Pope Francis Current Events Part 5

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Pope Francis received Romanian Prime Minister Ion-Marcel Ciolacu at the Vatican today, February 15:

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From Sunday 18th ,the he Pope will spend the next week 'undertaking Spiritual Exercises and a Week of Prayer'
The Holy Father has also invited all the Cardinals of Rome to pray with him during the 1st week of Lent.

Pope Francis received Palestinian Red Crescent Society President Al Khatib today, February 17:

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Pope Francis received the Peruvian ambassador on February 17th
Pope Francis again cancelled his duties today and according to the Vatican Press Office is suffering from Mild Flu Symptoms.

Nice to see the Pope back on his feet for the meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Saturday.
Today, March 7, Pope Francis received Jakov Milatovic, President of Montenegro, Spanish politician Salvador Illa I Roca and participants of the International Interuniversity Congress:

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The Pope also held a private audience for members of the “Women in the Church: Builders of humanity” Conference.
Pope Francis received the UN Special Representative on Violence against Children Najat Maalla today, March 18:

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Pope Francis attended his General Weekly Audience but was unable to speak due to health reasons.
Today, March 21, Pope Francis received George Vella, the President of Malta, and Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, the President of the Government of the Junta of Andalusia:

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Today, Pope Francis’ Holy Mass on Palm Sunday and Angelus prayer.
Today, Pope Francis’ Holy Mass on Palm Sunday and Angelus prayer.
The Pope looked tired yesterday he condemned the “vile” concert hall shooting in Moscow and also prayed for the “martyred people of Ukraine” and those suffering from war during the Mass.
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