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Just to show the comparison between the Getty photo and my photo.

The first one is my photo (it is actually clear and crisp, just a bad "photo of the photo"!)
The second one is the Getty copyright photo.


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Thank you for sharing these! I don't have advice but I enjoyed looking at them

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I also haven't got any advice to offer, but wanted to thank you for sharing them w/us. :)

In two of the pictures, you can see a little boy. In the one, it's a full on clear picture of his face and looks to me to be the late Prince William of Gloucester. The second photo though...Combine distance and the angle he's standing at, I can't tell if it's him or someone else.

Anyone know?

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It looks like the boy is standing next to the Duke of Edinburgh so I would think he would be Prince Charles
I wouldn't sell them on eBay, If your set on selling them I would go through the right people and company so your not cheated and the pictures go to someone who will care about them and take care of them. You found a rare treasure, If your planning on keeping them it's a good idea to insure them.
I don't know whether you live near a large city but there are antique dealers that specialise in postcards, photographs and other ephemera. If you could get in to see one they would give you some idea of what the photos are worth. (Telephone book/online sites)

Sorry that you didn't have any luck with Antique Road Show. I have known someone years ago who got good advice from them but he wrote to them enclosing a photo and that might be a long process
Who Are These Royals?

Hello everyone
I have a few photos i need help with.I have been told they have a royal collection but as of yet i cant identify the people.Can anyone help with putting names to them or perhaps they are not royal at all??
any help appreciated


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Are the middle couple guests at a wedding, because no British upper class nuptials would have groom or male guests in lounge not morning suits? If it was wartime maybe, but that photo looks as if it is from the late 1950's early 1960's to me.

The top photo is a wartime photo, I think. Apart from the groom concerned being a uniformed RAF officer as the Duke of Kent was, I can't see any resemblance to any male member of the BRF.

In the last photo the groom is in morning dress and has the look of a Lascelles to me. The bride is in a gown which appears to be late 1940's. When did Princess Mary's (Countess Lascelles) younger son marry? Otherwise, the two wedding photos may be weddings at which a Royal or two was present and that's the connection. I really can't see any obvious Royal link at all, sorry.
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Agree with previous posts but Ive noticed that the women in the first 2 pictures are wearing the same brooch/badge.

Perhaps connected to Lord Lieutenancy? Something like that?
Can anyone help identify these royals

Well it cant be Angus because the lady isn't Princess Alexandra. They got married in 1963. The woman's dress is more 1940s.

The pin on ladies 1 and 2 appears to be flag like with a cross on it.

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I meant he resembles him physically (cheekbones, nose), but not that it is him ;). If the older gentleman didn't had a RAF uniform, I would have thought he is an Italian aristo, don't know why.
The woman in 2 looks like the cook from Downton Abbey all dressed up- Mrs Patmore.

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Can anyone identify please

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me and maybe identify the young lady in the attached photo. I have seen her on several occasions when members of the royal family have been present but there has never been any mention of her. These photos are from the Festival of Remembrance held at the Royal Albert Hall in November where she was seated to the right of the Duchess of Cambridge which leads me to think perhaps she is a relative? If anyone can help that would be wonderful,

Thanks, Ellie xx


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What other events have you seen her? She isn't in the Royal box, she is one over.
Identify This Picture

Hello all,

Can I get some assistance identifying the person in this photograph?


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Yes. It certainly looks like a young Queen Victoria.
Thanks everyone. That was certainly the assumption around here, so glad to have it confirmed.

Thanks again,

Identify this picture

Someone said this was Diana's lady in waiting. Guessing this is from late 80s to early 90s. Does she look familar to anyone? Not sure if lapel pin tells anything. Hard to tell.


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Not sure

I don't see it being Anne. She was older and ahem, a little more solid than the woman in photo. I don't think Maxima either. Perhaps it will remain unsolved mystery. Never found another photo from event.
Mystery solved - not a Royal

It is Lady Victoria White who was briefly married to wealthy businessman Sir Gordon White, aka Baron White of Hull.
Please Help Identify Couple in Old Photo

Maybe you can help.... A group of us are debating... Does this couple look like Queen and Philip ... or King George VI? Does anyone recognize this them? I just don't know but I figured someone in this forum might know.

fyi.... I found a proof sheet of 30 photos of this couple.
Any guesses? Thx for looking!
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