife. Princess charlene called the family of Nelson Mandela and she will visit Qunu in the coming weeks. not other princesses or queens did what princess charlene did . only their man came and in one time. A mass in tribute to Nelson Mandela will take place to morrow at the cathedral of monaco in the presence of the princely couple. Ofrah, Jesse Jacksons came alone, it is not like Albert who is a head of state and came with a small delegation, his officer and guards. He needed help of the logistic of the autorities because the aeroport of Mthatha was too small for all the planes .
Thanks Iceflower, for all you do daily!

I thought she looked tired or wan in the first photos, then perked up and got energetic. That little boy is adorable and will grow up to be a heart-breaker!

They looked great as a couple, today!
Iceflower thank-you for sharing these wonderful pictures. When Charlene is with children she is always radiant and she will be a wonderful mother.
You are most welcome, togram! :flowers: Here are some more additional pics, for all those who also liked the lovely pics that much :)

** fb: Remise des cadeaux de Noël **

** monacomatin: Le couple princier remet les colis de Nöel **

** Charlène et Albert, des sourires plein la hotte **

** gallery: Albert II de Monaco et Charlène, accueillis par les enfants **

** Photos : Charlène et Albert de Monaco : bonne humeur et jolie complicité pour une distribution de cadeaux Noël... **

As a third event today, Charlene and Albert visited patients at the gerontology service at the Princess Grace Hospital - a lovely elderly woman couldn't stop hugging and kissing Charlene :)

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 **

And as a fourth event Charlene and Albert attended an ecumenical mass with Archbishop Bernard Barsi in memory of late former South African President Nelson Mandela at the Cathedral of Monaco:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
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Princess Charlene does appear like she has lost some weight.
The princely couple does look fine!
The pictures of Charlene and the children and elderly are very endearing.
She looked very elegant.

So they were in the hospital yesterday. Do you suppose they visited Charlotte and her newborn son?
Looks like a really lovely Christmas display...wish we could see some bigger pics. Aaw, the couple holding hands again and looking happy and relaxed.
what a gorgeous skirt charlene is wearing! since she´s so tall also, it looks amazing on her.
It's a kilt. Could be the Kelly tartan, but maybe not. Any tartan experts out there? And, yes, she looks stupendous.
It's not the Kelly tartan. These are the Kelly tartans:



She is wearing a good looking tartan though.
Those are Scottish clans. Grace was Irish. I think she wore Kelly green. Remember when she went to Ireland and to see President Kennedy in Washington? She wore a specially made dress out of Kelly green.

Maybe Charlene is part Scottish. The Grimaldis were part Scottish also. I think the last name was Hamilton (which sounds English).
Prince Albert and princess Charlene visited the children of the home Princess Charlene, we will not see children because the law does not want photos of children who are orphans or without parents. Also there is only this photo. The couple offered a gift to each child and Charlene offered a numeric piano to the home with her foundation.(Monaco Matin)
Charlene participated in the New Year message with a few sentences in French.
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Yes, she does looks stressed and uptight, but at least she made an effort to speak the language of her subjects.
Poor thing. She looked very nervous as she waited for Albert to finish. But I loved Albert's encouraging smile as he turned to her.
Poor thing. She looked very nervous as she waited for Albert to finish. But I loved Albert's encouraging smile as he turned to her.

I don't think I would consider the Princess as a 'poor thing' but rather extremely focussed as she read the teleprompter along with her husband! However, I also loved the satisfied smile and nod of Monseigneur as his Princess finished reading her lines in a very nice accent indeed! :flowers: Bravo!
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