Pavlos and Marie-Chantal current events 6: January 2008 - November 2010

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The last annual issue of Life & Style (December 2008) just came out.It has the "Best Dressed of 2008":pavlos and Marie-Chantal were both in.Nikolaos also made it (they mentioned his sur mesure suits and silk scarves).There was Anna-Maria as well and last but not least,Princess Olga(my favourite).It was mentioned that she wore a Venetian-style wedding dress designed by Prada :flowers: I always thought it wasn't traditional Greek,so no more wondering...;)
No other royal members on the list...maybe next year :whistling::whistling:
Indeed, Olga made the difference.
I saw the magazine and all the photos are fantastic. I really liked Anna Maria, she is truly elegant and stylish.
However, I didn' t like Marie Chantal, especially the photo in the first pages of the magazine, although she was supposed to be natural and not at all heavily dressed....
Have you noticed the grey-light blue suit with the skirt (the one with the black lace) Anna-Maria was wearing?Well,she has worn it twice:at Arietta's christening and later,in 2005,at Pr.Charles' wedding.
I didn't like MC with the silk light green gown.She was photographed with Valentino in that picture.It was also mentioned that she likes wearing Chanel and Chloe....what else?
Iakynthi, you make my mouth water talking about those pictures in this magazine we
are not able to see! Still, it´s great to know that so many of GRF were in there.:flowers::D
Indeed, Olga made the difference.
I saw the magazine and all the photos are fantastic. I really liked Anna Maria, she is truly elegant and stylish.
However, I didn' t like Marie Chantal, especially the photo in the first pages of the magazine, although she was supposed to be natural and not at all heavily dressed....

I agree with you.

In my opinion:
The woman most elegant of the family is Queen Ann Marie.
I think that, the elegance is not wears with a expensive dress of a famous designer.
the elegance is "one way to be", "one way to behave", "One way to behave in the presence of the various spontaneous circumstances"
The elegance is not repeat or not repeat a dress, elegance is how to take a dress. The dress does not lead to the woman, the woman is wearing the dress, I mean with it, the dress does not make elegant to a woman,
it is the reverse, the woman make to the dress elegant, with their gesture, with their movement of hands, with their way to go.....​

A symbol of elegance are the gloves, the standards protocol say when the women should put gloves, when should put only one ,when should withdraw it.
The Queen Ann Marie carries to the perfection the standards protocol about gloves..
Her gestures are very delicate, her movements, her way of is a all.
I think that the list of the magazine is not fair.
Queen Ann Marie is a woman of 62 years, her elegance can not be compared with MC .Mc is 40 years .. The age determines a different concept of elegance, The Queen of England with 80 years is a very elegant, if the Queen of England get dressed the dresses MC, she will be horrible, and if MC get dressed with clothing from the Queen of England, she will be horrible..
Finally, I think that Queen Ann Marie is very elegant.
I think that Mc is very elegant.She deserves be into list of women most elegants.But, I think, that she need more protocol.
Pics 8.12.2008

Marie Chantal of Greece and daughter Olympia at Marvin Traub's
(Chairman of Bloomingdales) exclusive book signing "Like No Other
Career", Harrods, Knightsbridge, London, December 8th, 2008.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Lovely photos! Olympia looks more grown-up than in the photos from the store opening a few months ago. It is nice to see them out together.
Does anyone know how Pavlos's hedgefund is doing, or if he's still got it? The reason I ask is I just read an article in the January issue of 'Vanity Fair' called 'Profiles in Panic' about Wall Street and the world of the Big Rich collapsing. It talks about hedgefund managers trying to sell their luxury homes while the trophy wives are hocking their jewelry. It made me think of Pavlos and the hedgefund he had going with Prince Alexander von Furstenburg.
Thanks for the photos, Ice! I agree, MO looks very grown up. She's losing the little girl look and is noticeably more of a teenager (tho I know she's not quite there yet). Her face seems to be filling out a bit and I want to say she's starting to resemble her aunt Theodora a bit. I like the bag she's carrying. I'm sure she'll be a fashionista as she gets older. MC looks very nice. Everyone should be happy to see she's back to her trademark hair-style.
I don' t like the bag. I think it is tooooo much for a girl of her age.
I didn´t like the dress either. But, who can be in a good mood when its raining like that!!!!

I don't think that the rain had anything to do with it. She looked awful. What's with that huge pearl necklace with a dress with a collar on it that goes all the way up to her kneck? :ohmy:
MO is only 12 years old. She has plenty of time to become a fascionista. That handbag is so grown up for a young girl at this age. She, IMO resembles more her mother when she was a girl than Theodora.
I saw a photo of MC of that night going to P Charles birthday party sitting in the car. She looked much better than the full length photo shown above. Long straight hair suit her much more than that curled up look, great thing she is back to that style again!
I didn't mean MO should start donning designer duds now and start hitting the fashion shows, I'm just saying as the only daughter of MO (and neice of Pia and Alex) she's bound to be influenced by their styles and designers. I do agree the bag is probably a bit old for someone her age, but I still like it. I def. see her aunt Alex and her maternal grandmother in her feartures, but for some reason those pics reminded me of Pss Theodora.
Bella, there is no doubt that she will be a fashion plate as she grows older. I just do not like young girls dressing or behaving like teenagers and teenagers like grown ups. There is an age for everything.....
I can see MO's face more elongated than Theodora's or Alexia's and the colour of her hair and features are more Miller than Glucksburg.
I guess her face will still change before it finally matures to what she will look like when she is an adult.:flowers:
I agree with you. I don't care how wealthy the family or how much of a fashion plate her mother may be. No young girl regardless of their upbringing should be walking around with a bag that is carried by mature women with children. Children should be children in my opinion.
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Its a purse! I really don't think its anything to be concerned about. Little girls love to carry purses, so what if its a little bigger.
I actually have the same purse. It is made by Juicy Couture, and when compared to other designer bags, it is not excessively expensive. Now, I am 32 years old, not 12, but Juicy Couture is very popular with teens (so maybe it is my taste that is immature). I have never seen MO dressing in any way that was age-inappropriate. I am also not surprised that she would begin to have an interest in fashion and designers at this age. She has grown up with a mother that is a fashionista.
Its a purse! I really don't think its anything to be concerned about. Little girls love to carry purses, so what if its a little

No one is concerned. It is just a matter of differing opinions. There are a lot of little purses for little girls. MO is still a little girl.
MO wears like a teenager. I think that she dresses very well. Juicy Couture is popular among teens. Thre´re some photos of MO and their friends in Christmas Market on Walton Street last year and they carried a JC´s bags.
Thanks for the photos of MC and MO. I think both look very nice and MO is certainly getting to be a young lady now. Her features have changed, and matured. I´m curious to see how she´ll be in a few years. But one thing, I´m pretty sure is that she´ll be elegant like her Mom and aunties.:flowers:
Its a purse! I really don't think its anything to be concerned about. Little girls love to carry purses, so what if its a little bigger.

I'm not concerned. I am merely stating my opinion as we do here. My opinion is that there are many purses that are fashionable and still age appropriate for a twelve year old girl.
I think that Maria Olympia is not like Theodora, She is identical to the Miller family.
Princess Theodora is Danish, she has green eyes of the Queen Anne-Mary.
When Teodora had the age of Maria Olimpia had the round face ...
I think that is obvious that Olimpia does not look like his aunt Princess Alexia.
I sent two pictures of princesses Alexia and Theodora when they were the same age as Maria Olympia. :nonono:
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To me, she resembles Aunt Alexandra, especially her smile. I don't think the bag is too "grown up" for a girl her age, though it does have a lot of hardware to it. It is rather playful and youthful if you ask me. Her attire is completely age appropriate in my view.
Thank you, beltraneja, for the photos of the young Greek princesses. I see what you mean about the shape of their faces being different. MO def. has a much slimmer physique than either of her aunts. I dunno, maybe it was the smile or something where I saw a resemblence. I agree, MO certainly favors her mother's family in appearance, esp. MC's mother. She has the same traits as her maternal grandmother and her aunt Alexandra.

As for the bag, I agree kids should be kids and not be pushed to grow up too fast - childhood is fleeting enough as it is. But I agree w those who say this particular designer is popular among teens and pre-teens always want to be so grown up. All in all, I don't think MC is hurrying her daughter to grow up too fast. As was mentioned MO is always photographed in age-appropriate outfits.
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Handbags are very common for girls that age. For all we know she borrowed it from her mother. I don't think it is about not being a child or having a childhood. She is almost a teenager. She has not been a child for quite some time.
I do not know. Perhaps I live too much in the past but a 12 year old is still a child to me. Apart from what is fashionable or what little or big girls wear these days.:flowers:
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I just opened the photos.If Olympia carries a bag like that now,what is she going to do in-let's say-8 or 10 years?I don't know,I never expected that(especially when you know that her mother started designing clothes with the thought that kids should be dressed like kids).Plus,this bag is really ugly and too big for her.I wonder what Pavlos or Olympia's grandfather/mother have to say about that....
Does anyone know where MC and Pavlos spent the Christmas holiday? I know they usually accompany the rest of the GRF to Denmark to celebrate with Queen Anne Marie's family, however, I haven't seen any family group photos yet and usually there are some distributed by now.
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