Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 28 (Sep. 2009 - August 2010)

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:rose:The rowing event is one of my fav! Pa is indeed good at the sport but then; apparently PA is pretty good at most sports!!:lol::heartflower:
On February 10th, Prince Albert received two new ambassadors to Monaco: a female ambassador from Finland, and a male from Portugal.

PA will make an official visit to Lisbon, Portugal on April 9th, 2010.


This year, the Principality of Monaco will take over the Presidency of EUROCONTROL - a European intergovernmental organisation concerned with the security of aerial navigation.

Another feather in Monaco's cap :)
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:thistle: Certainly that is a feather in Monaco's cap indeed! Whatever it is that the job requires surely PA will do a good job at it!:heartflower::cheers:
To tell the truth, it's really just a revolving presidency - every member country gets a bite at the cherry eventually :) - but I'm sure Monaco will make the best of the opportunity!
Further to my #304 on PA receiving two ambassadors, here are some interesting facts about relations between Canada and Monaco:

Monaco has honorary consulates in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Canada has a consulate in Monaco, but is also represented by the Canadian Embassy in France.

Prince Rainier made his last official visit to Canada in 1967 at the Montreal World Fair.

Prince Albert has made one official visit in 1998, but he has made several private visits, usually centered around winter sports.

He competed the first time as an Olympic athlete at the 1988 Calgary Games, and as an IOC member, he supported Vancouver's bis for the 2010 Games.

The Prince also went to Quebec for its 400th anniversary and attended Francophonie events.

PA has established and funded the Canadian Branch of the Prince Albert II Foundation, and he signed a cooperation agreement with the Canadian "Cirque du Soleil".
Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco

This year, Canada will host the 2010 G8 Meeting (June 25th - 26th).
Here's two small pics of Albert with both ambassadors

With the Finnish Ambassador, HE Pilvi-Sisko Vierros-Villeneuve, Ambassadress Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Finland to the Principality of Monaco

With the Portugese Ambassador, HE Francisco Seixas da Costa, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Portugal to the Principality of Monaco

Both ceremonies were held in the presence of Jacques Boisson, Secretary of State, Georges Lisimachio, Head of Cabinet of HSH the Prince, and HE Franck Biancheri, Government Counsellor for External Relations and International Economic and Financial Affairs. At the end of the ceremony, Albert received the Ambassadors for a private audience in the Salon de Famille. :flowers:
Pics 3.3.2010

Cardinal Paul Poupard (L), Ecumenical Patriarch HAH Bartholomeos I (C)
and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco arrive at the award ceremony of
the prize 'Prix de la Fondation Cardinal Paul Poupard', under the High
Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II awarded at Hotel de Paris in Monaco,
03 March 2010.
Cardinal Paul Poupard, President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for
Culture and President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious
Dialogue for the Holy See, has given out his Foundation's very first
award to the Ecumenical Patriarch HAH Bartholomeos I.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** belga **
Prince Albert commissioned a study about how Monaco is perceived internally and externally.

Yesterday, the results were published at a seminar by the three external consultants chosen by PA (who is seen as having anticipated the full effect of the economic crisis.

Despite the economic downturn, Monaco still has a positive aura; its image has gained value through public service and the quality of its administration.

Reference was made to the "emblematic couple" - Rainier III and Grace who are still on a pedestal. Prince Albert is perceived as a bridge between the Monaco of today and that which is still "under construction".

There will be two more stages in the study. Etude sur l'image de la Principauté : les premiers résultats dévoilés
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:pawprint: Omg it's snowing hee It's so good to see that even with the snow it didn't hamper the meetings

:butterfly: When it snows, it delays everything, guess they are more snow mobile!

:globe:The pics were fab it seems there are two sets of military was there another country involved in San Marino besides Monaco?? We notice the red green and white uniforms with the blue and white which belongs to whom??:butterfly:
Wow at the first pic in San Marino. It's snowing, how beautiful!
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:igloo: So glad to see that the getty images added more pics we had hoped they would! Italy is such a beautiful place as it is but when you add the snow it becomes absolutely enchanting!

:tea: Is it a chance that PA would be bringing that snow home to Monaco when he comes back?!! ha

:igloo: The different Colors of the different guards were exquisite and in the snow made for a truly impressive photos one can only imagine it must have been delightful in person to see. The Pottery in the musee was delightful bet it must have been a wonderful visit! Where are the pottery from does anyone know??:tea:
Yet another feather in PA's cap - this time it's his Foundation financing micro-credit with the Yunus Monaco Fund (YMF) and a venture capital organisation.

Professor Muhammad Yunus got the Nobel Prize for enabling poor women in Bangladesh and many other countries, setting up very small businesses through micro-finance from the Grameen Bank.

The YMF is aimed at setting up social businesses in Africa, initially Tanzania, Burkina Faso. South Africa and Madagascar.

Yunus Monaco Fund
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Prince Albert presented the Grand Prix of Sciences of the Sea
to Professor Yvon Le Maho for his work "Life sciences" and to
Professor Xavier Le Pichon for his work "Science of the matter"
at the embassy of Monaco in Paris, France, March 12, 2010:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
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:books: That is quite a feather in PA's cap indeed! An enterprising spirit is alway in good taste whuan-derful job!:champagne:
Yes, but when I first found the story, I had to do a double-take - rich Monaco getting involved in micro-finance for the poorest of the poor - seems almost too good to be true.

Still, if PA can keep it going without "getting into bed" with too many venturre capitalists, it should work...
Monaco's OFFICIAL JOURNAL, Monday 15th March:

PA naturalised two new Monegasque citizens:
N° 7955 du VENDREDI 12 MARS 2010 * Ordonnance Souveraine n° 2.632 du 4 mars 2010 portant naturalisations monégasque

He nominated an Honorary Consul of Monaco to serve in Hanoi (Vietnam):
N° 7955 du VENDREDI 12 MARS 2010 * Ordonnance Souveraine n° 2.631 du 4 mars 2010 portant nomination d’un Consul Hon

He nominated His Excellence Marco Piccinini as Ambassador to the Republic of India:
N° 7955 du VENDREDI 12 MARS 2010 * Ordonnance Souveraine n° 2.636 du 5 mars 2010 portant nomination de l’Ambassadeu

He formed seven consular districts in the United Kingdom: Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh (whole of Scotland), London, Manchester, and York.
N° 7955 du VENDREDI 12 MARS 2010 * Ordonnance Souveraine n° 2.628 du 4 mars 2010 portant délimitation de sept circo

He elevated two Captains of the Republic of San Marino to the Order of Saint-Charles (Great Cross):
N° 7955 du VENDREDI 12 MARS 2010 * Ordonnance Souveraine n° 2.654 du 5 mars 2010 portant élévations dans l’Ordre de

He also promoted Madame Palmero to shorthand typist in the legal department:
N° 7955 du VENDREDI 12 MARS 2010 * Ordonnance Souveraine n° 2.637 du 5 mars 2010 portant nomination d’une Sténodact

... and more....
The paperwork is over, and PA can go out to play :))
Still some more to do after that paperwork ;)

The President of the French Constitutional Council, Jean-Louis Debré
hosted a conference today, March 15, 2010 at the Théâtre des Variété
in Monaco. Albert attended the conference named "Constitutional justice
in France, yesterday, today, tomorrow". His foundation was involved as
can be seen on the event poster.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
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:rose: Most certainly a busy day it most certainly appears PA does indeed work after all!! :heartflower:
Iceflower, the Debré event is also in the "Pss. Caroline and the Prince Pierre Foundation" :)
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:shamrock: Say, luck o' th' Irish to all!!! The film didn't work to well for me. Hadn't been aware they founded the red Cross only in the 40's! the balls are certainly beautiful :heartflower:
Yes, compared with large countries, the Croix-Rouge Monégasque must seem almost insignificant, and a late entrant in the "game", but despite that, they have upheld Henri Dunant's principles in their own way - more on a personal basis, the way they look after their own elderly, disabled and sick persons.

IMO, the prizegiving ceremony is very good, considering the large numbers of volunteers that are honoured in a personal way.

There's no let up for PA as he accredits two more ambassadors on Tuesday:

Shafkat Saeed, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
and Constantin Chalastanis, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic (Greece).
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