Pics of Grace, the Actress Part III

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Does anyone have high quality color pictures of Grace's black and white dress in Rear Window? I looked at Grace Kelly Online but it was difficult to find a full-length shot of it in color.
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Thanks for the pics gracienic. They are lovely.
Yes, thank you to one and all in your decorating of Grace. I must say I keep warm looking at so many images that give me a clue into the grand life of this once great phenomena. Truthfully I often wish to write but shy away from letting you all know how you make me feel by sharing your pics and captures of Ms. Kelly when actress and married. Thanks so much. With my sincerest regards. George.
^ I am uber-happy. I am always hyper when someone likes it. And there needs to be a lot more stuff about Grace in a world which is dominated by Marilyn. And yes we are friends.♥

I have been watching your forum since forever and I love it and now I finally joined, so Hi. :)




my favourite (whatever she is saying)
Oh, I'm glad that you finally join! :D And I knew that someday you will post those animations here. :p
OMG OMG OMG!!! I LOVE your gifs! Really, I can't find gifs of Grace!
You are very welcome to the forum, Nicolesgrace :flowers:
You´re most welcome. :D
There are basically no animations of her at all, which is a pity as there are some really memorable, funny... animation worthy scenes of her.
I have more though, something around 14 at the moment.

Oh and thank you. :flowers:
Beatiful pics. I'm waiting for more gifs! They are so awesome!
V&A image bank for Grace Kelly containing many stills from her films & other on set photos.

V & A
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