Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 27: November 2008 - September 2009

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How very nice are all this pics. I am longing so very much for the marriage of Prince Albert.
how does your wish have to do with his current activities?
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:cheers: su-perb pics and story on PA visit.
:books:The chess set must have been beautiful as well as the book on Grimaldi visit will provide for hours of interesting reading--we have yet to finish our reading on the Grimaldi history!
:thistle:Croatia is indeed a pretty country so glad they were able to capture a few of the beautiful aspects of this fabulous country!
:rose2:the pics of PA at the palais and the small story with it are a mah-velous little 'glimpse" as to the variety of beautiful decorations in the Palais---very elegantly and classily done!!:champagne:
I know Prince Albert also visited Washington in early April (to see Hillary Clinton) does anyone have pictures or know what the meeting theme was? I'd like to add it to the blog. Thanks!
Thanks for the update, queenofthelight!
So Albert combines the two official visits to Croatia and Romania,
that's practical and ecologically sensible ;) I've missed pics of
day 2 in Croatia, but am looking forward to pics from his stay in
Pics 23.4.2009

Romania's President Traian Basescu and Prince Albert II of Monaco
review an honour guard during a welcoming ceremony at Cotroceni
presidential palace and attend a press conference in Bucharest April
23, 2009.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
Prince Albert II of Monaco met yesterday President Traian Basescu, PM Emil Boc and Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana, all talks revolving around the same themes: bilateral relations, economic crisis, the Danube Delta and environment protection

Nine O'Clock

Theodor Paleologu and Prince Albert II of Monaco gave their meeting in the aquarium! "Funny accident" took place on Friday, in a visit that Prince Albert does in the Danube Delta, accompanied by Minister of Culture and Tourism. In an excess of zeal, Paleologu gave tone to the action, and the example was followed immediately by the prince of Monaco, to the amusement of press, which was cramped to capture the moment from the best angle. Elena Udrea not ventured to follow the two, preferring to watch the "entertainment".
Videonews :: Video :: Theodor Paleologu şi Albert de Monaco s-au băgat în acvariu

1-8 photos : Prince Albert visits Danube Delta
Next photos: Prince Albert visits Tour BRD- Group Societe Generale - he kissed Nadia Comaneci...
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Thanks for all the updates about the visit in Romania, ClaudiaE,
the visit to the Danube Delta has surely been interesting and I
liked his casual outfit :)

Here are some pics of day 1 in Romania, April 23, 2009 :
Prince Albert meeting Patriarch Daniel (pics 1-3) and visiting
the National Museum Taranului (pics 4-5):

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** IBL 1 **

Day 2, April 24

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** IBL 1 ** IBL 2 **
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Today, I have read in Point de Vue, that Price Albert would have said in an Interview approximately something like this: that his marriage lies within the range of possibility.
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:lol: COOL video it was neat to see how they do that----made me wonder if thats how they do it in movies and here he wasn't even getting wet:lol:!!

hope to see more great pics:thistle::bee:
He is so busy with his duties, Ithink his sisters are not envyous about his life...they can do a lot more things in private,holidays etc...easy lifestyle..:)

Claudia, thanx for posting this; that video of Albert in aquarium was fantastic. It is amazing how spontaneous he is.:lol:
I agree...
Did he say:"that was fun" in the end of the video?:rolleyes:
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Oh, Prince Albert met Nadia!! She's one of my heroes. When I was four, and obsessed with gymnastics, I wanted to be Nadia Comaneci and Shannon Miller, all at once.
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:flowers: iceflower whaaat wonderful pics you placed of PA in the Danube. He's streamlined: he looks fabulous!

:parrot:Loved the video of PA climbing under the counter and into the middle of the fish tank.... thaaaat was greaaat!!

:hiding: Uh-oh....boy, oh boy.... d-d-don't look now... hope thaaat fish tank is bigger than it appears because in case anyone's missed it thaaat's a BLACK TIPPED SHARK baby swimming, see the black on the tips of the fins as it swims with those fish in that fish tank??

:hiding:they are one of the fiercest and particularly aggressive of the shark species so it's been said....??? D-i-d we mention we are particularly fond of dry land!!!?:lol::bee::rose:
He's Prince Albert - AquaMan!!!! That's always been one of Albert's best qualities, he just goes for it, he'll try anything. lol
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:lol: ahh you were right the pants are unusual but they are fur it seems and boots too wow it must have been really cold up there for them to be wearing fur pants and boots! they are cute though!?! Personally, the pics on the DANUBE are my fav one's Pa looks mah-velous in those. But it's more temperate up there.:bee::bee:
Does anyone know if Albert will be attending the Kentucky Derby this year with his cousins?
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:flowers: Glad you brought the topic up, because we too heard that PA went to the KENTUCKY DERBY but there seems to be no pics??
Pics 5.5.2009

Prince Albert attends an event at the Oceanographic
Museum of Monaco, May 5, 2009 - I'm not sure what
this event was about, the lady in the grey shirt is
Maud Fontenoy, a French water sports woman who is
mostly known for her ocean journeys with rowboats.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
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