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Welcome to the thread for
Royal and noble Pregnancies Announcements
in 2021.

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TSH the Hereditary Prince and Princess of Leiningen nee Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia (1982) are expecting their second child.
They have a daughter Alexandra (2020).

Royal Musings: New QVDS on the way

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First great-grandchild for Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria!

Princess Tatiana of Leiningen (b.27 August 1989) [daughter of Prince Hermann of Leiningen (b.1963) {himself son of Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria (b.1933) & her first husband, Prince Karl of Leiningen (1928-1990)} & his wife Deborah, nee Culley (b.1961)] & her husband Clayton Reynolds (b.1989) are expecting their first child soon.

Source: (Thanks, Blog Real!)
Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York (b.8 August 1988) [elder of two daughters of Prince Andrew of Great Britain, Duke of York (b.1960) & his former wife Sarah Margaret Ferguson (b.1959)] & her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (b.19 November 1983) [son of Alessandro Mapelli Mozzi (b.1951) & his former wife Nicola "Nikki" Burrows, now Mrs. Williams-Ellis (b.1956)] are expecting their first child together (his second) in the autumn.

Edoardo has already a son Christopher Woolf "Wolfie" (b.2016) from a previous relationship with Dara Huang (b.around 1983).

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Edoardo has already a son Christopher Wolf "Wolfie" (b.2016) from a previous relationship with Dara Huang (b.around 1983).

Is Wolfie's formal name not spelled Woolf? At least, that is what has been reported in the press.
Joachim Charles Napoléon Murat, Prince of Monte-Corvo (b.3 May 1973) [son of Jochim Louis Napoléon Murat, 8th Prince Murat, 7th Prince of Pontecorvo (b.1944) & his first wife, Laurence Marie Gabrielle Mouton (b.1945)] & his newly wedded Yasmine Lorraine, nee Briki (b.23 February 1982) are expecting their first child at the end of summer (so reportedly in September).

Source: (Thanks, eya!)
Duchess Sophie of Württemberg (b.15 January 1994) [daughter of Prince Philipp of Württemberg (b.1964) & his wife Marie Caroline, nee Princess of Bavaria (b.1969)] & her husband Maximilien d'Andigne (b.1989) [son of Herve d'Andigne & his wife Marie Adelaide, nee de la Barre de Nanteuil] are expecting their first child.

For mother-to-be's parents it will be a debut as grandparents.

Prince Michael of Serbia (b.15 December 1985) [younger son of late Prince Tomislav of Serbia (1928-2000) & his second wife Linda, nee Bonney (b.1949)] & his wife Ljubica, nee Ljubislavljević (b.21 September 1989) [daughter of Milorad Ljubisavljević & his wife Vera, nee Sokolović)] are expecting their second child around April.

They already have a daughter, Natalija (26-12-2018).

Nicholas Medforth-Mills (b.1 April 1985) [son of Princess Elena of Romania (b.1950) & her late first husband Robin Medforth-Mills (1942-2002)] & his wife Alina Maria, nee Binder (b.26 January 1988) [daughter of Heinz Binder & his wife Rodica Iancu] are expecting their second child together (his third) in the Spring.

They already have a daughter Maria-Alexandra (7-11-2020); Nicholas is also a father of Iris Anna Cîrjan (9-2-2016); her mother is Nicoleta Cîrjan.

Source: Royal Musings: Another QVD
Prince Hamzah bin Hussein of Jordan (b.29 March 1980) [oldest child together of late King Hussein I bin Talal of Jordan (1935-1999) & his fourth and last wife, Queen Noor, nee Lisa Halaby (b.1951)] & his wife Basmah, nee Bani Ahmad (b.4 January 1979) [daughter of Mahmoud Hassan Bani-Ahmad & his wife Halloul] are expecting their sixth child together (his seventh).

They already have four daughters: Zein (3-11-2012), Noor (5-7-2014), Badiya (b.8-4-2016) & Nafisa (7-2-2018) and a son Hussein (8-11-2019); Prince Hamzah also has a daughter Haya (18-5-2007) by his first wife (and paternal second cousin), Princess Noor bint Assem (b.6 October 1982).
Haya also has two half-brothers - Talal (27-3-2019) & Abdullah (20-12-2020) -sons of her mum and her current husband Amr bin Farid bin Zidan (b.17 September 1974).

Sources: (Thanks, eya!)
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