Pavlos and Marie-Chantal current events 6: January 2008 - November 2010

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I like both dresses specially the pink one.It is so classic and chic:flowers:
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I do not understand the criticism to these two suits.
The gray is a beautiful dress and pink classic ..
This was the first time that MC was in a party of the Real.
It is obvious, she has changed much her form of dress, she wore classic dress and now she wears glamorous dresses.
But the evolution is not only Mc, now all the young members of the monarchies have changed their way of dressing.
Originally they were going to the weddings with dresses classic, now the royal weddings seem a competition to win the prize to the best dress of the wedding, all they are dressed in glamorous form...
I really hope that the rumors of the christening turn out to be true! It seems like we have been waiting for a long time to hear something. I can sort of understand why they have waited, especially due to King Constantine's operation.
I´m looking forward to the christening of little Aristidis, but I do understand the reason for the delay, being connected with the impending operation of King Constantine.
I´m hoping that soon we will be seeing the photos of this much awaited event.
I agree.I hope the King's operation goes well.
I also liked Marie-Chantal's suit and evening wear,so I guess it's just a matter of taste...
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From the top:
Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg
Princess Theodora of Greece
Crown Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia (/Serbia)
Well, I've got news...

In the last issue of the greek Hello, it is mentioned that Crown Prince Pavlos and Prince Nikolaos went to Thailand to support children concerning a prize established by their father.
It has also photos.

I have found the news, in a newspaper. It is of day 11 of june .The picture is not good.

The news, it is of the 16 june:

"Round Square conference

Published: 16/06/2009 at 12:00 AM Newspaper section.

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Pavlos and Prince Nikolaos, the sons of His Majesty King Constantine, former King of the Hellenes, visited the Regents School Pattaya on June 11 to meet with the board and student steering committee to prepare for the 2010 International Round Square Conference to be hosted by the Regents School in October 2010. HM King Constantine is the president of the Round Square organisation and has been involved with this student movement from the days of its inception in the mid-1960s. Round Square (Round Square: Home) is an organisation of 80 member schools worldwide that are committed to producing well rounded citizens and leaders.
The 2010 Round Square Conference will attract up to 1000 delegates from across the world to the Pattaya campus and community for two weeks. The theme of the conference will be We Walk Together, and will focus on Regents' strong commitment to service and working with the local community. HM King Constantine understands the large task required to organise such a large-scale international conference and has been supporting the Regents School since they were awarded 2010 host status. As part of this support HM King Constantine personally sent his two sons to Thailand to visit The Regents School in Pattaya."

the picture:

Imageshack - nikoypablo

this is of the day 10 :

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn received His Royal Highness Crown Prince Pavlos and His Royal Highness Prince Nikolaos

Imageshack - withprincessthailandday
Marie - Chantal has got Facebook´s page.
The enterprise Marie Chantal has a profile in Facebook, not MC herself, unfortunately though....

I like the motto:

"The beauty and innocence of childhood are so important & I think children should look like children."
I ask:
Does she collaborates with some designer of clothing of children?
Does she distributes her clothes to other stores?
She surely does, not just with one but with more designers, maybe a team...
She has her own stores...
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The enterprise Marie Chantal has a profile in Facebook, not MC herself, unfortunately though....

I like the motto:

"The beauty and innocence of childhood are so important & I think children should look like children."

Do you think what she has fulfilled her motto and has dressed her children as children?
I think not because they sometimes she has dressed her children as if they were elderly
I never saw Pavlos and MC´s children dressed as "elderly". I always see them dressed as normal children of this day and age.
I never saw Pavlos and MC´s children dressed as "elderly". I always see them dressed as normal children of this day and age.

I agree, I've always found MC's children to be dressed beautifully. Their clothes are well made and befit their station in life. What's the difference in the clothes of the other children princes and princesses of Europe and MC's children? I've seen pics of them dressed casually and dressed more formally. The dont seem elderly to me at all.
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EMMELEIA, that first picture was not taken on Alexia´s son´s baptism. You can see that even Alexias children (including the baby were dressed informally´). On Carlos´s baptism, they were very well dressed, so are they in the opening of their Mom´s new shop. In each case it wouldn´t be considered "elderly".
Pics 11.7.2009

Here are some new pics!

Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of
Greece at a party at a former police station now owned by
the German Bismarck family. London, July 11, 2009

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Oh, oh, how charming are these two both ! And CP Marie-Chantal: again in pink and and and and and "cognac" (the shoes). Interesting colour combination.
Agreed - she looks stunning, and obviously feels stunning!!
Thank you so much once again to iceflower who always makes me happy by finding and posting always again new photos of my favourite Greek royals :flowers:
Forgot to add that it´s such a relief to me that MC and Pavlos are still married and a loving couple.
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Great photos! It looks like it was a costume party. They look like they are having a lot of fun.
Oh yes, at least they hold together!!!!!!!!!
Give us a brake ladies...!!! This isn't a fashion forum:)...we love royalties for what they are,not for what they are dressed to!
Spanish television said that Prince of Asturias went to Greece with Pavlo and Marie-Chantal
The september issue of Life and Style is out :
Home -
Lucky Greek posters ! Tell us how it is... (and if anyone has an idea about how to buy this issue from abroad (paper or online edition), I think there are many candidates...
I bought the magazine and I have not read it ... I have read that Princes of Spain have been in Jamaika .... Others say it could have been in Turkey ... but I think they have been in Jamaika because in Turkey there are many Spanish ... In television have spoken about Turkey ... I do not think hat they have been with Paul and Marie chantal because last week, Paul and Marie chantal were in Epidaurus with the Kings of Greece and Alexia and Carlos.
the Prince of spain look intimacy they don ´t look be with friends and their children..

From that Felipe and Letizia were married his favorite destination has been Jamaika ... There's no Spanish and no one knows who are them
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Well, I bought the magazine. It doesn' t say much :bang:, just what we 've already known. Same pictures also we 've seen...:ermm:
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