Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 27: November 2008 - September 2009

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Not sure where to post this but if you scroll to bottom of page, there's details of a summer ball on June 13th - although the link to the web site hasn't got much info at the moment. Is this an annual event? - it's quite close to The Red Cross Ball.

Bal de l'Ete Gala Evening
Pic 3.6.2009

I think it's an annual event, but it's not an event of the Princely
Family like the Rose and the Red Cross Ball are :)

Prince Albert II of Monaco inaugurates a sculpture by Mexican sculptor
Javier Marin at Saint Martin garden in Monaco during the Monaco Sacred
Music Festival on 03 June 2009.

Javier Marin was born in Uruapan Michoacan, Mexico in 1962. Since 1983
he has presented more than 50 solo exhibitions and has participated in
more than 200 collectives exhibitions in Mexico, in the United States,
Canada, Central America, South America and various countries in Europe.

-------> Pic
I always like to see any ties between Monaco and Mexico being maintained; they are often overlooked. Albert's grandfather, Prince Pierre, was half-Mexican if I remember right; so the Prince does have a little bit of Montezuma's blood in his veins ;).

:mexicoflag: :monacostandard: :monacoflag:
Pic 4.6.2009

You are right, Bones, he was of French and Mexican descent.

Monaco's Prince Albert II talks with Giovanna Capellaro Nebiolo, wife
of former IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations)
President Primo Nebiolo, on the occasion of the 10th memorial Primo
Nebiolo international track and field meeting, in Turin, Italy, June 4,

----> Pic
Glistening Seas

:flowers: Seems the PA schedule is busy, busy to say the least! wonderful pics, though!!
Pics 5.6.2009

Here are some nice pics too:

Roubion, Mercantour natural park, southern Alps, France: June 5th
2009: For the international environment day, Bearded Vulture-Eagles
were released in the Mercantour natural park with Prince Albert II
and french environment state secretary Chantal-Jouanno.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** belga gallery **
Nice pics! i like how he's dressed, and i like the fact he has too much interest in environment things:flowers:
Sometimes i think people should pay more attention to what he does for his country, rather than especulates when is he going to marry or not.
Pics 5.6.2009

Prince Albert opened a festival about ecology, environment
and sustainable development, Monaco, June 5 , 2009

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

Prince Albert attends a gala evening for the 30th anniversary
of the organisation Monaco Aide, Monaco, June 5, 2009.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
The charity is M.A.P. - "Monaco Aide et Présence" which celebrated its 30th birthday on June 5th. It has teams of medical personnel which can be despatched to other countries to help out during difficult times.

Their first humanitarian task was to help civilians during the war in Cambodia.

MAP also looks after 15000 children in Africa, 4000 in India and Sri Lanka.....and more.....

It is under the High Patronage of Prince Albert, and the charity evening took place at the Sporting Club Monte Carlo.

Monaco Aide & Presence - Accueil

...and the Invitation.
Glistening Seas

:hellokitty: Pa looks so exquisite in thaaat outfit and sooo streamlined!!! Loooved the tie!!!

:books:The children seemed so glad to see him these fairs are always such a good time for the children; if only the fun they have in preparing for it especially since it's such a good cause!

:books: that ecological fair seemed like it would have been a fun thing to attend.
:champagne:They did a great job on that dolphin!! super !!! :cheers::rose:
Albert did look very nice GS and I also enjoyed seeing and reading about this charity. It looked very interesting.:flowers: Nice photos at the Gala too.
The ecology festival is called MONACOLOGY - what a snappy title! - and runs from 5 - 9 June, 2009. The theme is "Sustainable Development" (développement durable).
This is the fifth time it's been running.

Monacology has its own website with a fetching image of Albert.
Monacology 2009 : une semaine pour découvrir des innovations - Monacology 2009

The other Monégasque environment charity involved is

TOMORROW June 8th is the very first World Oceans Day (United Nations), and the Musée Océanographique will show the film of Albert's Antarctic journey in early 2009.

Journée mondiale de l'Océan : des animations pour mieux comprendre | Portail info Monaco
Glistening Seas

:flowers: The articles were fab PA pic was indeed quite different from his photo's at the party don't you think so too??? Of course it was the angle taken at but he looks whaa-nderful !!! :cheers:
Glistening Seas

:flowers: Renata's pics of the monacology were exquisite but as always we love the close ups of PA TOO!! He looks so wonderful like he's getting more streamlined as of late. However, always exquisite. Bet that media festival must have been fun. It seems like a place where most everyone in the media considers it a treat just to get to go there for it!! :heartflower::champagne:
To Glistening Seas,
on reflection, the pic of PA is very charming, but I had great trouble averting my eyes from the dark-haired Adonis to PA's left! :)
Glistening Seas

renata4711 says PA is very charming but i have trouble averting my eyes from the dark haired adonis! end.

:ROFLMAO: it seems there's something for everyone on this site!! tee hee.

We certainly look forward to seeing whom wins the tv festival awards. Let's hope there will be pics of the illustrious PA especially since he created this! :champagne:
Glistening Seas

:hellokitty: That's a novel institution and quite an interesting thing for PA to have and interest in creating such an institute.

:books:PA being a persons whose education, interests and hobbies, and businesses makes him a very well-rounded person quite healthy indeed.
:thistle:It's nice that he seeks to encourage the good qualities of self development for human and children. :champagne:
Pics 10.+11.6.2009

Prince Albert II of Monaco and guests (including many actors) attend
a reception for the 49th Monte-Carlo Television Festival on June 10,
2009 in Monaco.

The Princely Palace always is such a great place for such receptions!

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

Prince Albert met 60 children accompanied by Maud Fontenoy. The
children later went to the Oceanographic Museum and the Tahia, the
yacht on which Maud Fontenoy made a world tour, Monaco, June 11:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** belga **
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Glistening Seas

:hellokitty: mah-velous pics looks like a fun loving crowd of children at the Palais!!!

:duckie: Certain they had fun for certain!! hee!!

:parrot:This is a wonderful group. One is certainly never too old or too young to have a good time!!

:duckie:It was said Maud Fauntenoy did a world tour was it for an organization if so what organization was it sounds like it must have been a blast.

:bee: Of course the OCEANOGRAPHIC MUSEE is probably everyone's favorite activity as it is definitely our favorite! :cheers::butterfly::rose:
loove the pics, they are great! Are those in the 1st one Kim Kardashian and her mom? Didnt' know they attend the Montecarlo Television Festival.
Pics 11.6.2009

loove the pics, they are great! Are those in the 1st one Kim Kardashian and her mom? Didnt' know they attend the Montecarlo Television Festival.

Yes, you are right! It's Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenne :)

Glistening Seas, we've seen Maud Fontenoy at an event before, two or
three weeks before, you can find the event a few pages ago, she's a
famous French water sportswoman.

Prince Albert II of Monaco attends the closing ceremony of the 2009
Monte Carlo Television Festival at Grimaldi Forum on June 11, 2009 in
Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** getty gallery **
Maud Fontenoy is a well-known navigator and rower.

She has her own foundation:

She has been named the UNESCO and World Ocean Network Spokesperson for the Oceans on Monday June 8th.
World Ocean Day 2009 - Maud Fontenoy appointed spokesperson for the oceans - | UNESCO.ORG

An excerpt of a speech Albert gave at the Institut Océanographie in Paris:

Palais de S.A.S. le Prince de Monaco - Ouverture du colloque « Mer et Outre-mer 2009 » - Institut Océanographique de Paris
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Glistening Seas

:hellokitty: Oh -h those fab outfits.

:thistle: All the pics were indeed wonderful but the dresses in pics 1 and 3 were the absolute favs.
:rose:Personally all the other outfits everyone wore were pretty terrific as well.

:heart1: It's half the fun of these events pics are the enormous variety of beautiful colors and styles worn to perfection that are so creative and enjoyable. :bee::heartflower:
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