Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock Current Events - Part 5: June 2010 - June 2011

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I agree with Zonk ... one can't expect PA to act like Daniel. And CW seems very level-headed, someone who is glad to have entered a lucrative contractual relationship.

The Chelsea Flower Show is very much PA's project - mainly to promote Monaco, of course.

CW is probably busy with the dress, coiffure ...
I am sure it is a lovematch and they are both happy in their own way. Why would Albert marry just for a business arrangement. If people think it is a business arrangement then who do they think Albert would rather marry? I am sure he is marrying because he wants the lady.
Love is overrated imho. When one marries one's first priority should be future children, always, unless one is past the age of birthing. Otherwise children come first, their needs, priorities, emotions, stable environment, stable marriage, two parents, etc.

I agree with what Prince Rainier stated when an interviewer asked him about if it was love at first sight with Princess Grace. And Rainier said "no", marriage is about mutual understanding, not a fleeting thing like love at first sight. ITA.

That said, of course there has to be affection, attraction, friendship. It all starts with friendship, and mutual understanding. The rest will follow... :)

ps: I'm afraid youth get lust and love mixed up, which is why I agree with arranged marriages, the elders know best imho. They've lived life and are wise beyond their years.
Charlene did explain that in the interview for the two German tv correspondents.

As Nadine said: it has to start with friendship.
When on Earth did she pose for THAT??! It looks like something Princess Stephanie would have worn back in the 1980's.:eek:

Not the future Princess of Monaco. :ermm:
I was getting ready to say that maybe this isn't a current photo. Magazines have been known to pull out an old picture and throw it on a magazine cover.

But she is wearing her engagement ring, isn't she?

Goodness...someone get a PR firm and give this girl a talking to. Surely Albert isn't let her do things off the reservation without any palace guidance. A bit ridiculous if you ask me.
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Lovely photos...thanks for posting them.:whistling:

PA has definitely lost weight since CP Victoria's wedding last summer.

For the last few months she hasn't put a foot wrong. No dicey photos, controversial if this IS a recent picture it's a big setback IMO.

It just doesn't promote the look of a Serene Highness of Monaco...and it isn't very flattering either.

ITA with Zonk that the Palace handlers dropped the ball here, but CW is not 18...her innate sense of good judgment should have come into play as well.:sad:
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Okay...I am torn about these pictures.

First, I kind of like the idea of these pictures. As I stated in the Frederick and Mary threads when the Vanity Fair pics came out, royals have been posing and photographed in magazines like Vanity Fair for years.

That being said, I don't like some of these pics. Don't get me wrong, the photography is awesome: Albert looks nice, Charlene looks beautiful, but some of them are just not right IMO. Taking a picture of Charlene in her robe, and coming out of a swimming pool in format gear (I am on the fence with that one) Add this to the cover of her in her biker gear, and you have to ask who is running the asylum? All the questions and concerned can't be at Charlene's feet.

I realize that Monaco is looking for greater international recognition but I am not sure if this is the way to do it.
Zonk, I definitely like some better than others...for example I really like the last one!

Some of them range from unusual to bizarre. :ohmy:

I am guessing that this PR blitz is to drum up interest in the wedding...who knows?

But I am getting bad chi from some of the recent pictures..I cannot lie...:sad:

BTW..if Lagerfeld directed that awful "biker chick" photo of CW, that sort of explains everything, imo..uggh.

He is not designing her trousseau, but he just HAD to be in on the action some kind of way!
Lovely pix but she is very photogenic at all time anyway !

Yep, someone definitely dropped the bomb on this one. *sigh* And just when she was doing so well.

Yet, I will forgive her this one time, nobody's infallible after all.

This reminds me of the time Kate Middleton broke up with William, and then went out like this, yegods!: :eek:

Ah, these pics are OUTSTANDING!!!!! :cheers:

Hard to pick a favorite, but I must say the last one of them on the Palace Courtyard Stairs, incidentally where they will be exchanging their wedding vows in a little over a month away, is my all-time favorite:

Charlene Wittstock : «*L

They are like two hollywood movie stars, reminiscent eerily of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard (the love of his life btw), with Charlene and Carole even sharing the same ethnicity/race:

YouTube - ‪Clark Gable and Carole Lombard‬‏

ps: I told ya Albert will regain his pre-2005 figure by the time the wedding arrives, lol. :D
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Another pr fail, sorry.
They are trying too hard to attrack attention and they are failing.
The idea of the pics was nice, but Charlene comes across as a vulgar woman, no matter how much haute couture she wears.
Albert is not that thin, another proof of how much photoshop has been used.
How can they look outstanding if they are heavily photoshoped? I would ask them why do they need these pictures to be so photoshoped. Are they trying to sell us something they are not? A beautiful, young, lovely couple. And all of a sudden PA has lost weight. I didn´t see those comments in the pictures of the soccer match. They are not celebrating but selling a wedding, that´s the main problem.

I cannot help laughing at some comments, sorry.
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That picture of Catherine was at a charity event, not when she was broken up with William.
I'm speechless. The photo when she is out the swimming pool is totally vulgar; Dont you imagine Princess Grace doing the same thing? Certainly not. I think now Charlene has two activities: buy expensive clothes and do photoshoots. They probably want to attract interest on their wedding but it is not the case because they did the wrong choices. They impose an image of a couple blessed with a lot of money and not preoccupied by other people. I am disappointed very largely. I was so happy when he got engaged, but my god this show and display of money, luxury is purely frivolity and just can attract a few number of people. It reinforce the image of Monaco as a town of frivolity and easy money. I'm living in France (as Nadine and others on this forum). The wedding of William and Kate has been covered by all serious newspapers, they all create on their online versions a special section dedicated to the post engagement a few months before the wedding (Le point, Le nouvel observateur, l'express, le figaro, etc...). And it was feeded every day with the same stories as the british Telegraph, the Times,etc) with a french point of vue. The most regarded show on Canal + (Le Grand Journal) each day "create false amusing stories" regarding Kate and William. The morning programme (TV MATIN) has a special reporter send in London every week. Regarding the link between Monaco and the France and that a few years ago every newspapers was full of stories regarding the Grimaldi Family, I expected the same coverage in these newspapers and programmes for Albert and Charlene. But it is not the case. France doesnt care. One month before the wedding and only the people magazines as Gala, Point de Vue, etc... have stories about Charlene and Albert. In the US : they simply dont care even if Albert is the son of one of their greatest icon. It's unbelievable for me. On monday, William and Kate met the Obamas. Extraordinary couple. On tuesday morning every German newspapers (I work on the avenue des Champs Elysées and there is the Drugstore Publicis which has every foreign newspapers on sell each day and magazines as well), the Welt, etc... had the photo of this meeting on their front page. Except for BILD (a bad tabloid) which feature Victoria and Danial who are in Germany for the moment. Noted that the serious newspapers didnt show Princess Victoria, or the Queen, no, William, Kate and the Obamas. That's the difference. They perfectly manage their wedding and their image. A real sensibility, humility, warm attitude, etc... I'm really sad that Albert does it a very bad way.

WE just cant compare the photos of Charlene and Kate. Charlene is engaged to Albert, it's in her capacity of princesse of Monaco that she did this photo. Kate broke up with William at the moment of the photo, she was a simple citizen. Their obligations were not exactly the same. Totally unfair to do this comparaison.
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PA uses CW and the Palais de Monaco to strengthen the brand that is Monaco.
PA uses CW and the Palais de Monaco to strengthen the brand that is Monaco.

They use each other. But if he had to use someone, he could have chosen better. Or perhaps there was no one interested in the job.
Some pictures are quite pretty but some like the one in her robe and coming out of the pool in an evening look isn't interesting or pretty at all as its quite unrealistic if that makes sense. Her hair looked lovely, Albert & Charlene looked happy and I must say I liked the black & white effect.
Ye gods, I had to take another look at the photos to see whether or not we are all seeing the same thing... :confused:

Lol, reading some of these comments one would think the photos were xrated or something. :D Therefore I double-checked and, no, simply six exquisite black & white photographs that remind one of Old Hollywood, the days when Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, The Barrymores, et al, ruled the big screen.

No nudity whatsoever, no indecent cleavage with breasts showing, no ill-fitting tight clothing, no scandalous poses nor erotic positions, nothing like that at all. Rather, 6 tastefully shot black & white photographs of Prince Albert and his fiancee, Miss Charlene Wittstock, out and about the Palace, as follows: :)

1.) A close-up of Charlene completely wrapped in a thick furry white robe, sitting on a chair by the pool, with only her left hand visible (complete with her engagement ring) as well as her beautiful face turned toward the camera.

2.) Charlene standing on the second step of the pool, with the lower half of her flowy floor-length dress wet from having taken a dip, but nothing showing. Rather Prince Albert is waiting for her at the top of the pool in a black & white suit, both turned toward the camera. :)

3.) Gorgeous close-up pic of Albert & Charlene walking up presumably some stairs, both faced toward the camera, a casual lovely pose with the trees/forest in the background. Albert dressed in said suit while Charlene is attired in another lovely flowy summer dress.

4.) Charlene posed relaxing on an ancient cement bench, still wearing the aforementioned lovely flowing floor-length dress, faced toward the camera.

5.) Charlene and Albert posed on the white balcony, Albert dressed in said suit facing Charlene (but his head is turned toward the camera), while Charlene is dressed in an elegant black floor-length mermaid style dress with shoulders showing.

6.) Ah, my favorite, Albert posed with arms crossed at the bottom of the Palace Courtyard Stairs (looking up toward the camera), while Charlene is coming down the stairs in a gorgeous black/gold halter style floor-length gown (also looking up toward the camera).

That's it, nothing scandalous, in fact I LOVED it! :cheers: But once again I suppose it is all a matter of perception, which is easily influenced by how we feel about the subject(s). And in my case I like them both. :) Therefore my perception is a positive one. :heart1:

And yet another case of agreeing to disagree, which is okay by me. :)

ps: I personally don't read posts wherein the paragraphs are not separated, as it is too hard on my eyes, thanks for understanding.
Nadine, I have the same problem with eyes and can't read closely typed text.

I can only say that PA and CW have the right to market themselves, their relationship and the Principality, in whatever way they wish.

But I'm not sure whether this Lagerfeld-sponsored shoot may be a teeny bit of a mistake, especially if one connects it with the Stéphane Bern interview which is packaged with the photos....

For instance, Charlene professes to have humility. IMO, even if it were true, it is not a clever move to draw attention to it.
Google Google Translate

Charlene on cover of this weeks HELLO. Plus large article about her new life inside magazine. I have to say she looks a Million Dollars. Albert is so lucky to have found her.
Without a doubt the pictures are nice even with the photoshopping. Sad to say that photoshopping is the norm these days even when its unnecessary IMO.

Some of the photos are "harmless" so to speak but I am sorry, whats the point of showing Charlene in a robe (pretty or not), how does that convey a nice image of Monaco. I hate to do comparisons but you will never see a member of the British, Spanish, Belgian, Dutch or Danish houses taking such a picture. Thats the type of a picture that a celebrity or model would take.

How does this convey serious Monaco? And honestly, I think people need to stop putting the responsiblity of this PR machine on Charlene. She isn't the ruling Prince of Monaco, and since he is standing next her to in some of these shots, he has HAS to have an idea what is going on on around him. She isn't a sea witch bewitching him.

And I agree its unfair to compare this pics to Kate, who had broken up with William at this point and was on her way to a 70's roller skating party for charity. She is not posing poolside in a robe!
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Nadine - you said everything I wanted to say ---- only better.

I raise my glass to Charlene and Albert for a wonderful future together.
Zonk, you said it - if it hadn't been for the bath robe, I would have put up with the whole thing.

But to expose one's fiancée in a dressing gown - where's the point in this?
That for me Renata is the dealbreaker.

The photos of Charlene and Albert together are very nice (photoshopped or not) and honestly, no worst than the Anne L. pictures of Maxima and WA, Haakon and Mette Marit, when she did that Royal spread in Vanity Fair. Or even Mary, Fred and the kids with the boxes at the Palace.

The picture of Albert and Charlene (with her coming out of the pool) is a hit or miss with me ---- something that has been done by celebrities.

But the robe, was there anyone at the Palace present for these shots? Besides the Happy Couple I mean.
The whole thing - bath robe, another "interview" (with celeb lover Stéphane Bern) - is a case of "gilding the lily", i.e. too much emphasis on stuff we've already tired of.
Me too, I'm not equally excited about all of those 7 photos, I think some are nice and some are questionable
- but one aspect that is worth considering as well is the fact that it's been the photo session of Karl Lagerfeld,
his ideas, suggestions, styling and interpretation - it's his typical art (of photographing).

Judging from his career and personality I think the couple placed their trust in him and did not intervene in his work.

That special pool picture for example looks like a typical Lagerfeld metaphor:
The woman that has been a swimmer (the pool) was chosen by a prince and now turns into a princess (already
wearing the gala dress).

The photoshopping is a usual method, no magazine seems to be able to get by without.

In the end of course they could have chosen other pics to be published. That is what could be criticized.
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