Portraits of the British Royals

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The portrait was wonderfully done and it shows Prince Philip at his age. That’s the blessed part of the portrait...his age.
I love this portrait, it is simply stunning. He looks his age, and I think that is what we need to see in a portrait sometimes.
The surroundings are beautiful, and they match Philip. I'm really looking forward to seeing the exhibitions if we can as the link to Denmark is intriguing.
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A Portrait of astonishingly high quality, as to likeness, composition and painting.

A fantastic addition to the Collection, for now and for the future...
C O M M I S S I O N S - Ralph Heimans

Two comments from BRMB:

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The long corridor back to the room where his mother and grandmother were born is so symbolic of the long journey that has been the Duke's beginnings in life to where he is now, a man in his late 90s.

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It is hardly a coincidence that the Duke of Edinburgh is depicted in front of a painting by the Danish artist Lauritz Tuxen and a display of Danish 'Flora Danica' dinner service.
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https://twitter.com/RoyalFamilyThe portrait, by Australian born artist Ralph Heimans, has been produced for display at the @NHM_Denmark at Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark. The Museum is holding a retrospective exhibition of Mr Heimans' work in 2018.

Part of the exhibition explores the historical connections between the Royal Families of Great Britain & Denmark. The portrait is set at Windsor Castle and The Duke of Edinburgh is depicted wearing the sash of the Order of the Elephant, Denmark's highest-ranking honour.

Windsor Castle holds special significance in regard to The Duke of Edinburgh's ancestry. At the end of the Grand Corridor is the Tapestry Room where His Royal Highness' mother, Princess Alice, and maternal grandmother, Princess Victoria were born.
I think great royal portraits show the person in their role without being maudlin, overly positive or negative.

I love this portrait. The execution is wonderful; every now and then it's good to see perspective and the use of light/dark are alive and well in modern painting.

The composition is genius - just a bit off center as is his roguish smile.

It made me think of that old chestnut where it was claimed he trained the family to do that hands behind the back thing to cut down on fatigue during long days of engagements.

This will be how I want to remember him when the time comes.
Mr. Heimans lets us see the Duke of Edinburgh perfectly. A magnificent portrait.
Royal Mail Stamp to mark The Prince of Wales’s 70th Birthday-
The Sussexes: Photo

Taken in July at the RAF Commemorations.
:previous: Lovely Photo! It's from Chris Jackson, who is overall my fav royal photographer. He so often gets the color right and is always spot on in composition. Digital photography has so improved the royal watcher game! :flowers:
This portrait has been done to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of Australia House in London - our first overseas diplomatic mission. George V laid the foundation stone (well he unveiled the plaque on the stone) in 1913. Charles is attending the celebrations today and unveiling a commemorative plaque to the 100 years of the building. He is with the Australian High Commissioner to London.

Sunrise (Channel 7 morning show) has been showing clips of Charles and Camilla's arrival and the unveiling of the portrait, and then the reception. They are also celebrating his 70th birthday. In the speech he referred to Harry and Meghan's baby's name by suggesting 'Kylie' or 'Shane' may make the 'shortlist' but not 'Edna' or 'Les'. Of course these are names associated with TV characters from Aussie TV shows or Dame Edna Everage's character.
:previous: Thanks for sharing - it makes me happy to see this.
The Hidden Meanings in the portraits of Queen Elizabeth I
The new portrait of The Princess of Wales on Tatler is just plain awful; bears absolutely no resemblance facially to her at all beyond the hair colour.
I am not sure which is worse - Catherine's or the red monstrosity of Charles.
If you consider that all there is a face and some hands and the rest is just red.
I am not sure which is worse - Catherine's or the red monstrosity of Charles.
Definitely Catherine's. It is awful. And it looks like it was done by a first-year art student who had no previous experience in the medium chosen. Just terrible.
I would suggest that the one of Charles was started by an artist and then his five year old was let loose and he couldn't be bothered to clean up the mess. It does look like a lot I have seen done by Kindergarten kids - a bit of a picture and then one colour thrown or painted over the rest.
The painting of the Princess of Wales by British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor on July's cover of Tatler reminds me of early American folk art paintings I have seen at Colonial Williamsburg. Paintings done by untrained artists.
What is Folk Art?
With that said, what was Tatler Magazine thinking? Considering the Princess is battling cancer I find their front cover very inappropriate and inconsiderate.
I'm not a fan of either portrait but the one of the Princess of Wales looks nothing like Kate!
I'm not a fan of either portrait but the one of the Princess of Wales looks nothing like Kate!

Yeah. It blows my mind. It just doesn’t look like her at all. I can tell it’s her based on the clothes and hair, but it doesn’t even remotely resemble her face.

The one of Charles is growing on me. The artist captured his facial features incredibly well. He looked really good. All the red is a bit odd, but I guess after seeing it multiple times now, the shock of all the red has worn off. Lol
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