Pavlos and Marie-Chantal current events 4: October 2006-March 2007

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Princess Marie Chantal of Greece Queen Elizabeth II's 80th Birthday Party, The Ritz Hotel, London, Britain - 05 Dec 2006 - picture

Great picture, lovely smile.
She does look great and I do really love her hair up.....
I think I have asked this before....I realise the greek royal family christmas cards are in the Greek Royal Website....however does anyone know if Pavlos and MC take separate photos for their own Christmas Cards and if so where can they be found.....
Great picture, Dazzling. I really think she looks pretty when she smiles.
sita780 said:
For those who liked MC's shoes at the H&G party (I hated them, but I understand many people loved her very modern outfit). It's the Miss Boxe wedges by Louboutin.

Can't wait for the danish gathering for Christmas. Do you think there will be photos ? Do the Danish usually do this for Xmas ??

Wow, even if I had the $$$ I wouldn't pay so much for shoes. Thanks for the link, though.

Does MC and her family spend every Xmas with her in-laws and their family (The Danish RF). What about time with her sisters and her own parents?
There is a new pic of MC there (party at Anabel's). I just love this classic look, but she's not favouring this at the moment.

As for Bella's question, I understand Queen Margrethe invited everyone this year exceptionnally, all her sisters and their families, isn't it a dream??? MC says in the recent swedish interview that she was impatient and happy to go there. Although in an older interview (which one???) I had read that she insisted to spend all her Xmasss with her family, that she made it clear before she got married, and she said it was her understanding of a pre-nuptial agreement. Which is probably not completely true (...!), but elegantly said.
Also I read the traditionnal meal for Miller Xmass is goose, and also smoked salmon, and they dress in a casual chalet style (when in Gsaadt).
thank's for the picture.

dazzling said:
Princess Marie Chantal of Greece Queen Elizabeth II's 80th Birthday Party, The Ritz Hotel, London, Britain - 05 Dec 2006 - picture

Great picture, lovely smile.
thank's but she looks older whit all that make up, the fur is ugly.thank's :rolleyes: miaamor
Thanks, Sita780 for the link and the answer about the Xmas holidays. Now that all of MCs sisters and their children are living in England, it's probably easier to get together with them.
Thanks you very much!!! It's a beautiful pic.
Thank you for that link. What a nice picture of everyone.
Thank you, the picture is so cute.
Constantine and Achileas (two of the sons of Pavlos) wear the same t-shirt than Prince Christian wear this summer in the photoshoop.
You are right Laurixa. Either it is Mariechantal, either Cordelia de Castellane which is a new french brand (MC did a private sale with Cordelia in Paris, oct 2005. Pictures must still be on this board. Cordelia also has a website but I am not sure whether they sell online).
I must say when I saw this great 2006 pic, it made my day, even my week. Are we simple things...
I like the informality of the Christmas card picture. They all look very nice and enjoying their family time together. Here in the States I don't see a lot of coverage of the Greek royals so a picture like that is a real treat. Thanks.:flowers:
Stefanie said:
Helen is four years older than MC but in my opinion looks much younger in her face than MC. Interesting how people age.

If you look at her hands, they look old. I heard somewhere that a person's hands and their necks will give away their age.
I agree--people forget often to put sunscreen on their hands, and they are subject to age spots and wrinkles.
To all of You.

:flowers:To all the people who fallow the Greek Family , all the other Royals and the royal Forums may have the vest health, Love and peace in the New Year 2007.miaamor
Does anyone know what the greek royal family did for new years....?
Point de Vue this week has some close-ups of the family pic in Denmark :all children are gorgeous, especially my favorite prince Achilleas (always smiling or laughing although the others kids are more in front of the scene. He seems to have a wonderful nature)... MC seems to be wearing the most boring of an outfit, kind of champagne silk shirt with uninteresting collar, with a white cardigan, no particular jewels. No smile (just on one pic, she lifts up one side of her mouth, seeming to try to please the photographer). Maybe she was cold, or ill, or both... I'm happy to have these pictures, but on the whole I regret they did not do a proper photoshot for Xmas, like they do in Norway for instance. Here we can hardly see some of the attendants.
In the same issue there is an interesting article about the Christies sale, with many pictures of the objects, and some questions around the mistery of "who is the seller ?"
Little Carlos

Is Alexia´s son Carlos clearly visible in Point de Vue? On the group photos you could hardly spot the faces.
Yes he is Stefanie, there is a lovely pic of him in his father's arms, and I must say he looks like an angel, very sweet face
Scan the photos of Point de Vue and to put them here please.Thanks.
I would like to, but I remember the administrators forbade it when there was the House and Garden article.:bang: Also, I do not have the rights to post pictures.
I'm really sorry about this. Administrators, if you think it is allowed, and give me the rights on this forum, I will do it with pleasure, as I have a scanner.
I forgot to send my wishes to all posters, and to the administrators who do a great job. Happy 2007 with as many pics of the GRF as possible.:wub:
I watched some photos of Mary, Frederick, MC and Pavlos with the children in Tivoli. Someone can post a good photos.


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