Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 27: November 2008 - September 2009

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I love image No. 2 - he looks like a comedian.
It's good that he can be natural in his expressions.
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:thistle: While all the pics are fab--Reneta was right number 2's expression on PA's face was a 'priceless' impromptu pic! :heartflower:
They were having a conversation. They catch Albert with his mouth open a lot while speaking.
I like Prince Albert in all his expressions, he has a charisma,anyway!
My favourite photo is the third as if Prince Albert is trying to check a product for quality!
More news about Monaco and the "Grey List":

Monaco, along with more than 100 other countries, are attending a summit today and tomorrow at Los Cabos, Mexico, in order to decide what other steps will have to be taken to increase transparency and exchange of information about banking and fiscal matters. This is a lead-up to the next G20 meeting at Pittsburgh on September 24th and 25th.

So far, Monaco has signed 8 out of 12 accords.
PA has chosen as his envoy to Mexico Franck Biancheri. La Principauté fait le forcing pour sortir de la « liste grise »
Pics 3.9.2009

Prince Albert II addresses the high level segment of the
World Climate Conference-3 (WCC-3) at the CICG in Geneva
Sept. 3, 2009. Some 1 500 policy-makers and decision-makers
from more than 150 countries will interact with scientific experts
to take practical steps to adapt to climate variability and change
until September 4.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
In spite of Prince Albert's age, he is still a handsome man.
I was astonished by the second photo, his eyes are beautiful like a colour of the sea, the lips are thin, all the features are aristocratic.:blush:
I know I keep saying it, but for me he cuts a very good figure as a statesman.
The other attributes are in addition to that.
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:pawprint: O-m-g queenofthelight you can read my mind!! that's my thoughts exactly. Great minds think alike!! :lol: He does look quite delightful in the Swiss pics that color really looks good on him. PA is obviously a good orator because he sure does a lot of those meetings. :reading:
Pic 4.9.2009

Prince Albert is in Germany today! He attended the
celebration for the 20th anniversary of the International
Paralympic Committee:

Bonn's Mayor Baerbel Dieckmann, Prince Albert II of Monaco,
IOC Vice-President Thomas Bach, (front row L-R) International
Paralympic Committee (IPC) President Philip Craven and German
Minister of Interiors Wolfgang Schaeuble pose ahead of a
ceremonial act to celebrate the IPC's 20th anniversary in Bonn,
Germany, 04 September 2009

---> Pic
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:hellokitty: Great pic Looks like a crowded place their today and such a great organization too. Germany must be lovely at this time of year:globe:
A photo of PA at CERN, Geneva, the Centre specialising in Particle Physics. He then went on to the CMC-3 (World Climate Conference) where he gave a speech before hundreds of environment specialists, reminding them of the need to speed up action on the environment, with "barely one decade left to reverse the spiral" of environmental damage.

PA will meet with the cream of evironmentalists at the Copenhagen Summit in December. Le prince Albert II à Genève
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:cheers: enjoyed very much the walk thru the jardin so exquisitely beautiful and the rest of site as well!! :heartflower:
Pics 9.9.2009

Prince Albert II of Monaco at the charity Gala "Paths to Peace"
at Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, 09 September 2009.

The London Philharmonic orchestra conducted by Lorin Maazel
and with pianists, Bishara Haroni and Itamar Golan performed at
the event. The Funds raised at this event will be donated to the
University of Jerusalem. They will contribute to the realisation of
the project 'Paths to Peace', an Arab-Israeli collaboration project,
and will allow for the endowment of scholarships for both Arab and
Jewish students of the University.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
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:hellokitty: Faaaabulous pics!! Certainly that must have been a good concert! This orchestra is quite divine from what's been heard. :globe:
Pics 16.9.2009

Today, September 16, Prince Albert attended the opening
of a new section for children and the appropriation of a
new scanner at the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Thanks for the pics iceflower! What's that on the second one?
Thanks for the pics iceflower! What's that on the second one?

You are most welcome, Nathalie Cox! It's the same medical
machine (the scanner) that you can see on pic 3 as well,
just pictured from the other direction :)
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:hellokitty: It seems Monaco's is busy love the fab colored pics! Pa does seem intently in the pics! it's always a treat to get new tech equipment!! :cheers:
Pic 17.9.2009

The foundation Cousteau represented by Jean Michel Cousteau
presented their film "Return to the Amazon" in presence of
Prince Albert of Monaco at the Oceanographic Museum in
Monaco, September 17, 2009

----> Pic
You are most welcome, Nathalie Cox! It's the same medical
machine (the scanner) that you can see on pic 3 as well,
just pictured from the other direction :)
Oh silly me! you are right! thank you!
Yes, it will be happening this week, with twelve accords now signed, and the remaining four will still have to be validated by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) ( ).

Barring any last minute hitches, Monaco will be on the "White List" for the first time ever, due to the tenacity of PA who made it a priority.

The Pittsburgh Summit of the G20 is on September 24th and 25th.
OECD and the Pittsburgh G20 Summit - boosting jobs, reshaping the global economy

Among its topics will be Tax Evasion: OECD work on tax evasion
On this page is a 20-minute interview with Angel Gurria, the OECD Secretary-General, in which he mentions Monaco.
Monaco signed an agreement with the Bahamas yesterday. Our country has the same type of economy such as Banking and Tourism as Monaco has. I must say all fun and joke aside Albert is working very hard.
hey, bahamagirl. I read somewhere that Albert goes on vacation to Bahamas sometimes. Wonder if he would pay official visit to Bahama any day soon, since they signed agreement, it seems possible he can go there for business reasons.
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