Pope Francis visit to Morocco: March 30-31,2019

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Did the Pope have an injury on his right hand that he was protecting here?

I believe there is a double barreled explanation with the first being hygiene. So many germs are passed among people through the hands that the Pope wishes to not have his hands/ring be a germ factory.

The second reason is humility. To him, it seems like kissing his ring is a gesture that lowers a person's equality to him and he wants to be part of the people rather than "above" the people.

Makes good sense to me.

A nice birthday surprise from the Pope Francis to the two Jurnalists (they cover the trip in Morocco) on the flight back :

"Pope (82) surprising @gerryorome (refuses to reveal age) of @americamag and me (65) with a birthday cake made of Moroccan figs, on flight from Rabat Sunday night. We both added a year during the trip. At @Pontifex left is spokesman @AGisotti. (44). All 3 have more hair than me."

A collection of clips from the Papal Visit to Morocco

there is laws against Moroccans who change their faith from Islam to Christianty not against those who are basically born Christians there is no sush thing
but i also hope the Pope visit will change things i do believe ppl have the right to chose their faith and that faith is for god,the homeland for all

Thanks for the correction, Mademoiselle Lilo. It's great that the Pope visited Morocco and met the RF as well as other locals.
the visit was successful and it was nice to to see the Pope in Morocco
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