Philippe and Mathilde's Official Visit to Indonesia; 21-28 Nov. 2008

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Jun 28, 2005
Prince Philippe and princess Mathilde will make a official visit to Indonesia en Singapore from 21 un til28 november
Thats good news stephanievl! This will be the first time they leave their little baby wont it?!
There seem to be a lot of overseas visits being announced/occuring at the moment!
Thanks for the pictures giov, they're great. Princess Mathilde looks great, and I'm not just talking about her clothes, she seems to be moving on from her father's death, her colour is returning.
Thanks for the photos! Phillipe and Mathilde both look wonderful.
Great photos. Thank you for posting the links. I love the earrings Princess Mathilde chooses to wear:)
Recently I feel she is hesitating about the styling of her hair
And let's not forget Prince Philippe is there as well...

1 * 2 * 3 * 4


What with all that talk about Mathilde, one would forget that there is some serious political bonding going on as well :lol: ;)
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The visit seems to be going quite well. It is always a pleasure to see Crown Princess Mathilde interacting with children. Once again her demeanour prepossesses people and children, thereby making it a bit easier for Crown Princess to carry out official engagements. As expected Crown Prince Phillipe is serious about his engagements.
And let's not forget Prince Philippe is there as well...

1 * 2 * 3 * 4


What with all that talk about Mathilde, one would forget that there is some serious political bonding going on as well :lol: ;)

Who? :ROFLMAO: I'm just teasing! Mathilde is just so elegant and beautiful that it is easy to gush over her. I'm not saying that Philippe is not as lovely to look at, it is just so nice to see Mathilde interacting with children and the Indonesian people. Philippe seems so serious and official (which he is expected to be), and Mathilde just seems so happy and warm.
Thank you for the picture! Mathilde looks really nice!
Very nice photos! Thank you for the links.
Pics from Belga Picture - Day 5
Prince Philippe of Belgium and Indonesia's Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrati prior to a meeting in Jakarta on November 26, 2008.

Pics from Getty and Zimbio - Day 5

Gallery Getty

Gallery Zimbio

One more gallery from yesterday - Day 4
Ibl Gallery
Very nice photos! I love the second photo in the Zimbio gallery where Mathilde is leaning on Phillipe. They are such a lovely couple.
Today the CP couple was in Singapore.

They met Singapore's Acting Prime Minister Prof. S Jayakumar at the Istana or Presidential palace this morning.

pic 1 * pic 2 * pic 3 * pic 4

This afternoon, CP Mathilde visited the Singapore Botanical Garden. She even saw an orchid which was named after her.

pic 1 * pic 2 * pic 3

She was also present at the Antwerp Diamond Day in Singapore.

pic 1 * pic 2
(I really love that dress... Sorry, I had to say that)

They attended the Belgian Gala Night at the Shangri-la Hotel together.

pic 1 * pic 2 * pic 3 * pic 4 * pic 5 * pic 6 * pic 7

(all pics belga)
Thank you for the photos, Lady Leana! Mathilde just glows when she is meeting people. They seem like they have had a wonderful time on this trip (and I love her dress, too!).
Thank you for all the photos posted. Does anyone have a link to any video of the events?
Pics from Ibl
Belgian Gala Night organised in honor of Prince Phillippe and Princess Mathilde in Indonesia. 11/27/2008.
Ibl gallery
Ibl gallery

Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde at hotel Sangri La. 11/27/2008
Ibl gallery
Have they already left for Belgium, or do they have additional engagements today?
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