Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 29: August 2010 - March 2013

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Well, like with all things, it depends :)
The current Minister of State, Michel Roger, looks the part, mainly because of his height, his silver-grey hair and his overall behaviour.

However, Jean-Paul Proust - God bless him - did not look statesmanlike at all. I believe his nickname was "le gros chat" - the fat cat (nothing to do with money!).

Prince Albert with Monaco's under-19s players who won the Gambardella's French football cup
competition, at the Stade Louis-II in Monaco, during the L1 football match Monaco vs. Lens,
May 15, 2011.

** Pic ** belga gallery **
Regarding the speculation about the cost of the wedding, the Princely Government has, in 2010, spent 75 percent of its public development aid programme specifially on the "least advanced countries" in the world.

This will amount to 12 million euro in 2011, and it will rise to 0,7 percent of the gross national product by 2015.

(UN conference)

La Principauté solidaire des pays les plus pauvres | Nice-Matin
Wow, in just a month Albert has managed to lose more weight. I'd now hazard to guess he has lost around 25 lbs. in total! :cheers:

At this rate, I honestly feel he will have recovered his pre-2005 form by the time of the wedding, which makes sense since he didn't start gaining weight until he became sovereign.

Congrats, Albert! :cool:

On Monday, May 16, Prince Albert received Mr. Henry J. Faaruo, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
of the Republic of Panama (1), Mr. Patrick Vercauteren Drubbel Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
of Belgium (2) and Mr. Jorge Edwards Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Chile (3)
who presented their letters of credence at the Princely Palace.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
PA has been very busy with ambassadors and consuls. I've been trying to make a list of how many of these relationships he has already "in his pocket" - but I can't find enough data.

Can anyone help, and can it go into the Albert/achievements thread??
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Monaco's very first garden at the Chelsea Flower Show
23 years ago, Briton Roger Shine moved to Monaco and fell in love with its gardens.
"People forget that Monaco is a very green country. Okay, it's a little state of two square kilometres, but the gardens represent 20 percent of its surface."
Three years ago, Roger approached Prince Albert with the idea of Monaco taking part in the Chelsea Flower Show. He had been surrounded by plants and flowers from childhood.

Now the project has "blossomed", and tomorrow, the Monaco Garden will be on show at Chelsea. Its designer is Sarah Eberle.

The first visitor to Chelsea is, of course, the Queen...

BBC - Chelsea Flower Show 2011 - Homepage
Didn't realise he was going to be on but Prince Albert was interviewed during the BBC Chelsea Flower Show highlights programme. For those that can get it, it will likely be available on BBC Iplayer shortly.
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Ah, there is simply nothing like the beauty of a flower, or the radiance it brings, not to mention the fragrance it squirts at you if pleased. :) I simply love flowers, all kinds, but my favorite is the rose.

Congrats to Monaco for finally being part of such a wonderful show! :cheers:

ps: Albert looks good, but I wish a woman's presence had been there as well, jmho. :) Caroline, where art thou Caroline? ;)
Yes, and he could have called on any number of ladies ....

Back at Chelsea, the medals have been dished out, and the Monaco Garden got a GOLD !! It was described as "an iconic garden", and a garden which makes you feel you're somewhere else, not just Chelsea.

For me it evoked Monaco, or a small segment of it.

Looking back, Roger Shine, the guy whose idea the Monaco/Chelsea garden was, is described as one of PA's closest friends. He said at that time: "The garden will be grown in Italy and France and shipped to England. Our plan was approved by the Royal Horticultural Society in 2009, but we have needed all this time to execute it."
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Gold! That's a really nice surprise!

Today, May 27, Prince Albert attended the presentation of the book Gaia of Guy Laliberte. The book
contains photographs of the earth taken from 220 miles away during Laliberte's 11-day trip orbiting
the earth as a private space explorer in 2009. The special edition is sold to the benefit of the Prince
Albert Foundation.

Guy Laliberte is the gentleman wearing a grey t-shirt:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
I had the privilege of being at the Chelsea Flower Show on two occasions this week.

First, I attended the 'Press Day' on Monday, when the Celebrities are also present. The BRF visit takes place in the late afternoon, i.e. after the 'celebs' are 'shooed out'. His Serene Highness of course stayed on during the visit of the BRF. That is when HSH met the Queen. After the Royal Visit ends, a Charity Gala takes place.

The Monaco garden was lovely. I can reveal, following my conversation with members of Prince Albert's entourage that Monaco will NOT be exhibiting at Chelsea next year [it takes a great deal of work.....] but, if the Royal Horticultural Society is willing, Monaco hopes to compete in 2013 and thereafter on a 2-year basis. I am quite sure that the RHS will agree to Monaco exhibiting again, particularly as the Principality's lovely garden took a gold medal. I have a few copies of the plan of the Monaco garden if anyone is interested.

On Tuesday 24 May, His Serene Highness was present again at Chelsea when a lunch was given in his presence. Roger Shine was also in attendance at that Lunch. Later in the afternoon, a tea at Chelsea was given by the Principality, although I did not see whether His Serence Highness was present or not.

And lastly - for me the greatest thrill! I had the honour to be presented to HSH [For no particular reason at all other than I was present]. I curtsied, which I think was proper, although I was astonished that very few of the other ladies did [I am sure forum members will agree I did the correct thing] and Prince Albert asked me whether I liked the garden and what I liked best. I said that I liked the garden very much - I liked the planting, particularly the Orange tree and also the Swimming pool and the lavender that had been planted on the 'rooftop'.

Hi Diarist/Alex.

Thanks for sharing your personal anecdote.

How did Prince Albert strike you? Is he more handsome in person, or better looking in photos or videos? Was he regal or very down to earth and seemingly approachable? Thanks in advance for your responses.
Hello mtatum

I would rate HSH as down-to-earth: for a start, there was NO reason to approach the group I was in and start talking to us - I had no 'official role' in the proceedings, I was just at Chelsea because I had an invitation to the first day. Since we only exchanged a few sentences, bascially with me replying to his questions, rather than 'leading' the conversation myself, I suppose the honest answer is that I am (theoretically) not really in a position to give you a comprehensive answer, but my gut feeling is that Albert is sincere and well-meaning. For a start, I think back to my first, and indeed only real meeting with Princess Margaret, whom I found bored and tetchy [I was attending an official engagement and therefore I thought that PM should have been more gracious - to put it bluntly, attendance at royal engagements is your 'job']. Compared to Princess Margaret therefore, I found Albert polite and interested.

Chelsea Flower Show is of course a rather 'informal' occasion, and the atmosphere is therefore geared to light remarks about horticultural rather than conversation at a State Banquet would be!, and so I suppose 'light conversation with people looking at the Garden' in the way Prince Albert engaged with us was very much the 'order of the day'

I got the impression that Prince Albert 'works hard' to promote Monaco; in one sense I suppose he has to, because the Principality depends on both tourism and the creation of a 'stable' atmosphere conducive to promoting busiess for its revenue. Without trying to read too much into the short conversational exchange I [and several others] had with him, I think it would be accurate to say that he seemed 'mildly anxious' that we were all enjoying the garden.

In my very humble opinion, I think that Prince Albert is more or less like you see in photos - I rate him pleasant-looking rather than handsome. Again in my very humble opinion, of Prince Rainier's 3 children, I always thought that Princess Caroline and then Princess Stephanie[in that order] were 'better looking' than their brother. This is only a personal opinion though.

Hope some of this helps

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Albert at the Chelsea Flower Show:

The 14 programmes on BBC iPlayer (incl. PA and Queen) are still available until June 30th !

The Beeb made 11 hours of programming ......
PA just LOVES travelling, especially in his own jet ..... toys for the boys....

But I would like to think that he does all this travelling for the benefit of the Principality...
PA just LOVES travelling, especially in his own jet ..... toys for the boys....

But I would like to think that he does all this travelling for the benefit of the Principality...

I'm sure its all for the benefit of the Principality.

It does seem (well to me anyhow) that HSH has made more trips than normal over the past 2-3 months .

From Latvia to Estonia:

Prince Albert now is on a two-day official visit to Estonia,
he was welcomed by Estonian President Toomas Hendrik and his wife in Tallinn today, June 2nd.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** belga **
I had the privilege of being at the Chelsea Flower Show on two occasions this week.


What a lovely lovely lovely write-up, such a joy & a pleasure to read, thanks for making my week, Diarist/Alex! :flowers:
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Second and last day in Estonia, June 3rd:

Prince Albert met with Estonian Prime Minister Andurs Ansip and had the chance to see the old city of Tallinn.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** belga gallery **
Pic 2 has HSH looking very, very well.
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