Photosession Belgian Royal Family; 17 June 2008

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Jun 28, 2005
Laurent Claire and the kids
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Astrid Lorenz and the kids

MAthilde Filip and the kids

Albert en Paola
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Thanks so much for those pics they really are a lovely family
Beautiful family, thanks for all the pictures!
It cannot be said enough...Prince Amadeo is GORGEOUS!! And he is sooo tall!
here you can see a video of the fotosession.
If you follow this link on the right side of the page there are the different items of the news, you have to chose nr 9 "koninklijke familie op de foto voor de pers".
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Stephanie thank you for all the pictures!
Thanks so much for these lovely pictures. They're very beautiful! It's so sweet how happy Elisabeth is with her baby sister, the look on her face, while holding her is just so precious. The pictures of Laurent and Claire trying to get the children on the bench were really funny!
I hope that there will come pictures without the logo
They clearly need a bigger bench :whistling:

It seems like the twins are getting into that age when they just want to try out their legs - and see how far they can get.

I is like one of the twins would not get on the pictures and that is why princess Claire is also on the picture with the grandchildern;)
Wonderful photos!
The pictures of Albert and Paola are so sweet - each has had their ups and downs in the past and now they have settled into old age in a very loving and touching manner.
After a bout of bad health, Albert looks spry and healthy again.
Two benches would be better.

I like those photosessions.
Only sad that there is no picture of the entire royal family
What a marvellous surprise ! All the children of my Royal family together !
Heartwarming pix !
Thank you for all the pictures stephanievl! :flowers: This family is just so gorgeous - and ever-expanding! :D Good thing for us, coz that equals more adorable children.
This is absolutely my favorite royal family. The Belgians are so lucky. To begin with, their majesties are just wonderful to ssee. I know there has been some drama getting them there, but they are still together, and so affectionate.
The grandchildren have to be the cutest things to see. This seems to be a very loving family. The picture of Eleanore and her Nonni---so precious. Just wish there was a bigger picture of that.
And apparently, one of the twins didn't want to be separated from his mom, therefore we have Princess Claire in the picture (she looks so young she could pass for a grandchild)--LOL
Lol. I love Princess Claire in the photos with the granchildren. They do indeed need a bigger bench. I was shocked by how much older Astrid's children look, especially Maria Louisa who looks just like her mom.
Poor Laurent and Claire and their kids--they just didn't look happy today!
they really could do with a bigger bench.....but an adorable and beautiful family all the same...
Thank you for the pictures without logo.
Amedeo looks more handsome everytime I see him. I really hope to see him in real life one day.
I love Maria Laura's dress. It's a beautiful color. Do you think it is made ecspecially for her or can you buy it somewhere?
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