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Wow! Marina Hyde has really got the knives out!
These are dark days for the psychological health of the House of Windsor and its marital castoffs. . . .
It is always best to attack the credibility of your victim before proving your own superiority.
Is there not some law against interfering with other people's occupational therapy? For that, patently, is what this noble pair are engaged in, and the sooner we start treating their activities as mental health-related, as opposed to ever so slightly hamfisted attempts at social engineering . . . . .
A masterly stroke. Not only are they less credible than her, they are also to let in the attics! Mental health issues are the very backbone of veracity for this little wit, or is that twit.
But we've all heard quite enough discussion of the architectural merits or otherwise of Poundbury, and anyway I lack the requisite heavy-framed black glasses to have an authoritative view . . . . .
I feel someone should point out to this shining beacon of scintillating wit, that there is absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever that heavy-framed black glasses are required to be enable one to frame and authoritative view. She has however, provided ample evidence that it would take more than a pair of glasses, black framed or otherwise, to produce an article of any literary merit given her aversion to actual research.
Why does she need "heavy-framed black glasses"? All she, or any of the modernist architects need to do is ask the people of Poundbury why they choose to live there. Is it that hard? Or don't the residents' views count either?
After his embarrassing bust-up with architects, Prince Charles is facing another row - this time with ramblers who are angry at his latest plans for his model town development in Dorset.
The Duchy of Cornwall, the private estate that helps to fund the prince's activities, has applied for planning permission to build another 1,200 homes, a primary school and more business premises at Poundbury

UTV News - Ramblers tell Prince Charles to take a hike over plans to develop Poundbury
I really dislike Ramblers, they see it as their right to trample in and over property owned by someone else but if anyone walked through their garden, they would be up in arms!
Prince Charles has been criticised by the Ramblers Association over plans to build more than 1,000 homes at his ‘model village’ in Dorset.

Walkers have likened the proposed development to an ‘urban ghetto’ and complained that, if it goes ahead, their only route into Poundbury will be along two main roads.

The Prince’s Duchy of Cornwall estate has lodged a planning application for 1,200 houses, a 450-pupil primary school and several businesses in the village.

But campaigners say the buildings will restrict access to the countryside, including nearby Maiden Castle, which dates back to 600 BC.

Read more: Prince Charles' model village will become 'urban ghetto', say ramblers | Mail Online
Considering the damage ramblers do to the countryside, it would be great if it does restrict them!
The Prince of Wales tries his hand at stone carving during a visit
to Weymouth Training Centre in Poundbury, on December 9, 2009
in Dorchester, Dorset. The Prince was visiting to officially open the
Poundbury College Construction and Training Centre. HRH will lead
a group of visitors on a tour of the Poundbury development.

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Familiar in style to some development in the US.....

......but Charles takes it a step further with all the sustainability bells-and-whistles. Good for him. The man has vision.

In some planned communities in the US - sometimes they are 'gated' - the constraints are serious. Condominium Associations exert controls on exteriors, as well as the plantings, etc. This is not new for planned communities - of which there have been many in the US over the past 80 years more or less.

One very famous - or in-famous - planned community in the US (and considered one of the first of its kind - the 'suburb' - if not the prototype) was Levittown PA in the late 1940's. For sure what Charles is doing is far and away more appealing.

Charles is dead-on regarding building for foot traffic rather than for the car. He has an ambitious vision - and the where-withal to press it into realization. Generally such decisions are made - at least in the US - with very little public input - its money that rules, with very little accountability. What he is doing has many variables that cannot be controlled - bravo for taking the necessary first steps!

Its these activities of Charles' that are so impressive. The man works. He doesn't have to. Interesting individual all-in-all.
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The worst part is that Charles wants to cram more financial assets for him onto property that was once known as Green Belt. ( More than 1,000 more Duchy buildings to pay him rent or mortgages. ) With only two roads for access, with buildings blocking the country side and National Trust properties, the traffic problems will increase...thus pollution via petrol.

No one will dare stop him covering the entire Green Belt in income properties.
If you read the article in full you would know that Poundbury is a work in progress and won't be finished until 2025 when the township will house 5,000 people.

Once again you are resorting to ridiculous hyperbole in claiming that "No one will dare stop him covering the entire Green Belt in income properties."
The entire Green Belt eh? Why stop there? Why not claim he intends to cover every square inch of the Duchy of Cornwall with "income properties"?
I apologize for not being more specific. I meant that entire section of the green belt and I have yet to see any of his projects permanently blocked. Yes, I know Poundbury is not near completion and that already a good percentage of the Duchy holdings amounts to income properties, many tenant farms among them as well as the commercial properties in London.
Afterall, the Duchy provides a large income for the Duke of Cornwall as it is meant to do.

Duchy of Cornwall - Around the Duchy - The Official Website for the Duchy of Cornwall
As to "planned communities", this takes me back to the Sixties and Seventies when cars and pedestrians were to be separated - a fateful decision because pedestrians were mainly young mums with pushchairs who were harassed and robbed in the underpasses designed for pedestrians.

What disturbs me about PC's plans is the lack of consultation with people who have lived in the areas he is trying to change - but is it for the better??
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