Poll : Who is your favourite of King Hussein's wives?

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Who is your favourite of King Hussein's wives?

  • Princess Dina

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Princess Muna

    Votes: 8 36.4%
  • Queen Alia

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • Queen Noor

    Votes: 10 45.5%

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Q Alia Toukan

Sons: Princess Haya, Prince Ali,
I would say Princess Muna and Queen Noor.

Princess Muna for the reasons already mentioned above. She totally adopted and fell in love with her country and remain devoted to it following her divorce. It couldn't have been easy to see King Hussein move "on" so to speak with two following wives. But for all intents and purposes (we dont know the specifics of her life) they maintained a good relationship, raised great kids and managed to remain friends.

Queen Noor for the same reason, she totally took to her new country and her family. It couldn't have been easy being a young girl, marrying a King who had been married three times previously and had a rather large family. I am sure there are things that she wished she could have done differently, but nonetheless her children have turned out pretty okay.

I would also agree its hard and little unfair to compare Queen Dina and Princess Muna since the relationship between the press and royals were totally different when they were the wives of King Hussein.

Furthermore (and not to offend) Queen Alia is in a different category. They weren't married very long and because she died so young, she will always have the aura of unfulfilled promise. Simply put, we don't know what she would have done. Like many who die young she has become a myth of beauty, youth, love and thoughts of what might have been.
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Queen Alia and Queen Noor for me.
Queen Noor
Queen Alia
Queen Dina
Princess Muna
I've added a poll to this thread. Feel free to vote for your favourite now.
I like and respect all 4 ladies, but Q Noor is my favourite.
Queen Alia and Queen Noor. I love them both.
I love Queen Noor because she's from my point of view represent tenderness , simplicity , the modesty , pride and beauty she still retain the vitality and her active role at the global level and the second my choices are Queen alia because I think it's despite the short life, but it left a significant impact on the life of King Hussein and the lives of the Jordanian people and I think if God gave her a little time to made ​​a significant light on the world , I am an Egyptian citizen so I would choose princess dina because she lived in my country and studied so give her third place
My preferite Queen-

1- Queen Noor
2- Queen Alia
3- Muna
4- Dina
Queen Noor
Princess Muna
Queen Dina
Queen Alia
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