Prince Albert & Charlene Wittstock Wedding Suggestions & Musings

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Apparently it's still not known what the dresscode will be. but as the religious Wedding starts at 17h00 european summer time and after the Wedding there is the Ball perhapsthere is the chance that it will be white tie.
Is the ball going to be televised?
I think the wedding can be seen online live?
After having done a little research, I discovered that AKRIS has been a favorite of Princess Caroline for literally years, at least since 2004, which is the date on the following article: Swiss designer cuts a dash in world of couture - swissinfo

Additionally, AKRIS has made at least three outfits for Charlene this past year ~ a black one (1st pic), her sea foam engagement dress, and "The Swan" one at the pre-wedding dinner the night before, and also the dove gray one for the wedding itself:

yfrog Fullsize -

yfrog Fullsize -

I think we can safely surmise from the following that Charlene has been helped along with her fashion sense by the Queen of Fashion ~ her future sister-in-law, Princess Caroline of Hanover ~ whom better to have assisted her these past 5 years. :cool:

From this I can also deduce that Princess Caroline will in all likelihood be loaning or gifting Charlene several House of Grimaldi tiaras, jewels, etc. from her collection.

That said, I'm most curious to see if Charlene will wear a tiara at all because now that I think about it none of the Grimaldi women, except Caroline, have worn many tiaras over the years. Not even on their respective wedding days. A shame really, they have so many wonderful pieces. We shall see though, perhaps Charlene will be the first to wear one on her wedding day. :flowers:

I loved that sea foam engagement dress...gorgeous! I would love it if Caroline has been helping Charlene...CW cannot ask for a better teacher than the Princess of Hanover, imo. :)

But I do NOT want Charlene getting a tiara loaned from her sister-in-law. When she wears one, it should be her own.

From Albert either brand new or one he has inherited to present to his bride.

BTW...since the wedding will be in the evening I am pretty certain it will be white-tie. Which makes me ecstatic...I love super formal evening weddings the can't get any more glamourous than that!
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here in the us they didnt say much at all about prince ablert and charlene attending prince will and kate's wedding. since they were barely mention i dont think they will have the same media coverage like prince and princess kate they will be mention in the 6:00 new but thats all.
I don't remember PC ever wearing a tiara until her mother died. I wonder if she will stop when Charlene becomes Princess. Maybe she only wore it because she was acting as first lady. Anyone remember differently?
I don't remember PC ever wearing a tiara until her mother died. I wonder if she will stop when Charlene becomes Princess. Maybe she only wore it because she was acting as first lady. Anyone remember differently?

Interesting question, FanofMonaco, and one which had me so curious that I did a little research again. :)

And, yes, you are right, Caroline didn't start wearing tiaras until her mother passed away and she became First Lady of Monaco, just as you wrote up above. :)

Even then though she didn't wear tiaras all the time, only very rarely, like at King Carl Gustav's 50th birthday, Crown Prince of Denmark's wedding, Albert's enthronement (evening gala as a necklace), etc. And never at any of her three weddings, and rarely at home, except as I said Albert's enthronement.

***Note: has she ever wore a tiara to the Red Cross Ball? the Rose Ball? or when foreign dignitaries/royals visited Monaco?***

Btw, the following is an excellent source of info. as regards her tiaras: Tiara with Pearshaped Pearls |Princess Caroline - Family Jewels of the House Grimaldi

FanofMonaco, I think you're on to something when you stated up above that you think Caroline might stop wearing tiaras all together once Charlene become First Lady of Monaco in two months time. Except I feel she might still wear one or two of the Hanover Tiaras, as she is still First Lady of the House of Hanover. Also, the link I posted up above states that she has mostly worn Hanover Tiaras since her marriage to Prince Ernst. Still, I doubt she will ever wear the Hanover Honeysuckle Tiara ever again because its symbol is about undying love, which she obviously no longer has from her husband, if she ever did. Therefore, my guess is if she ever wears a tiara again it will be the famous Brunswik Diamond Tiara, most symbolic of its original owner, Empress Josephine of France: Caroline of Hanover | Brunswick Tiara onced owened by Josephine Empress of France

My conclusion is that Princess Caroline will gift almost all of the Grimaldi tiaras/diamonds/jewelry/et al to Charlene upon her marriage to Prince Albert, save for one or two pieces she is especially fond of and will want to pass onto her own two daughters. But the Grimaldi Tiars, imho, will be passed exclusively on to Charlene once she becomes First Lady of Monaco, where they can shine again for another future generation of Grimaldis. That's where they belong. Jmho. :)

Btw, Caroline and Stephanie will still have the wonderful pieces of jewelry their mother left them, and which they both have shared over the years. :heart1: Whereas Princess Grace's four or five tiaras will most likely go to Charlene as well, as it should be. Would love to see their reappearance! :cool:

ps: if Charlene does wear a tiara for her wedding, I hope it is one of these two:

Fringe Tiara

Princess Caroline wearing her Grandmothers Tiara
Princess Grace wore any tiara perhaps all her gown was created by hollywood team
and in her biographie, it si said there was any tiara for her. Princess Caroline didn't wear tiara perhaps the parents PG and PR were not agreed with her wedding with Philipp Junot and they made a semi privat wedding and perhaps they thought at that times that she was not at the times the heir . For Charlène, we don't know if she will wear a tiara, perhaps yes, when we see all the future princesses who wear a tiara at their wedding, and perhaps she will not wear a tiara

For the boardcast of the festivities and ceremonies, some are sure others we don't know.
-there is a private concert at the Saint Louis Stadium with selectioned guests(we don't knowif it will be boardcast.
- the civil ceremony, the lunch with only monegash peaple and the concert of Jean Michel Jarre, there will be Prince Albert Charlene and the guests(perhahs there will be among them royals) It will be boardcast it is sure, it's officially annouced.
-the religious ceremony, the travel to Sainte Devote church , and the big firework will be boardcast
-we don't know if the diner and the ball will be boardcast, perhaps we will get some vidéos or photos.
We will have surely news about soon.This morning, I read in a newspaper that we will perhaps know the list of the guests at the wedding at the end of may. I think it is a little early to give this list
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Nadine your research was very interesting. How cool to own one of Josephines tiaras. Monaco's revenge. And Melina Premiere, you are our inside source as to what is going on. Thanks so much for all of your reporting. I think everyone has royal fever after William and Kate's wedding.
I think Charlene is very likely to wear a tiara on her wedding day, particularly as has been said previously, there is a recent trend amongst royals to do so.
With regard to Caroline's wearing of tiaras (sorry moderators if this is going a little off topic) The pic of Caroline at the pre-wedding ball for her first marriage to Junot looks as if she may be wearing a tiara rather than just a hair decoration, but it is difficult to be certain.
I am not surprised that she is invited because she swam with Charlene at the Midmare Mile in February in South Africa.They decided to work together for learning swimming to young poor children.
Thanks, melina premiere and Renata4711, for the latest info. :)

I loved the part about your mother having had her apartment rented out, as well as the whole of Monaco! :cool:

And, finally, we have the name of our first confirmed guest. :)

From all the info. provided, thus far, it looks like we just may have a wedding similar to Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel's in terms of a lovely pre-concert, televising of the wedding itself, a ride through the streets of the city, and maybe just maybe a bit of coverage of the evening ball? a speech? One can hope. :flowers:

The first of July honestly cannot come soon enough!
Do we have any ideas on the flower?
Did they ( the palace) provided some details?

I loved the idea of the trees in the church At W&K wedding. Maple my tree :)

ADDENDUM: (to my original post)

after much research I discovered that Elly C. was correct, Princess Caroline *did* wear a tiara to the pre-wedding ball the night before her marriage to Phillip Junot.

The following is the only picture I could find to verify this, as well as an article that states she wore one of her mother's small tiaras; btw ignore the pic with her & Stephanie, as that pic was taken when they attended the Rose Ball in 1979. Included is also footage of the pre-wedding ball the night before, wherein Grace is wearing the absolutely breathtaking Cartier Diamond Tiara she purchased specifically for this occasion (she honestly outshines them all! footage starts at 4:05):

YouTube - Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco - Part 12

Hmmm, after re-reading about Caroline's first wedding, I'm wondering if Charlene's will follow a similar pattern? in terms of some footage of the ball being shown, as well as wearing a tiara, just like both Caroline & Grace did! :cool: :flowers:

ps: this wedding will be outside in the Palace Courtyard, so I don't think they will have trees. :)
i heard that albert invited all the ioc members to his's that true? if it is, we'll maybe see frederik of denmark and wa of the netherlands there, among other royals...
Untill yesterdays many papers speak about the wedding of Monaco, this morning we have an article in France soir on the up coming wedding.,also in 24 hours in the post on line ect...
The last news we have is the interviews of Mgr Barsi and Mr Narmino given in Monacomatin, but as it is in french I doubt you understood
Mgr Barsi talked about the preparation of the wedding with the future brides, one about the meaning of the wedding in the catholish or christian faith. In the other parts they speak of the choice of the lithurgic texts read during the religious ceremony. He spoke about about the choir of the young boys ofthe Cathedral of Monaco, the singers of the opera and the musicians of the opera who would be with him during the ceremony
We had the interview of Mr Narmino who will celebrate the civil wedding in the room of the trone. He said that this room contains only 80 persons, there will be only the family, the witness , the friends of the brides and high dignitaries. He said that the wedding will be like the other weddings in Monaco . The agreements of the bride and the famous sentance 'I declare you husband and wife and so' he wiill made two speechs, one about this wedding very important for the monegash people and an another speech more personal. He said that he will be as moved as the new brides. he said also that Charlene will be princess of Monaca after he said you are tied by the wedding . It will be her first entry in the Grimaldy family.
For the wedding in the honor court, there will be many white flowersand the theme will be 'the gerden", Place of palace will be decored as in the interior of the honor yard .
The neighbours of My mother who come every week end at Eze who are monegash and very friends with us, said last week to my maman that they received the card of invitation to attend the civil wedding and the cocktail. They are very pleased to attend to the civil wedding on the place of palace and to see Charlene and they hope they will have time to speak with princely couple, they will be 8000 people
Thanks once again for the invaluable information, melina premiere! :)

I'm so excited for your mother's friends from Monaco, they received their invitations, ah how wonderful... :flowers: I wonder if they would mind your taking a pic of the invitation and then uploading it on the site? I'd love to see what it looks like. :)

And the info. you describe about the upcoming wedding reminds me more and more of Princess Caroline's first wedding to Phillip Junot, including the following:

*Civil ceremony in the throne room*

*Signing of the registrar by the bride (btw Caroline's hand visibly shook throughout)*

*Father of the bride escorting his daughter to be married (btw exact place Charlene & her father will be walking)*

*The religious ceremony held outside in front of all (though Albert & Charlene's will be held in the Palace Courtyard, whereas Caroline's was in the Palace Gardens)*

*Greeting the public on the balcony* (including a kiss, not shown, wherein Caroline shed tears of happiness)

*Walking through the streets of Monaco to greet well wishers*

*Ball for over 600 guests from royalty, family, friends, guests around the world, including wearing of tiaras because it being a white-tie event*
YouTube - Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco - Part 12

Btw, Caroline's first wedding also included the invite of the Monegasques to partake in the celebrations, just as Albert & Charlene's will do so. :) Additionally, Caroline & Junot also rode inside a car, not a carriage, which was silver and had its top down. :cool:

But the above is the only thing both weddings will have in common, as Albert & Charlene's will be totally their own, including different dress, costume, car, guests, et al. :heart1: :monacoflag: :cheers:

Personally, I think Charles & Camilla will be the representatives of the House of Windsor. Yes, I know Prince Andrew was there for Prince Rainier's Funeral, but that's because Charles had just married Camilla less than a week before (they were on honeymoon). Also, Charles is closer to Albert's age than Edward & Sophie's, and he also knows Albert better, both of them having worked on environmental issues together. Finally, this is the rare marriage of a Sovereign, thus I predict the Heir Apparent will be there. Jmho.

ps: thanks for the article. :)
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I think you're right. Charles and Albert have good relations with one another. They have visited each other, and they were together when the new Pope was inaugurated.
To day, there is on Monaco Matin news about the mugs, the glass and so with A and C upon them, there will not be the photos on it. But the tourists can buy the photo of the engagements (there is already the cards with the photo of engagements, I saw it last week in monaco)

There is a new which speaks about that Prince Albert invites the Philly family, his cousins The son of the brother of Princess Grace, he will be with his daughter and his son; it is on the
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Have the pre-wedding events been announced already or is there a traditional pattern how these things go in Monaco? I sincerely hope we will see Charlene in something else than nude, white or grey if there is a pre-wedding dinner, ball or other. She seems to choose a bit boring colours and I hope she would choose something more extravagant. I mean, she used to be a swimmer, I bet even her choice of swimwear colours was more interesting than the dresses we have seen her in (and don't tell me her favourite colour for swimwear was nude.. :ROFLMAO:).

I would not be surprised if the bride wore something similar to what Princess Grace did: The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Top 10 Best Royal Wedding Dresses: #2. HSH Princess Grace

Do you think Charlene will be wearing a tiara? I cannot wait seeing her wearing Princess Grace's tiaras and other jewellery in the coming years. It will be interesting, I hope.
According to other websites and the French newspaper, Nice-Matin, (sorry no link yet) Charlene Wittstock, will soon have her own anthem. :bang: The musical piece is said to have been composed by Jean-Christophe Aurnague the, “…organist of the Church of the Sacred Heart.”

I have never heard of a Consort getting their own musical theme. Not even HSH Albert has HIS own anthem, but he does reprensent himself with the anthem of the "principauté" . Why would she have her own when other members of the family have don't? Not even Grace of Monaco - Is this normal? :ohmy:

Can someone elude me to why? And please don't give me "why not"

It is a gift from Albert (or possibly even subjects of the principality) to Charlene. It has been a very long time since there was a Prince & Princess of Monaco (don't mention Caroline as I am not speaking of her). I think it is a lovely gesture.

I have no idea why any woman wears those things..I have never seen one that I found stylish or pretty.

The only thing "fascinating" about them is why anyone would put such an ugly thing on their heads outside of a costume party imo.

These decorative pieces have been around since the 17th century. Unfortunately, they have evolved into "art." The early ones are very reminiscent of what my mother wore back in the 50s. They were worn a bit differently (on the side or across the crown, not perched as worn today). I still have a couple of them (one with turq and bronze feathers, and a white bandeau with black netting), wear them occasionally to church on high Holy days and enjoy them.

History of Fascinators
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Yes they have turned into art. I remember my mother and grandmother wearing hats when they were going to church. I think in a way it was always about fashion but it was about respect too. Back then as a woman you're suppose to come into the the house of God looking a certain way and one of those ways was having your head covered. Times have changed now and I still wear fascinators every now and then. It's always a funny thing cause people tend to assume I'm from another country when I do wear one:)

Getting back on topic, I really hope Charlene wears a tiara. It won't be a royal wedding without one.
im sure she will wear a tiara!!! Even if Grace or Caroline didnt on their weddings doesnt mean she will not wear one, and considering the current times we live in, i bet she (and she will marry a sovergein prince) will wear a tiara!

if she will wear Grace's or Charlotte's (or josephine i dont know which is called) i dont want, but i personally want for it to be a NEW tiara, a gift from Albert:flowers:
Maybe she will have a tiara, but i doubt Caroline will give her tiaras. They are hers, her grandmother gave them to her, why would she give them to Charlene? just because she is marrying her brother?
Maybe Albert will buy her (Charlene) a new one.
I hope she wears her hair something like this:


I think she could also try wearing her hair in a more elaborate updo more higher up than she normally does. It would accentuate her long neck and delicate features. Especially with tiara there needs to be more lift in the back to give it a nice backdrop. She tends to look a bit flatheaded if her hair is slicked back too much.

Melina premiere, thanks once again for more info. on the wedding, especially in regards to the Kelly relatives coming. YES! :cool: This looks to be a blow out huge family affair on all sides, which I love, the more the merrier. :flowers:Kathia sophia, the famous Empress Josephine of France Tiara (aka Brunswik Tiara) is definitely out, as it does not even belong to the House of Grimaldi, rather the House of Hanover. You know in retrospect I really feel this tiara was meant for Caroline in every way, shape, form possible. Her life was very similar to Caroline's, as well as her genetic makeup, both were/are French with a touch of Irish on their mother's side. :)Nathalie Cox, I just feel Caroline will either loan or gift Charlene a tiara, so that at least one tiara will continue to stay in the family of the House of Grimaldi, especially the Fringe Tiara, which originated with Lady Mary Victoria-Douglas Hamilton, whom married Prince Albert I on September 21, 1869, and bore him one son, Prince Louis II (btw to me he looks the most like Prince Rainier). :) Anyhow, that's just my opinion. Of course a brand new one would always be welcomed as well. :heart1:I'm just wondering how Charlene will be outfitted. My hope is that she is "The Swan" for the wedding, and then changes into "The Mermaid" for the Ball afterwards. :D Lol, yes, I am a fan of both, and even have statuary of such outside in my garden. :)
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I still would like to know what "wedding favors" everybody thinks will be given out at A&C's wedding? As well, I would love to know what kind were given out for W&K's.

Back on topic, Prince Albert & Charlene Wittstock wedding suggestions and musings, I for one am interested to see what "wedding favors" will be given to the guests! :flowers: Being this is such a grand wedding, I'm hoping they do what used to be popular in the Victorian Days ~ give the best possible wedding favors ever ~ and that includes half dolls in the design & shape of the bride and bridesmaids. These are super super rare, especially the antique ones from Victorian Times, and most rare are the ones from the aristocracy and royalty. I should know, I collect them. :)

To further expound on my aforementioned post, I searched the 'net to try to show examples of what I was talking about up above, that is "Victorian Wedding Favors of the Aristocracy/Nobility/Royalty". Unfortunately, I only found a very cheap one of Princess Diana, shown here: Princess Diana of Wales Porcelain Half Doll Official Numbered Limited Edition From the United States Historical Society Remember the Ladies Collection: Home & Garden

The ones I'm talking about are the complete opposite, found in museums or high-end collectors' collections, particularly the ones from the 1900's. In fact, the Queen Mum herself was a collector at one time. :)

Thus, I scanned two pages of several books I own on half-dolls, to give everybody a better idea of the type I'm talking about, shown here:

Anyhow, I would love it if this fad made a comeback! Can you imagine being gifted a small identical half-doll replica of the bride, bridesmaids, and maid of honor, including the exact fabric worn by them. :cool: The most expensive ones, as shown in my private link up above, do just this, a miniature of say the bride as she was on her wedding day, ahhh. :heart1: And as money isn't an option, I would think the royalty could afford to pay for these type of wedding favors mounted atop a box containing a piece of the wedding cake inside, like they did in Queen Victoria's Time. :)
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This has prob been answered but I don't want to go through 71 pages so I'll ask are we going to be able to watch it live online like the previous 2 big royal weddings?

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