Pavlos and Marie-Chantal current events 6: January 2008 - November 2010

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Well, I bought the magazine. It doesn' t say much :bang:, just what we 've already known. Same pictures also we 've seen...:ermm:

Was a photo of the invitation to the christening shown in the magazine? In the earlier scans, it looks like there was a photo of what looked like an invitation. Or, was this something that the magazine editors created for the page layout? Does anyone know? I'm always curious about what the invitations issued by royals to various events look like.
SGL, YES, there was the invitation of the christening. :flowers:
A painting with bright colours, a blue sky and sea and a small island on top of which there was a church, flowers, some bows and the "sign" of the greek monarchy under which there was the name Aristidis Stavros
the date and the place, that is Porto Heli, Greece.

The magazine commented that the invitation looked like coming from Petit Prince of Saint Exyperu, a fairy tale for a little prince.
It also mentioned the names of the 8 godparents. The new names I did not know are the names of Isabel Getty, daughter of Pia, Debby Bismarck and Aristide Faccionnatto (the last one if I remember correctly because I don't have the issue in front of me).
It also had a summary for the christenings of the four other children.
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A nice picture and in next weeks issue there will be an interview with Marie-Chantal

Stylish socialites descend on Bicester for Marie-Chantal store opening

Friends of Princess Marie-Chantal this week descended on Bicester Village, an upmarket outlet shopping village in the heart of leafy Oxfordshire, to celebrate the opening of the royal’s ninth store.... - HelloMagazine
Does someone know if MC and Pavlos are among the guests at Lord Frederick's wedding in Hampton Court today ? I remember Frederick and family were guests at the party for Pavlos' 40th Bday...
I wish I could understand greek, so I could read what´s in the magazine.!
Anyone knows if Alexia was in Epidaurus with her children as well? (I´m a huge fan of those four beauties).
I'm kind of disappointed that we haven't seen more photos of Marie-Chantal from yesterday's wedding. I wonder if she was accompanied by Pavlos. I haven't seen any photos of him at all.
Prince Pavlos did attend the wedding as well, I've seen a pic
of him arriving together with Princess Marie Chantal in a car,
it's not worth being posted as it's been too small ;) but I guess
we'll get a bigger version soon.

Here are two more of Marie Chantal (not the right place to post
them, but as you've asked for them..:)), I hope I didn't
oversee them in the wedding thread:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Thanks a lot,Iceflower!These are new.Well,in the beginning I thought this was a dress,but now it looks like a top with a skirt.And she was holding just a shawl.I didn't expect London to be that hot in September,I noticed that the other guests were lightly dressed as well(except for Lady Helen Taylor and her fur).Her Louboutins don't flatter her at all,though.But once again,MC looks radiant,this is what matters the most.
No congratulations to Princess Marie-Chantal 's hairdresser : again 2 colors brown and blond.
Alexia was in Epidaurus with Carlos Morales. :flowers:
With her husband, father and mother, Pavlos and MC, one evening they attended a show in the ancient theatre. In the greek Hello, there was also a photo of this, too large :bang:to scan it here.
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I read it and I'm not surprised at all.Marie Chantal usually plays it cool when interviewed.5 kids and a small empire are always a piece of cake for her.
I would love to ask her if she really believes
"I do things that I think are easy and everything is flowing easily" states MC in the above interview....

MelinaB, I think she believes what she says because ALWAYS someone else does the hard work for her, she just supervises, so everything is flowing....! so easily and ... funny...!
:previous:I infer from your words that Marie chantal not do this work, she is the person whose sole mission is put in the photo and does interviews to promote the business but other people make the work
I am surprised to read such affirmations like:"I think she believes what she says because ALWAYS someone else does the hard work for her".
I am sure |Marie Chantal must have help at home - after all she does have 5 children, a big house, a social life , a growing business. She can afford it, it´s not a no-no to have help.
However to imply that she does nothing but supervise is a bit rich,IMO.Her children always give the impression they are close to her in a way no child who is left only in the hands of nanies does. She is a creative interprising person. If she has help, good for her, but her talent is hers. I don´t understand why people are constantly putting her down, no matter what she does. This is a woman who can do nothing right in the eyes and opinions of many. Is it because unfortunately for her her parents are wealthy and she did marry Pavlos of Greece? Is it because she is not a real princess? That can´t be ,because after all, Maxima, Mary ,Mette Marit, Letizia, Marie to cite just a few aren´t either.So I keep on wondering.
I agree with you Carminha Stalker! If she were as superficial as some people want her to appear she wouldn't have had 5 children (and she didn't exactly have what you'd call an easy delivery) and she would just sit and do nothing. I mean she COULD AFFORD TO!!!
I believe she's keeping a rather low profile considering her social status and perhaps people find her a bit cold because of that but maybe she's just shy and her family certainly loves her, they should know better than us all, shouldn't they?
Can anyone of us really know how good she may be? The times they all gather for photos, they are always well dressed and well behaved. However the fact that some may surmise that she is a super woman because she gave birth to five children and has a children's clothing business going at the same time, is a bit too "sunny".
It was common knowledge from the beginning that they hire nannies, cooks,maids and a public relations firm to put the spotlight on them at the best possible angle.
I agree she is always extremely well groomed but for the rest I cannot get upset with those who may find her a bit too self centered or "unroyal".
I'm with Carmina Stalker : I've always been touched by the fact that MC says (see many interviews) that her profound desire, and Pavlos' desire, is to prove that they can achieve something by themselves (because they are both "heirs", each in their way, which might be comfortable but not so good for self esteem), and anybody who does business and has children knows that you can't be lazy if you want to succeed in these fields, whatever help you get from your parents or environment. That's why this family is a great inspiration to me, and I can't thank them enough. The rest about photoshoots and fashion is not that important to me, although I can understand they want to appear like royals and succesful people (both for business purpose and for the royal thing).
I´m glad I´m not the only one that gets irked by the constant put down of MC. Maybe it´s because I have a strong sense of justice and I don´t particularly like seeing a person be questioned by whatever she does, doesn´t do etc...Like Sita rightly says: nobody who has a family and a growing business to attend, can be lazy no matter how many helpers they have.
As for the photoshoots, almost every royal family has those.And on these occasions anybody at all (even non royals) tries to appear well-dressed, smiling and pleasant. In their case,as they represent a royal family, why shouldn´t they?
do interviews and put in the picture is not a criticism, it is the business is the promotion
...Plus I think that journalists put things in their way : the sentence about "I do what I feel is easy and it works" seems particularly silly, but I am sure MC never said that. Listen to her in interviews (without any rewriting by journalists), and her sentences are never superficial and silly.
With regard to my opinion as mentioned above, I would like to emphasize on the fact that these (I do things that I think are easy and everything is flowing easily) are MC's own words from her own interview.
That is, if we take for granted that she believes what she says, she considers that having 5 children, running a huge home, household, garden and running/promoting a clothing business and be on the royal limelight around the world is "easy"... and everything is flowing easily...
No difficulties, no difficulties, no difficulties.... .

In any case, dear friends, I do not put her down in any way for being rich, for being a multi-million heiress, for being able to have plenty of money and help at home. NO.
I do not consider her lazy, also. There are certainly worse examples in this world of vanity. But in my eyes she is not the ideal of the modern, career, hard working woman...
a good and well-connected royal socialite yes.
As for the big family, many royals had many children. Maria Theresa for example, Anne-Marie, and many many others... MC is not the first one that has to be credited and praised extravagantly for her five children... By her own words, she had 5 children because it was her small dream for a big family and she could manage...!!!

I citicize (maybe harshly...) the way of thinking that implies, as stressed by MC, that when you are rich "everything is easy and just flowing"...

Maybe, someone from Sweden could affirm the exact statement of MC...
:previous: I agree with most of what you wrote but I am confused about the
Sweden part.:flowers:
I am not irked or upset when people praise MC as a super woman since everyone is entitled to their opinion.
However for a lady who never lifted anything heavier than a Hermes bag, the attitude that she is someone who capably can keep a dozen balls up in the air while juggling a family a business and an active social life, always smiling and looking can I say it?? It sounds fake.:whistling:
I understand your opinion, but it just makes me think about a recent article I read about how all businesses of the young British royal families (Edward etc) have led to financial disasters :whistling: They didn't have less connections than MC, and their business was in a more "protected" sector... So I persist in my admiration...
Anyway, nice too share points of view with you all :flowers:
How pleased some members would be if Marie Chantal's little empire of nine shops failed. But it hasn't, and it appears to be quite a successful and expanding business venture. Maybe that's the problem for some people.
Pics 22.9.2009

Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantel of
Greece attending a concert by Elton John and Ray Cooper
at the Royal Albert Hall in London, September 22, 2009

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Thank you Iceflower. Not the fist time Pavlos appears with a small wound on the upper lip. Does he practise rugby or something ?
You are very right, Warren, about what you say of her nine shops. I hope she keeps on showing how good a businesswoman she is.
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