Portraits of Crown Princess Mary

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All of the portraits are a waste of money and time!
Why do you think? For me its a beautiful tradition.
It's not like only royals have their portraits done. Many people I know have had their portraits done for special occasions such as weddings, graduations, or special birthdays. And I agree with mims; it's a beautiful tradition. And many portraits of the royals are not commissioned by them so it really isn't money wasted when it's done at the artist's own discretion.
The one where she is wearing a blue dress is the best I think of all the mary portraits.
Sometimes its hard to see the importance of this tradition when the person is alive and in the news every day.

But when it is appreciated most is when you can see these amazing portraits of Crown Princes and Princesses of the past. These portraits sometime remain in the palaces for centuries. Its like walking through time and seeing the royals that are the center of history of their country.

If you look at history books of palaces or castles, you see portraits that are as big as the walls. It really adds an auora of mystic and history to the places they hang. These portraits of Mary will be more appreciated in years to come.
I don't like CP Mary's new portrait at all. Wthat it supposed to be? I agree that the one of Mary wearing the blue dress is the best.
Lakshmi said:
Wthat it supposed to be?

Track back and read through the posts. Even so, try the artists official website for an answer.

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It's a good thing that there are two portraits, one that shows her in the blue dress where she's in her princess state, which a lot of people like and the new one I prefer, which shows her casual and almost incidental going about her life as a normal person but in extraordinary circumstances.
Sunday I watch a program where they showed some of the late Princess Lilian of Belgian belongings. It struck to me that one of her painting had her possing in practically the same pose as does Mary in this painting. They even had the same coat on, the lighting was the same, both posed in front of a mirror. Maybe they got their inspiration from there?
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