Pictures of Frederik as Young Boy

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:previous: And with QMII pulsing away on her fag. :D

What a change there has been in just 50 years in regards to smoking. More like 25 years actually.
Smoking around children was still fairly acceptable as late as the 90's. Not to mention drinking!

And may those times never return! I still recall how it was to grow up in a home where people smoked like chimneys. It was only around 1985 I discovered that I could actually smell stuff.
I believe so.
Whatever it is, I have seen more pics of him in that costume.

At least it's not a case of a-chicken!-what-a-completely-lousy-idea-I-had!-i'll-never-ever-suggest-anything-like-that-to-mother-again! like Joachim's costume. :lol:

Wait. Jokke was a chicken? (Is there proof?)
From his first day at Aarhus University.

And he sure did stand out a bit from the other students. :D

Different times. I imagine M&F will allow Christian to blend in more with the other students at his first day at the university.
More old photos of Prince Frederik:
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Thanks, Blog Real. 😄
This is from one of the annual cousin gatherings at Gråsten with mormor Ingrid.

Frederik earned his free fall jumpwings at the army special forces.

In the Frogman Corps:

Graduating from high school:

Driving across USA after having finished his studies at Harward:
Thanks for the photos!

Muhler - why do they wear sailor caps when graduating from high school instead of a traditional cap and gown (like we do in the US)? Is that specific to the school or high school graduation in general?

And is that photo from the Frogman Corps - is that what I've heard referred to as a dry suit?
:previous: I plead ignorance in regards to the diving suit.
Looks like it though.
Frederik got his nickname Pingu/Pingo because there was a hole in his suit and it was half filled with water, making him waddle along like a penguin.

He was named after this endearing guy:

The cap is a graduation cap. In DK called a studenterhue = student-cap
It has been around and used by graduating students since 1850 or so.
Tradition dictates that you wear it during the summer after you have graduated.

Today variations of that cap is used not only by high school students but also students who have graduated from technical schools, profession schools and what not. It depends on the color.
The high school cap is deep red, like this one:
Thanks Muhler for the information on the caps! I learned something new today! Those caps looks much more comfortable than the caps/gowns we wear here!

And oh my goodness....I ended up watching that whole video and laughing...that's so cute! I can just imagine Frederik waddling around!
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