Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 27: November 2008 - September 2009

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^He looks so happy in the first picture! Excercise is good =)
Nice pics, iceflower. Does anybody know how long he was biking and in which time?
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:hellokitty: Monaco must be proud to see the tour de france here in Monaco!

:greatidea: So glad there are some pics available for peeking at and to see how MONACO is doing hosting it's tour d France.

:rose: So far it's off to a good start and PA looks fabulous.

:thistle:Did someone say the actual race is the 4th and these are just the pre-competition? we aren't too familiar with the tour de france.

:rose2:the sights were very nice indeed much luck to them all as it's a great honor to even qualify to be involved in something like this.

:heartflower: they are obviously great athletes.:fireworks:
Article and photo of PA cycling the course with famous sportsmen... it was a sponsored cycle in aid of StarTeam, an organisation helping disadvantaged children.
PA says he used to have a nice bike, and that he did not have to do the full 30 laps.
Asked who might win the Time Trial, he said, "Why not Cancellara? But there are many, and Armstrong remains a great champion..." Les légendes du sport dans la roue du prince
Cool pictures, everyone.

Albert in an interview wit RMC:

- about the Tour and other sports events: " .... My thaoghts are also with my niece Pauline, my sister Stephanie's kid, she's in Budapest competing in the European Diving Championships ... "

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:fireworks:The translation on the article left a little lacking (lots of ?'s)

:globe: does anyone know if PA has ever participated in a tour de France as a competitor or did the article mean he didn't because of differences at that time with France? (the collegiate translation is a little lacking hee)

:butterfly:however, it is good to see PA and Monaco are off to a good start today.

:globe: it was nice for PA to mention his nieces competitons to mind today!
Thoughtful uncle! :fireworks::castle2::coach:
PA is seeing off 12 cyclists, all employees of the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace; they are setting off on an alternative Tour de France - 3500 kilometres, 21 stages, 8 hours non stop cycling, 24 hours.... all in aid of the Monaco Collectif Humanitaire, a group of 18 charities for sick and disadvantaged children.

Check out the blog: Le Défi Tour Douze « amateurs » courent le Tour en huit jours
This is the link for the MONACO COLLECTIF HUMANITAIRE:

The Collectif was set up on PA's 50th birthday.

There are 18 organisations: Act for Nature; ADSF; AMADE Monaco; AMADE Mondiale; Amitié sans frontières; AMREF Monaco Flying Doctors; APPO; Association Monaco Asie; Caap Africa; Caritas; Children & Future; Croix Rouge Monégasque; Fight Aids Monaco; Les Amis du Liban Monaco; Mission Enfance; Monaco Aide et Présence; Tatsa; WFE - Des Ailes pour la Terre; Direction de la Coopération internationale.

Two nice pics of PA, one with an African Chief.
Prince Albert attended an exhibition of the Ecole des Beaux
Arts de Monaco (the College of Fine Arts), In Monaco, July
15, 2009

-------> Pic
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:hellokitty: great pics it's looks like a very creative show they had today.
:rose: Pa looks wonderful is this the schools first year???
Good news for PA and the Principality:

Remember last April at the G20 meeting, Monaco was put on the "Grey List" compiled by the OECD (Organisation for cooperation and Development) as one of about twenty "tax havens" ?

Well, yesterday Monaco signed the first of a series of accords to make financial dealings more transparent. This first one is with the Belgian Ministry of Finance.
The whole process will hopefully be completed by the end of 2009. Sortie de la « liste grise » : un premier accord est signé
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:hellokitty: it's all well and good that PA is off the grey list.

:butterfly: however, PA over the past years since his enthronement which has been spoken of here on the site as well; has made huge strides to make things more transparent in Monaco and without having signed the treaty!

:globe: so we are surprised Monaco was even on the grey list to the recent!!:champagne:
Sorry but Monaco is not off the Grey List yet!
It has to negotiate treaties with a number of countries before it is "white"again.
As I said, the whole process will occupy the rest of 2009.
Prince Albert is shining with a smile.))):lol:
The photo is very nice...
Thank you, Dear Iceflower!:flowers:
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:hellokitty: hmm Someone had mentioned on threads about that once before.

:thistle: PA did look nice great color!:heartflower:
Just my opinion; I don't see why it is the business of any other countries how "transparent" things are in Monaco. That should be between the Prince's government and those doing business there and no one else. I do worry (it's a habit) about the fate of micronations like Monaco if they are forced to pull back from the very policies that have attracted investment in the first place and allowed them to prosper. For such small countries with so few resources they need to offer something the big powers do not in order to compete. Only my 2 cents.
Agreed with Bones about small countries, especially that I like Monaco & Grimaldis. :)
I understand your viewpoint as citizens of the United States.

However, Monaco voluntarily applied to be a member of the Council of Europe.

PA reversed his father's policies, especially regarding having consular and ambassadorial links with many countries, and joining the Council of Europe was a cornerstone of these new policies.

I understand, and agree with, his efforts to make Monegasque business practices more transparent.

PA himself does not need to account for his personal wealth, I believe. But he is trying to shed Monaco's old image (which still persists) as a "sunny place for shady people" (Somerset Maugham), and I wish him all the luck in this endeavour.
PA reversed his father's policies, especially regarding having consular and ambassadorial links with many countries, and joining the Council of Europe was a cornerstone of these new policies.
Hi Renata, :)
What exactly Rainer's policies were reversed by Albert?
Didn't Monaco joined Council of Europe when Rainer was reigning? Wasn't it in 2004?
Albert also told some time ago that this Swedish writer words about shady place was exaggerated; Monaco had never been that bad, according to PA.
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:hellokitty: it's should be wonderful to see a portrait of PA done!

:butterfly: whaaat would PA WEAR??? wouldn't it be nice to see the grey outfit from coronation where the long coattails???:heartflower:
From the Palace website, July 16th, 2009:

Prince Albert gave a speech at a concert at the Palace, in memory of Jean-Jacques Lemoine, the founder of the "Fondation Sancta Devota" (Sainte-Dévote).

PA recalled the long series of concerts given 50 years ago. and he then spoke of J.-J. Lemoine who died 100 years ago, and who, near the end of his life, set up the above-mentioned foundation in honour of Monaco's Patron Saint.

Palais de S.A.S. le Prince de Monaco - Accueil
Two big events in PA's diary:

1) The famous moonlanding Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (aged 79) will be honoured by the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco on Monday July 27th in Monaco. Eco Art International will also be there. Buzz Aldrin posera le pied lundi Ã* Monaco

2) After the Tennis Masters, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and the Tour de France, the annual HERCULIS meeting of world athletes will be happening at Monaco, for the twenty-third time, from Tuesday July 28th, at the Stade Louis II.

Amongst the competitors will be 20 medallists from the Beijing 2008 Olympics and 16 medallists from the Athletics World Championship 2007.

What's nice is that amateurs are also allowed to compete, in the 1000 metres, before the opening of the main competition. Herculis : un plateau de stars pour 15 000 spectateurs

This is the English version of the for the Herculis tournament,
with lots of pics of the 2008 event.

Meeting Herculis - Photo gallery#
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:hellokitty: Having buzz aldrin will probably be qite a lot of fun.

:rose: here's a man whom has seen it all and still lived to tell about it. quite intriguing indeed.

then the athletic competition should also be great to see hope they plan on having lots of pics of these events!:heartflower:
Pics 27.7.2009

Here are the pics of the meeting with Buzz Aldrin!

US former astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Prince Albert II of Monaco pose
after having signed their names on the sculpture of an eagle by artist
Patrice Borello, in Monaco on July 27, 2009. This scultpure will be put
on auction at Sotheby, on October 10, 2009 in aid of Prince Albert II

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** belga gallery **
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