Pavlos and Marie Chantal current events: August 31, 2004 - October 11, 2005

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MC looks great, but catch the body language betwee Anne Marie and her!
Lindy80 said:
MC looks great, but catch the body language betwee Anne Marie and her!

Actually, it is rumored that Constantine, rather than Anne-Marie, is not particularly fond of Marie-Chantal's commercial ventures or her strong personality. Which, if true, is hardly surprising to me.
I thought that the parents liked her because she is rich? Also, who is the young man in the photos?
Roxsteve said:
I thought that the parents liked her because she is rich? Also, who is the young man in the photos?

From what I've heard, Anne-Marie likes Marie-Chantal very much, but Constantine does not. Yes, I'm sure they were happy for Pavlos to marry one of the richest heiresses in the world, but this is a happy couple too.

The young man is the designer for Marie's clothing lines.
Over Photos of the openning of new store of Marie Chantal in Athens (from Newscom). :) :) :) :)


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and more
from newscom


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MC in london fashion week 19/9/05
from isifa


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She is so elegant looking. I give her credit for having a real career as well with her designs and clothing stores. I know she does not have to work given her side of the family, but I think it is wonderful to see her doing what she apparently loves best.

It must be difficult, in some respects, for the Greek Royals in today's world to really find a secure place where they belong.

I think of how lucky I am to live in my hometown and still have my geographic roots to call home.

Hello, do yo know where Marie Chantal lives?. Thank you :)
I believe the are now living in London...someone please correct me if I am wrong. They were living in New York for a long time before.
Lady Marmalade said:
I believe the are now living in London...someone please correct me if I am wrong. They were living in New York for a long time before.

You're right.! :)
hello Lucidu

do yo know in which part of London lives Marie Chantal. thank you:rolleyes:
I would think probably Belgravia, Mayfair, or guess would be Belgravia...again if I am wrong, someone please correct me? :)

She seems really cool. She has her own line of children's clothes, you rarely hear anything about the two of them, bad or good, she seems like a doting mom, and WOW, they have been married 10 years now!!!
Pavlos and Marie Chantal live in London, in Chelsea (rich district) since 2004,in the house who rent, after to having sold their house in the Connecticut (the ashes white farm) and their apartement in New-York.
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Is it where

the Chelsy FC stadium is located??Chelsea bridge and Coven garden??:confused:
Chelsea is a section of London in the West End area. Very young and hip if I remember correctly.
A few weeks ago I read in either the New York Times or W Magazine about the opening of Marie-Chantal's new store in New York City (NYC) on the Upper East Side. In it she mentioned that Marie-Olympia would love it if they were to return to New York. When asked if she felt the same way, she did miss mention missing NYC, but pointed out that they were in London for at least the next few years. I wonder if she misses the low key aspects of New York. Being closer to her husband's royal relatives must be a bit stuffy after all.
MC and her family aren't surrounded by royals, though. They see alot of the Greek royals, of course, but it's not like they get invited to Buckingham Palace every afternoon. She may miss New York's social scene, which may suit her personality better, but there was nothing "low key" about her life there, either. It may be more low key in London because there are so many deposed royals running around that no one really pays her much attention.
I could see how she would miss the New York social scene. She did grow up in it, and she is American by birth.

I have read so many postings on here that are so anti this couple.

I give them a lot of credit. They both work, they have a beautiful family and seem to be very hands-on parents, and they keep a low profile and are not caught up in scandal.

So what if she looks aloof? Have any of you ever met her in person? Let's not judge just because her facial features do expound silly happiness all the time.
In the article, she mentions that NYC has a certain beat. I would agree that while NYC and London are both big cities, NYC does have a certain pulse to it. That is not to say London is not as good as NYC because I LOVE London and can't wait to get back, but NYC does have a certain fast pace that London doesn't have. It is my guess the something's always happening pace of NYC. that she misses.

I also agree with Lady Marmalade that folks are little too harsh on MC & P. I think that people are too quick to impose what they think are good qualities of a royal couple on these two. As far as her wanting to up her status, I don't believe she is much different from much of the world. As far as I am concerned, the fact that she and her husband have jobs (even if they are based on family connections) puts them miles ahead of many other royals - born or aspiring.
There are many royals alive and in the news without thrones, leftover from the 20th and 19th centuries, who never get talked about as harsh.

People talk about her flaunting her title and all...well she is Crown Princess Pavlos of Greece, Duchess of Sparta.

Just the same as all the other commoners who married into various other royal families can use their titles.

So what if she came from money...her father earned it the best and most admirable way...with his own two hands.

You know something?

The most ironic and the biggest paradox about this simply as much as we are all interested in royalty, I am pretty darn sure none of us are royal or aristocratic, or are close, personal friends or directly blood related to any of these people. Yet, there is a sense of royal airs one can read into some of the posts as a few us claim to be such thorough experts on all things royal.

I will tell you I have learned so much about historical facts from reading others' posts, that I feel the educational aspect has been worth signing on to this site.

Pretty much the only way we know them is from the news, books, magazines, word of mouth, the servants' stories, etc....since this is the do we really know what is true and what is false?

Who are we to really judge?
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Lucidu said:
Mc and Pavlos at the wedding of delphine Arnault

Lucidu, allow me to add three more photos from same event.

and a funny shot :D
(from Hola magazine)
Since MC comes from money and she married a prince does she really need to make MORE money???
Sure she can have a job. A career designing clothes. But wouldn't it be better if she donated the proceeds from those sales to a good charity?
Or if she worked for a charitable cause if she wants something to do with her day?
i actually see no harm in marie chantal wanting to make more money. it won't last forever and they need to work. do not think they receive any other incentivity than their own work, so...
however, it would also be wonderful if she donated some money or got involved in any charity cause. people would like her more...

i think she looked stunning in that pink dress (is it a valentino?)... but i wasn't really fond of the the golden day outfit.
How do we know if she does or does not donate money to any charities? :)
Lady Marmalade said:
How do we know if she does or does not donate money to any charities? :)

I'm sure she would make it known if she did.
She is that kind of person who likes to report all of her good doings.
Does anyone know how they decided upon their third son's middle name?
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