Pierre Casiraghi Pictures Part I

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^I totally can see that. I don't like him growing up so fast, though. :D It is so eerie how much he is like Stefano. I know it's been said a million times, but it is a resemblance that goes beyond physical appearance. It's almost like.... like he has a bit of Stefano's soul or something. I mean, I've seen plenty of kids who are carbon copies of one of their parents, but with Pierre and Stefano, it goes deeper. The likeness is more than skin deep. It has to do with their essence. It's amazing when someone's essence comes through in a picture. It does. That's why we have pictures we love. The ones we love are the ones we can feel.
Well, I won't be so quick to say that burzg, but they definitely make an attractive pair. Pierre looks so cute and adorable in that pic as well!
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He is not vey happy to be there
In the next group photo he smiles because he has to...but in this he just seams to complaint "What I'am I doing here when I suppose to be in Monaco enjoying my life"......:cool:

I just love this picture it is old but I just love it, I think he must be praying for his dady...

P. Caroline's boys are, no doubt quite good looking, but, in my opinion they're not as striking handsome as their father was... Stefano looked much more manly than his sons do... :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:
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