Prince Aimone and Princess Olga of Savoy-Aosta and Family (2008-2021)

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That's a very nice picture; thanks Zarat for having posted this link.
:previous: There you go!!! Not only did the father learn how to hold his son safely, he even taught him how to read.
The little boy is so cute!:flowers:
Lovely pic ! Some babies are really gifted nowadays !
Thanks for photos!:flowers:
Prince Aimone appears to be a happy father.
He's sleeping with cushion with italian national colors! This is THE patriotism!
I saw princess Olga with her little boy and his nanny yesterday at the CDG airport in Paris. They were flying to Moscow. And little Umberto is really cute baby.
Well it was: "bonjour, au revoir, enjoy your flight", but I've checked her passport and I only realised that it was Olga when I saw a little inscription on her passport: HRH Princess Olga of Greece
Thanks for the pics of little Umberto. He is so cute!
He looks a lot like her mother!

I wonder what is Olga's nationality. How comes that it is written HRH on her passport? Any idea? English, maybe?
I wondered the same, Giov; which nation recognizes Olga as Royal Highness and Princess of Greece?
I don't think princess Olga was ever born HRH officially. Prince Michael's mariage was considered unequal , and King Constantine approved of the marriage only after prince Michael relinquished his place in the line of the succesion to the Greek crown for him and his descendants ( but he kept his title). So when Olga was born she was not HRH princess Olga of Greece and Denmark but was called just princess Olga of Greece ( since her father was an HRH , it seemed fair to the Royal Family to call her a princess even though it was more of a honorific title in her case than a dynastic one). she only became an HRH AFTER her marriage as HRH,The Duchess of Apulia. So it couldn't just be HRH Princess Olga of Greece in the passport. It could only have been HRH Pincess Olga , The Duchess of Apulia.

What kind of passport did she have? I would find it very strange if it was a Greek one...
I don't know if Princess Olga converted to catholicism yet.
Prince Aimone and Princess Olga are very respected in Italy but they live mainly in Moskow.
I'd rather say that they're unknown by most of Italian people.
Lovely little boy.... very handsome... I see little boys are all the same !
Thank you for the pictures. What a handsome little guy.:flowers:

Magnificent boy!!!

This is a miracle how the "product" of multiples and repeated consanginuous crosses (Olga and Aimone are very close cousins a thousand times) can be so pretty and healthy!!!

Mother nature!:p
Little princes love to get dirty, like any other kids! Cute pics, thanks for posting!
The lovely little Prince Umberto is the only male child of the Royal Family of Savoy.
When will Prince Aimone move back to Italy?It is very necessary he is more known by the italians.
Awww, what a cutie. Very Italian looking. :wub:
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