Prince Albert & Charlene Wittstock Wedding Suggestions & Musings

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Well if the DM has the stroy correct the wedding is taking place in a 13th century church (wrong, ist in the palace courtyard) and Jasmin is only 9 years old (wrong, she just graduated from high school if I recall correctly), so the DM story would seem questionable.

Not that we know of.
I think she was talking of Carla Bruni-Sarkosy, not Charlène!
Madame Royale said:
No Windsors'? If so, typical...

I think the Wessexes are attending, are they not?. They usually attend these things on behalf of the BRF.
These stories of Charlene trying to leave came out at the same time she was in Greece to attend the Special Olympics.
Are both the civil and religious ceremonies going to be broadcast? Sorry if this was already posted.:flowers:
She is with child ..correct?

Yes, and I think her pregnancy would be more reason to stay home than having been a former girlfriend of Albert.

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A village in Brittany is celebrating the Princely Marriage in style...

Matignon is a village in the Côtes d'Armor region, and its link to Monaco goes back to the 18th century. In 1715, Jacques de Matignon married Louise-Hippolyte Grimaldi.

The Association "Les Amis du Passé en Pays de Matignon" and its President, Anne Marie Marsaudon, have visited Monaco and the Prince on May 12th.

The village still rings its bells when a Grimaldi occasion takes place.... and, on July 2nd, the local choirs will sing both the Monaco National Anthem and that of South Africa.

How fun! I wish I could go to the wedding in Monaco and I also wish I could attend the festivities in Matignon!
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:previous: AlBina, thx for posting that article. The illustrations are beautiful. I hope she wears her hair as depicted in illustration #2.
I hope Charlene will not wear a strapless wedding dress. In Monaco matin, it is said that bare shoulders will be allowed because it is very hot . In France and in other lands, I see only strapless bride wedding dresses.Personnaly, I do not like this mode, but The persons who will be on the place of Palace will be in the entire sun, and it will be very different for Charlene because there will be a velum about the courtyard
On the publicity of Point De Vue, in the inside of the newspaper which will be published to morrow, in the sommary, there is a tittle, ' Albert and Charlène, open the ban'
The ban is an officially paper which is published and hanged on the wall of the 'mairie', in it in france there are the names of the brides, birthday dates, the names of the parents, the witnesses of the two brides. I think we will know soon the names of the witnasses of Prince Albert and Charlène. I think Point De Vue already knows many news and they will publish the names and the palace will give us perhaps also the names to morrow

On the site of royal correspondent there is a report on the wedding to day

I saw this ban in Point de Vue. Did you notice they wrote Charlenes name wrong? It said Wittstok instead of Wittstock...
PPE has a gallery which is showing preparations for the wedding like the places where the celebrations will be held (courtyard with prepared sittings) and car which will be used by the newlyweds.

Wow,lovely pictures of the venue..I'm excited!
Have any non-European monarchs confirmed their attendance?
I expect to see someone from Morocco, most likely Moulay Rachid. Though it'd be nice to see one of the princesses. Prince Feisal of Jordan has also been to Monaco with former wife Princess Alia...perhaps he'll attend with Princess Sara this time around?
Wow, thanks for this latest list, as I've been looking up each one on the 'net that I'm not familiar with. And since I'm not a royal watcher/follower, that's practically everyone, lol, except the SRF. :)


Less than a day away to find out the complete official guest list! WOOHOO! :clap:
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Am I correct to assume it'll be 10am PST when the concert airs tomorrow? Also will we be able to stream it?
The concert of JM Jarre will be boardcast on the site of palace as the religious ceremony.
On Belga Pictures or in profimedia, you have photos on the room where there will be the civil ceremony, there are the arm chairs of the brides and the chairs, you have also photos of the courtyard with the chairs of the future brides and the chairs of the guests and the test of the ceremony
I'm sorry to be a bother but what is the link of the live stream of the wedding and other celebrations?
Zarat Many thanks ! I didn't know about Serge of Yugoslavia.
He seems to have good links to several European branches of the "Gotha".

I loved the quote about Monaco from the French author Colette:
"Paese i cui confini sono fatti di fiori - A land whose borders are made of flowers"
On the guest list i didn't notice Prince Lorenz.
His wife, Prince Astrid of Belgium will attend and he not? Why?
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