Pavlos and Marie-Chantal current events 5: March 2007-January 2008

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MC certainly is living the posh life! What a beautiful setting!

I saw this spread, too. Really nice home in the Bahamas. I believe the house belongs to her father, Robert Miller. What a great island getaway! I think MC looks fantastic in this article. And I can't believe how big (and attractive) her children are. Hopefully, we'll be able to see more family photos like these.
Thank God, everything seems to be o.k. with Pavlos and MC. Greek version of Life & style magazine published some wonderful photos of the whole family (MC, Pavlos and the kids)during their easter vacations in the Bahamas. Alex B.´s Miller sisters message board has a link to the magazine.
They also mention that Nik and Tatiana spend Easter obviously in Greece and both met with Nik´s parents. Speculations about a future wedding came up.
There are no divorces in the modern Greek royal family to my knowledge.
I seriously doubt they would ever split or divorce.
In Birthday Celebration:

Was Alexia? And Was Nicolas, Teodora And Philipos?
I Don´t See Your Photography
In Birthday Celebration:

Was Alexia? And Was Nicolas, Teodora And Philipos?
I Don´t See Your Photography

This week's edition of Billed Bladet has a picture of Nikolaos and Tatiana arriving. Nikolaos had painted half his face like a devil (but in blue with red horn) and had the same image on the back of his tux. Tatiana was dressed like an angel, complete with wings and tiara.

Queen Anne-Marie was dressed in a red ball gown and her husband was in a tuxedo (with a red handkerchief.)

Other arrivals pictured were Prince and Princess Michael of Kent with children. Prince Michael sporting a rather impressive bird-mask, as well as a black cape with red insides. Lord Frederick Windsor with devil horns, and his sister with angel wings.

Pavlos was wearing a tux - but with red socks.
Thank you for the pics Lucidu!

The man in the pic with CP Pavlos had a row with Freddy Kent as the latter misbehaved towards the mans wife,so he fixed Freddy up with a punch on the nose.None were sober,except the CP and he took the man out to calm down.Devils and demons indeed.:rolleyes:
Pics 26.6.2007

Thanks for the pics from the birthday party :)

Here are the newest pics of Marie-Chantal:
Marie-Chantel of Greece attends a private view of US fashion and celebrity photographer Herb
Ritts' work, at the Hamiltons Gallery on June 26, 2007 in London, England. Benett/Getty Images

MC with Nicky Haslam

MC with Naomi Campbell
Here are the newest pics of Marie-Chantal
Thanks for these pics, Iceflower. They're really nice. I think MC looks fabulous. I like it when she smiles.
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MC looks fabulous as usual. Great pictures!
MC and Pavlos really make a very stunning couple.
MC and Pavlos really make a very stunning couple.
most stunning royal couple currently I think. Too bad they're (the fam, that is) not in Greece anymore, they'd be so photogenic!
Does anyone know why they didn't attend the christening on the weekend (I know it's their wedding anniversary)
yes. it's quite a shame...but i would prefer to see her dressed in sth other than white. it suits her, we are aware of that. but why doesn't she put some color on? and maybe a deep red lipstick. she had some pictures of hers taken a couple of years ago for a greek magazine (i don't remember if it was life & style) and she was gorgeous! filled with colours!
Pics 6.7.2007

Here they are: pics from the party yesterday :) The couple looked great!

Paul of Greece and his wife arrive at the Ara Pacis for Valentino's Exhibition opening on July 6, 2007 in Rome, Italy. Fashion icon Valentino decided to mark the celebration of the 45th anniversary of his luxury brand by breaking a 17 year tradition of unveiling his luxurious haute couture collections for women in Paris with a show in Rome. Origlia/Getty

Pic 1
Pic 2
Beautiful pics, thank you. Funny thing, these red strings around the wrist on all pics since last Easter...
After their Easter (greek life&style) declarations about environmental concerns, do you think the family effectively abandoned their car in London ? (anyway with all the planes they take they still have some work to do if they want to stick to a reasonable CO2 emissions rate...).
I love the dress.....they do look really great together

It's a shame they didn't attend any of the recent royal functions
Those red things around their wrists look like Kaballah bracelets like Madonna wears.
Pics 07.07.07

Here are two more wonderful pics of Marie Chantal, Pavlos and a big surprise: together with their daughter!
The captions says that both were taken yesterday:

Prince Paul and Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and daughter arrive at the Villa Borghese for a gala to celebrate
Valentino's latest Fashion show and Anniversary, on July 7, 2007 in Rome, Italy. (Photos Ryan/Getty)

Pic 1
Pic 2
Beautiful pictures Iceflower. Pavlos, Marie-Chantal and of course, Maria Olympia look wonderful. She has grown up so much and has turned into beautiful young Lady. :)
yes they look gorgeous. and thankfully MC wore a pink dress as well. ;) However, seeing these pictures makes me a little bit of sad since MC and Prince Paul keep a distance between them. they don't seem to feel that love they were talking about some years ago. she looks at one photographer on the right while he seems dazzled and smiles at another one! where has their bond gone? :(
Thank goodness she dresses her like a little girl. But her name is not Princess M-C.
All three of them look great, although M-C seemed a little on the thin side to me. Maria Olympia has certainly grown up into a beautiful young lady.
Pic 6.7.2007

Thank goodness she dresses her like a little girl. But her name is not Princess M-C.
I know that, I simply copied the caption the agency had given :)

Here's a very nice pic of Marie Chantal on Friday, another nice dress in my eyes :)
Marie-Chantal of Greece and Zac Posen on 6 July 2007 at Valentino's 45th Anniversary -
"Temple of Venus" party held at Tempio Di Venere, Rome, Italy. Photo Credit: Billy Farrell/

---> Pic
Why on earth would you take a little girl to such a party? She looks adorable though, but still, not a very healthy environment for a young child.
MC looked stunning. Valeria Mazza went with her children.
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