Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 31: January 2016 - May 2018

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I agree that Albert II seems a very gentle guy with a good heart, which is why I have always had a soft spot for him. I read somewhere that his stutter in French is a result of him being mildly bullied by Rainier in childhood, who always addressed him in that language as opposed to his mother who spoke to her children in English.

And yes, I have also noticed how soft spoken they all are. Albert and Stephanie speak flawless American accented English. Caroline's is equally flawless but she has what sounds like a mild British accent.

I love all the children of Grace and Rainier, flaws and all. They have always fascinated me.;)

Yes, I heard that about Rainier - I must admit I find it hard to believe but I know parent child relationship can be complicated. I have no doubt that Rainier had high expectations and was quite tough given that he knew the task facing Albert, but he was bullied himself as a child and there are lots of lovely photos that speak to a good relationship between father and son so... I know Albert was very close to his mother and similar in temperament.

I think Caroline probably has English overtones because she did two years at boarding school in England and then apparently the shared language with Ernst was (is?) also English (British). Interesting that Alexandra has an American accent, the Casiraghi men have fluent English but definite accents and Charlotte's accent moves between American, British and the odd non-native moment!
Prince Albert is speaking better french than in english , he has very rarely difficulties when he is speaking in french that we forget that he has sometimes difficult in speaking, it is not as the King Georges , father of the queen Elizabeth.we french people are saying that he has sometimes difficulty to speak in english because he was very near to his mother who spoke with him in english.
in the christmas video with Charlene and the twins, he is speaking very well without difficulties in french

Next sunday september 4th, there will be a documentary about the life at the princely palace of Monaco on M6, there will be an interview of Albert and Charlene
Yes, I'd never really noticed any huge problems in French. To be honest it's not usually that noticeable in English when he does smaller one to one interviews - maybe he was more nervy because it was a keynote event?
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I don't find that he was insecure during the interview at the universitait, , the subject was difficult, I would like to compare compare his interview with other kings or queens interviews, we can say that they are not a lot to give interviews, I think that Albert is alone among them to give interviews.
Here is the very quickly interview of Albert just after the agreement of the Cop 21,

S.A.S. le Prince Albert II livre son opinion sur l’accord de la Cop 21 / Videos / Palais Princier de Monaco / Chaines - MC Channel - Chaines vidéos de Monaco

I would say that the interview even in the native language is difficult, some heads of states are taken lessons how to speak or how to answer to questions they prefer to do speechs, it is easier
I now recall the wedding speech where he really struggled. I suppose he gets nervous at times and then more aware of his stammer which in turn makes it worse. I also noticed that at times it is hardly noticeble, but on other occasions he really battles. I just watched an interview with Larry King when he was much younger(and very attractive!) where he spoke beautifully.How difficult it must be for someone who has to make so many speeches!

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Albert was at OSU? Home of my Buckeyes??


Together with King Philippe, Queen Mathilde and their children Prince Albert attended the 2016 edition of the AG Insurance Memorial Van Damme IAAF Diamond League athletics meeting in Brussels yesterday, September 9:

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Yesterday, September 17, Prince Albert was inducted into the Painctes cellars of Chinon by the wine growers brotherhood of Entonneurs Rabelaisiens in the Chateau de Chinon in Chinon, France:

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Oh my... he looks a bit tipsy even before tasting the wine... who can blame him lol
Prince Albert's visit to Moscow

Quoting Mr Serge Telle, Monaco's Minister of State,
"I will accompany the Prince to Russia on the 6th of October in order to open a big event at the Tretyakov gallery about the history between the Romanov’s and Grimaldi, a Monaco royal family. We have worked quite hard on the history of the two royal families," Telle said on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. "We will see President Putin and many officials."
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Albert said in an interview last month that Charlene was going with him to Washington. Very disappointed she wasn't there.

On October 3 Prince Albert attended the traditional opening of the courts and tribunals in Monaco. It was also marked with a mass at the Cathedral of Monaco:

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Is this event usually only attended by prince Albert, or should the consort be there, too?

I only remember Albert attending it, but as you know there aren't any real obligations in Monaco who has to attend a certain event and who not ;)

Yesterday, October 5, Prince Albert attended the opening ceremony of a Vatican conference on sport and society in the Paul VI hall at the Vatican, entitled "'Sport at the Service of Humanity'.

The goal of the conference is to create a forum where leaders from different religious faiths, sports, business, academia and media can discuss how faith and sport can work together to better serve humanity.

Albert had the chance to greet the Pope:

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^^^ Thank you. I had thought that Charlene would accompany him... never mind.
You're welcome :flowers:

Today, October 6, Prince Albert met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

They'll open an exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery, see the information Al_bina had kindly shared in her post from September 24 on the previous page of this thread.

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