Pics of Grace, the Actress Part III

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I´m going to study in Columbia and I´m looking for a housing recommendation. Obvisuly, I´m looking for the residence where Grace stayed in her early life like actress. Does anybody know if Barbizon Hotel is now aviable for students?
I love the second pic! She was so sofisticated and gorgeous!
Thanks for the clippings. Where do you get all these stuff? :flowers:
Thanks for the clippings. Where do you get all these stuff? :flowers:

Those pictures of small articles pages are always from ebay,
I check the site regularly as well, so they are wellknown for
me. You can find a large number of clippings and magazines
there by typing in Grace Kelly or Princess Grace..:)
The first pic of post #68, we can see Grace with long hair. I would like to see more photos like this. She was so beautiful. Very nice clippings, thanks nika. :)
Great photos, Zubiaur! I love the fourth and third photos. I think she had the best dresses in High Society and Rear Window...
Perfect beauty! You said it Zubiaur! She was a beauty :rose2:
Glistening Seas

:thanksgiving: You are right Zubiaur PSS Grace was a fabulous beauty. I love the dress from high society the blue striped collar what an exquisite dress.

:candycane: the white strapless with the tiny flowers is gorgeous is there a pic somewhere of the full outfit & the occasion??
:candycane:Also, while on the topic Pss. Grace had at one time highlighted streaks in her hair there has only been one pic ever posted of that. Would anyone have any pics of that time period in her life it was fabulous. it doesn't have to be posted right away as it may take time for some people to check thru their collections, but if anyone has them it would be lovely to see!:poinsettia:
I agree with you Glistening Seas. I´d love to learn how to do the "Grace Kelly Hairstyle". I think it´s complicated, but if anybody have anything for share about it Id be very gratefull. Now it´s the most fashionable hairstyle (by Vogue and Tatler)

Lovely, thank you!

Does anybody has fond any pic from Lizanne´s funeral? Do you know if princess Caroline assisted?

I´m keeping with the researching haha

Thanks Shy Di.I like all, but specially the first one,with so glamorous dress,and they are of big size and excellent quality,as I like pics:flowers:Please keep posting
Thanks for the HQ pics, they are great. :)
Thanks so much, Nathalie! I love the photoshoots ones.
Thank you Nathalie, I liked your pics!

Happy Monday to you!
Beautiful pictures, Nathalie. I like the third one. Grace looks really nice in the blue. Thanks for posting these goregous photos!
THanks sooooo much Nathalie... seeing pics of Princess Grace is always great !!!
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