Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 29: August 2010 - March 2013

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You're welcome. I was wondering if anyone besides melina premiere was reading my posts on his visit here.

Of course there were many others, including me :flowers:

On March 19, Prince Albert has handed out the RIMM award of the International
Monaco and Mediterranean Symposium (RIMM) to André Azoulay at the Musée
Océanographique in Monaco.

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On March 22, Prince Albert has received Mr. Rezlan Ishar Jenie, Ambassador Extraordinary
and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia and Mr. Sven Jürgenson, Ambassador
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Estonia who presented their letters
of credence at the Princely Palace.

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Is PA slimming down in preparation for his wedding?

Good for him!:flowers:
I've been following for some time the photo calls of the steady revue of ambassadors and consuls, and I admire their national dress.

However, I find PA stilted in the way he stands next to the visitors - he looks as if he is on a military parade!

Maybe he consideres such meetings as equivalent as to the protocolar classification.

Yesterday, March 29, Prince Albert received the scarf of the Doctor Honoris Causa degree
from the Director of the Portalis Institute, Professor Jol-Benoit d'Onorio, during a ceremony
for the 25th anniversary of the Institute Portalis in Aix-en-Provence, France. The institute,
created in 1984, is part of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-en-Provence.

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Prince Albert at the sixth 'Ever Monaco' exhibition in Monaco, on 31 March 2011.
The exhibition is an international conference and exhibition on ecological vehicles
and renewable energies. 'Ever Monaco' wishes to become the reference of sustainable
development and runs from 31 March to 3 April this year.

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On Monday, Prince Albert welcomed back eleven of his "sapeurs-pompiers" (fire brigade) and their Captain Eric Niel returning from a gruelling 18 day assignment to help the people of Japan. There is a video clip on the site....

Les pompiers de retour du Japon | Nice-Matin

On April 2nd, Prince Albert has visited this year's "Ever Monaco" exhibition for
a second time as an electric race car has been presented. The car will be
engaged to the Grand Prix of Pau, the first Electric Grand Prix organised in
the world, from 20 to 22 May.

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Prince Albert opened the IOC World conference on prevention of injury and
illness in Sport at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco on April 7, 2011.

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Yesteday night, he was yet with Charlene at Newport, and this morning, he is already at a conference, I know that he had a jet to travel but the visit was very busy. Who said that he did not work?

Prince Albert attended a gala dinner as part of the IOC World Conference on
Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport, April 8, 2011.

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Prince Albert attended the soccer match Monaco against Lille yesterday,
April 9, 2011. Monaco won with 1:0.

** Pic **
In the photos of the IOC conference he looks very relaxed - nice to see.
But the football match is a different story......

I guess that one goal was hard-won, judged from the pic..;)

Here's a pic of Prince Albert and Rafael Nadal taken today, April 11,
during the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters 2011. The tournament takes
place from April 9th to 17th.

** Pic **
You know looking at the most recent pic of Prince Albert, it occurs to me that I've never seen him tanned in his life!?! Did he ever have a tan? A gift to the one whom can post a pic of Albert with a tan. :)

I mean I know I've seen tons of pics of he and the rest of the Grimaldis swimming and enjoying the water throughout the decades, but he (& his mother) never acquired a tan imho. Rainier, yes, Stephanie, yes, Caroline, yes, but Albert, no. Lol, maybe he's just like his baby niece, Princess Alexandra, not able to acquire a tan unlike the rest. :)

Whatever the case, he looks ghostly white next to Rafael Nadal, lol. :lol:
It's back to "the genes" again....
PA takes after his mother and grandparents, i.e. pale skin and a tendency towards red hair and freckles.
PC and PS, on the other hand, take after Princess Charlotte and the other dark-haired and dark-skinned beauties.
How about this one? He's not as tan as the girls, but he's not pasty either. I'm sure with the Winter Olympian crowd he fits right in.

:monacostandard: :monacoflag:
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Prince Albert is in Germany today, April 13. He attended the Aero aviation fair in Friedrichshafen,
southern Germany. Around 630 exhibitors from 29 countries present their latest products during
the Global Show for General Aviation running until April 16, 2011.

Albert is pictured in the electric airplane "Electra One" developed by Calin Gologan.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** belga **
Omg, can one actually fly one of those "Elektra One's" in Pic #2!?! :eek:

I'm wondering if those mini planes are like those mini "Smart Cars" that are good for the environment but awfully small, which imho makes them a tad dangerous. So therein lies the dilemma ~ environmentally friendly, but easily killed if one gets into a crash.

***UPDATE: yep, I was right, it's the equivalent of the "Smart Car": Elektra One Electric Plane Successfully Completes Maiden Flight | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World ***
Oooh, the Smart Car is the last model I would purchase. They are a disaster waiting to happen. I must have my Buick! LOL

I don't doubt that the Elektra One can fly, but I'm wondering: how high? How much training would one need, do you need a pilot's license? Do you need oxygen, can one wear a business suit and high heels while flying it? So many questions. It is, for now, a gimmick.
Lol, I have the best of both worlds, I drive a 2011 Toyota Prius! :cool:

oops, meant to say a 2010 Toyota Prius. :)
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What concerns me is not so much PA's liking for hybrid cars or similar, but the fact that he is wedded to his own aeroplane!
What concerns me is not so much PA's liking for hybrid cars or similar, but the fact that he is wedded to his own aeroplane!

It's a tool. That's like saying that you're wedded to your car.
Hhhhhmmmm got a point there...... *grumble*

Planes, cars, motorbikes...;)

Prince Albert and Italian motorbike rider Loris Capirossi inaugurated the Carabiniers new
race motorbike Kawasaki ZX-10R for the Carabiniers Racing Team and the Carabinier rider
Jimmy Maccio vice-champion of France Endurance 2010 on April 15, 2011 in Monaco.

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The "Peace and Sport" organisation was in the center of attention yesterday
as well, as Novak Djokovic joined it during the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters. He
wasn't able to take part in the competition itself due to an injury.

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