Portuguese Royal Palaces, Castles and other Buildings

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The Duke of Braganza lives in a very nice but modest looking house in Sintra.
Someone might have a photograph but it is more likely that people who don´t know, just walk past it.
I remember very well having seen the marriage of the Dukes of Braganza on Television, which was very impressive.
I remember mainly the cake, it was enormous and when they gave the ingredients it was something like 500 eggs (and the other ingredients had quantities to match, such as almonds, sugar etc), they said at the time it was a traditional royal cake made in the Algarve. It was fairly plainly iced with their initials and a crown on it. Perhaps Elsa has a photo. It was a really beautiful wedding.
Thanks Elsa, that cake looked scrumptious..... (and not at all fattening of course LOL).
Some lovely pictures of the interiors of a few of the Portuguese palaces can be found at this site:

Palácios - a set on Flickr

Necessidades and Ajuda are both included in the gallery.
Is it possible to visit Belem Palace and Necessidades Palace even if the host the precidency and the foreign minister?
Yes, it is possible to visit those palaces, although not everyday. Belém at least organizes guided tours on Saturdays...
Picture 1: the impressive portal to the Cathedral:


The detail on this facade is just exquisite! Must've taken a long time to create all of it.
Is it possible to visit Belem Palace and Necessidades Palace even if the host the precidency and the foreign minister?

Belém Palace is the official residence of the President.

It is opened very few days each year.

Necessidades Palace nowaday is the Foreign Office Head Office.
Usually it is not opened.
I visited it last year at Europe day, the day the EU had its 50th birthday.
I think you may visit it if you would write to the Head-Secretary of the FO.
Don't write to the Minister !
In spite of being a non-existing person :lol: he has nothing to do with that.
The Head Secretary is the lady that superintends the maintenamce of the Palace.
Our fellow poster Alberto (the very much anti-miguelist poster :angry:) has the proper contacts
Right, Alberto ?
Don't write to the Minister !
In spite of being a non-existing person :lol: he has nothing to do with that.

hehe you made me laugh with your comment, JSP! :D You're right.

Well, about the palaces:

Sol's magazine - tabu (Nº 157) interviewed the only citizen of Mafra Palace :)

His name is Gil Magens, 82 years old, and he is a symbolic guardian of the palace. He was born in the palace and after the republic revolution, his family and other families were allowed to continue living there.

His father attended the Royal School of Mafra, he served as a military and was also a guardian of this palace while Dom Carlos was still a King.

Mr. Gil Magens never left the country, he lives alone is his big (!) house :) and he's happy remembering the past.

Gil Magens

Magens in his Palace

His room

Room 2

room 3
I read an interview with Miguel Sousa Tavares at the time they were fiming "Equador".
he was very angry that Fundação da Casa de Bragança did not allow filming inside the Palace.
So in the film you see the characters arriving in front of the palace, but the indoors scenes were filmed elsewhere.

I found virtual tours for 6 Portuguese palaces if anyone's interested :)

Palacio da Ajuda
Virtual Tour
Palacio de Mafra
Virtual Tour
Palacio de Queluz (My favorite)
Virtual Tour
and also here
Palácio de Queluz - Visita Virtual 360°
Palacio de Sintra
Virtual Tour
Palacio da Pena
Visita Virtual ao Palacio Nacional da Pena em Sintra
And Palacio de Vila Vicosa ( Where D. Carlos spent his last night before the Regicide, you can actually see his room)
Paço Ducal de Vila Viçosa - Visita Virtual em 360°

If you want the links where you can find them all here they are:
Palacios e Solares de Portugal em panoramas 360°

& here
Instituto dos Museus e da Conservação - Visitas Virtuais
The Status of the Royal Palace of Ajuda

Knowing that the Royal Palace of Ajuda was never completed, I have come to the question of whether it shall ever be completed. even only being 1/3 done it is an amazing palace, and it would be a shame to never finish such a beauty.
Is it correct that Dom Duarte has a property in Alentejo, close to Serpa? Some friends are adamant that he does, though inthis thread I do not see such a property listed, as it is only about Sandar, Portimao and Sintra. Serpa is a lovely place btw, I can highly recommend a visit.

Last month I was finally able to visit the palace of Vila Viçosa. What a disappointment.
Although the place looks lovely from the outside, esp. as it was sunny, the inside was not remarkable and esp. not well maintained. The tour guide was very friendly though and had tons of stories & anecdotes.

Apparently they kept things as they were during the times of Dom Carlos, but the furniture, paintings etc. were damaged by the times. Some paintings were nearly black. And the building/museum also lacked a coherent 'story'. Since the rooms were kept as they were in the past it was very difficult to follow the history of the house of Braganca and to keep all the dukes apart.
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I hope to soon be able to visit the Vila Viçosa Palace. Never visited and I really want to visit.

Bedchamber of King Manuel II at the Palace of Necessidades:

Work Office of the King D.Carlos the Palace of Necessidades:

Virtual visit to the Necessidades Palace
Palácio das Necessidades - Visita Virtual
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The detail on this facade is just exquisite! Must've taken a long time to create all of it.

Very impressive indeed,the entire complex is.But what really baffled me,made me speechless...imagine...was the drop dead gorgious cloister here.The detail of it all,the corners and niches and what was whispered there once,said,done...or not....the long stairway up to the choir.Immensely impressive and so wel worth a visit.Just before we had pasteis de nata and greeted the guards at Belem..last tuesday,oh take me back....
Palace of Ajuda will be completed 222 years after the beginning of construction

It's not every day that concludes a work started more than 200 years. In the case of the Ajuda National Palace, whose construction was launched in 1796, the work should be completed sometime by the end of 2018. The completion of the national monument, with the shot of the West façade — the unfinished part to the Sidewalk of Help — will finally move forward, by agreement between the Ministry of culture, the Municipal Chamber of Lisbon (CML) and the Associação de Turismo de Lisboa (ATL). The Ministry, which is not only responsible for the property but also her tenant, moved forward with the project, designed by the architect João Carlos Santos, and 4,000,000 of 15,000,000 euros when the work is budgeted; the lion's share of the financing is in charge of the CML, through the municipal tourist tax, which is managed by ATL.

Palácio da Ajuda vai ser concluído 222 anos depois do início das obras - A Monarquia Portuguesa
In this video we can see the home of the current Dukes of Bragança
Tomar Castle was the residence of King Manuel I of Portugal.
The Vidigal Palace was ordered to be built by King D. Carlos I in 1896. It had a design for a hunting lodge, a great interest of the king, but the construction lasted until 1908, when the king was assassinated. It is located in Monte do Vidigal, hence the name.

Includes a chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

With a typical Ribatejo style, the palace is without any furniture.

It is located next to the road that connects Vendas Novas to Canha and belongs to the Casa de Bragança foundation.


Portuguese Royal Palaces:

Necessidades Palace:

Ajuda Palace:

Pena Palace:

Carancas Palace:

Belém Palace:

Queluz Palace:

Sintra Palace:

Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa:

Cascais Citadel Palace:

Mafra Palace:

Vidigal Palace:

Current residences

Holiday home of the Dukes of Bragança in the Algarve:

House of the Dukes of Bragança in Sintra:

Historic residences

Ribeira Palace:

Corte Real Palace:
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