Pierre Casiraghi Current Events Part 15: January 2009 - December 2013

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Can someone translate the article please? Pierre looks fab. He's like a mix of his dad and Jude Law.
An expression here-and-there, makes him resemble Andrea as he ages, but I've always thought he looks the most like Stephano - which I think is more apparent as he ages...the shape of his face, his eyes - many expressions; more than Andrea, he looks like their father.

Yes he does, Horseygal. Pierre is, of all the Casi siblings, the one who takes more after Stefano, he's always been since was a very small boy. He looked so much like his father that, when Stefano died, I used to think that, that was the reason P. Caroline seemed so attached to him: always holding him in her arms, always attentive and protective towards him, in a much closer and tighter way than she was towards the other two... as if she could, through, Pierre, hold Stefano again in her arms... :heart:
^That is probably true, but there is also the fact that Pierre was for a long time, before 1999, her BABY!!!! :flowers:

new or not, they are cool pics. I love his bugger off tee, the same one he wore on the St Tropez holiday some years back, maybe 2007, when he and Bea were there with Lapo Elkann? In these pics he certainly seems in a "bugger off" mode toward the paps. Like how he turns the tables. :cool:
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I don't understand italian too much, but it's clear that the video tells something about the relationship between Pierre and Beatrice...But they got the wrong photo! That's Andrea! (they can't even do that right?)
YouTube - Beatrice Borromeo: amo Pierre Casiraghi, ma odio i paparazzi

The video doesn't say anything about the relationship of Beatrice and Pierre. It just talks about Beatrice, it says that in a few weeks she will graduate from university and then will move to London to work on a newspaper. She interviewed a journalist who wrote a book, "Italy at year zero" It mentions that since she's been seeing Pierre Casiraghi she finds that people don't take her seriously. The photographers are horrible she said, often violent as they throw themselves at them. She doesn't say what the title translates to, I love Pierre Casiraghi, but hate the paparazzi.
I'm curious if Pierre will also take on a job. I don't really know but neither Charlotte and Andrea seem to have one.
Economics isn't really a major you can "sit" on, so I would hope so.
I guess these pics are from last summer, no?
I've already seen these pic , so they are probably from last summer.
Good for Bea!! A smart intelligent girl with a career in mind and sueing the razzis. I hope she and Pierre work out. They seem well suited.

I was going to come here and post the same thing...I saw Pierre and Beatrice in the new Point de Vue. What a beautiful young couple...Pierre has totally passed up his older brother in the looks department and I think Beatrice is gorgeous.

I had misgivings about the fact that they are both so young...Pierre won't be 22 till the end of this summer. But they seem very close, very loving and very mature, same as Andrea and Tatiana who seem like soulmates.

I am sorry the razzis are giving them such hell...:ermm:

I do not think his mother would have been that shocked: surely none of you has ever seen the pictures of Caroline in topless when she was making out with Junot on a boat back in 1977!

Exactly Tosca.Caroline seems very laid back and free with her parenting...it's almost like she wants to go the very opposite of what her experiences were as a teen...with poor Rainier and Grace freaking out at every risque photo in the tabloid.
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Is Beatrice Borromeo Pierre's first serious girlfriend? Or have there been others?

They make a lovely couple, IMO.
^ She's def. the first girlfriend of his that I've seen attend family events. Like the Monaco Grand Prix and the Rose Ball. So I think she probably is his first serious girlfriend. He's had a million other girls, but none like what he seems to have with Beatrice.
And they are such a good match!
According to italian magazine CHI , tonight Pierre and Andrea will be attend at a dinner gala for AIRC in MILAN. I don't know if it is true.
:previous:oohhh i hope that mag is right! I want to see new pics of the Casiraghi brothers!! The last bunch of pics where we saw this two together weren't very touching ones: Andrea talked to Pierre and he was way to serious, but good looking:D.
The gala called DIAMOND BALL will be at VILLA NECCHI, a wonderful residence in MILAN
Love...love...love...she's eating him!:lol:
They are so cute together:flowers:
cute!!! i love this couple
thanks for the pics Julliette!!!
Pics 15.6.2009

Pierre Casiraghi and his girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo pictured
shopping at 'Lorenzi' with a friend, Milan, Italy, June 15, 2009

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Beatrice looks very casual in the pics...and very tall too. I knew she was tall, but i guess i didn't actually realise it until i saw the last pic. Ha, maybe is just me. Thanks for the pics btw, they are very nice.
I know they are probably too young to discuss marriage yet, but can you imagine how beautiful their children would be??!

Pierre and Beatrice are quite literally a GOLDEN COUPLE, so perfect together.
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