Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 27: November 2008 - September 2009

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Yesterday Prince Albert had been among the first visitors
of the Chrismas village (market) in Monaco. The market is
open daily from 11 am - 10 pm till January 4, 2009 ( quite
extraordinary in my eyes, that it won't close right after
Christmas :)).

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I see nothing extraordinary with it. You should not forget that the South of France and Monaco are filled with a lot of Russian who are Orthodox and met their Christmas on January 7th. :flowers:
Here you go Aquamarine, you must be right, there are a lot of Russians in MC.:) I read somewhere that some time ago local shops were looking for Russian speaking sales people because a lot of customers from Russia.:)
:previous:I doubt this has something to do with the Orthodox festivity. Also in Italy all the Christmas markets are traditionally open also after Christmas. Most of them are open till January 6th, that is the last Catholic festivity day, Epiphany.
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:ohmy: perhaaaps, it's been a surprise to PA that the plans had to be ditched if he ditched them at the last minute if he's been mulling over the concerns both environmentally and financially. :harvest::stocking::wreath:
Here are two more shots from the interview:

Prince Albert II of Monaco poses during an exclusive AFP interview focused on the
offshore extension of Monaco, on December 7, 2008 at the "Palais Princier" in Monaco.
The Mediterranean city state of Monaco has shelved a multi-billion-dollar plan to
expand into the sea because of the global economic crisis, its ruler Prince Albert II said.

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PA look very cute there. But, I'm glad he change his mind about expanding MC because of global economic crisis everywhere.
Pic 10.12.2008

Switzerland's Rene Fasel, member of the IOC Executive Board speaks with
Prince Albert II from Monaco during the IOC Executive Board at the IOC
headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, Wednesday, December 10, 2008.

------> Pic
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oh Goody 7058 it's concurred PA does look cute!!:D H-m-m-n whaaat we wouldn't "give" to have thaaat carpet--it's beautiful. Personally, the close ups of PA are beautiful. The table with the greenery was nice too!! At least we got photo's of PA in action today too!!!:harvest::candycane::wreath:
It must be difficult decision for P.Albert to put extension project on hold. It seemed such advantage for Monaco. I think he means they will go back to this project when global economy is better.
BTW PA looks really nice and quite young in recent pics.:)
More pics from today:

Prince Albert II of Monaco delivers a speech during the 2nd edition of the Geneva
Lectre Series on the theme 'Are human rights universal?', on the occasion of the
60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the European
headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, 10 December 2008

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'Are human rights universal?',interesting topic, I wish I could be there and listen to some lectures.:) Albert seemed to have good time there and looking at his face he got emotionally involved what mean he was passionate about topic.
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:) It appears PA speaks alot at those gatherings. He appears to be a favorite over there! So, he certainly must be liked or at least appreciated for what he has to say. :harvest::xmasbell::poinsettia:
In presence of Prince Albert, Jean Louis Etienne presents his coming
expedition "Total Pole Airship " in Marseille, France, December 11, 2008

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Albert is visiting Antarctica from Jan. 5th, 2009, for about 12 days, according to Nice Matin.
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is this the next "expedition" he had talked about before?? Is that the aircraft they are using in the expedition?? it's unusual propellors and tops make it a curious addition to the trip? is that to protect from ice?? or what??:harvest::stocking::wreath:
Albert is visiting Antarctica from Jan. 5th, 2009, for about 12 days, according to Nice Matin.
I am sorry if I'm nuts.:blush: But... I just saw some pic on line about Albert and their captions say he is preparing to trip to North Pole. But I would somehow believe NiceMartin. Pics' author made misteke probably, why would PA go to North pole again in so short time period.:ermm: So he is probably heading South, especially that it is summer in southern hemisphere...
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I you can't see pics, type : albert monaco" in search.
Smdouglas, it was fast. Thanks. :flowers:So they made it official. I hope this trip will have at least the same media coverage as trip to North Pole in 2006.
Pics 11.+12.12.2008

Thank you giov for the link with those great pics from the tree auction!

Here are other pics from yesterday:

Albert of Monaco prepares his departure to the North Pole, he visits
the company Millet, specialist of extreme outdoor clothes in Annecy
Le Vieux, France. He will leave the 5 of January and will join Mike Horn

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And pics from tonight:

Prince Albert II of Monaco attends the 2008 FIA Prize Giving gala, on December 12, 2008 in Monaco

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Albert of Monaco prepares his departure to the North Pole, he visits the company Millet, specialist of extreme outdoor clothes in Annecy Le Vieux, France. He will leave the 5 of January and will join Mike Horn there.

errr...the South Pole (the Antartic). January is pobably the wrong month to go to the North Pole (the Artic)...

Agreed, smdouglas, it is sorta too cold on North Pole. :ROFLMAO:You already posted the best proof that PA is going in opposite direction.:rolleyes: Media people confuse Arctic with Antarctic or someone cut them access to Monaco Websites or what...:D
Pics 12.12.2008

Prince Albert II of Monaco tested Mitsubishi's electric car in Monaco, December 12,
2008. In a statement released by Mitsubishi, the prince is quoted as saying that
the i-MiEV is the kind of car that represents "the future, and I am happy that your
company is going forward in this direction." He further commented, according to the
statement, that the i-MiEV seemed "ready for practical use in a city area".
The company currently is field testing the car in Japan, New Zealand, Europe and the U.S..

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Lots of windows great for traveling anywhere you want to goooo?? For a place like Monaco it would probably be pretty cool for sightseeing? Bet he had fun test driving it for sure!!!:advent::xmasbell::poinsettia:
Pics 24.12.2008

Prince Albert of Monaco is dressed as Santa Claus, prior a bath in the Mediterranean
sea on December 24, 2008 in Monaco, as part of the Christmas bath tradionnal event,
organized for the benefit of an association in Thailand

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:) Greetings!!! Super pics all are the fav thaaat haaat hee so cute.

:holly:We just can't believe the good fortune of those out in Monaco balmy enough to go ocean dipping. Is it possible that the in water next to PA could be a kelly??!!

:xmasbell:If he isn't he bears a striking resemblence to PA when PA was younger, don't you think so too???:advent::candycane::poinsettia:
Albert looks quite nice in Christmas pic, he lost weight, his belly almost disappeared. Wonder how cold water was...
It was very sporting of him to go into the freezing water, bearing in mind what atrocious weather the Cote d'Azur and Alpes Maritimes have had in the last 2-3 weeks.
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