Pavlos and Marie-Chantal and Family current events 8: May 2016 - December 2021

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there are two Maria Olympia. The Maria Olympia who wants to be the protagonist of the party, the center of attention, with her artificial smile, always looking for the photographer ... and secondly when she is in family, she is with informal dress,.... and behave like a normal girl, without her poses, even she appears shy girl.

Pavlos and Marie-Chantal attended the celebration of the "Paris Opera's 350th Anniversary In New York With The American Friends Of The Paris Opera And Ballet" at the French Consulate in New York City yesterday, May 2:

** gettyimages gallery **
CP Pavlos give a short interview to a greek channel . He talk about the "Prince's Trust International" and the support provided by the Prince Charles Foundation to new business plans and the young people in Greece. About the Greek economy.
And to the question of what is missing most from Greece he answered "Greece" and how now that he moved to the US the Greek element there is more powerful.

ANT1 WEB TV / Ο πρώην Διάδοχος Î*ρίγκιπας Î*αύλος στον ΑΝΤ1 για το “Prince’s Trust International”

Marie Chantal celebrates the Mother's Day!
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Happy Father's Day for Prince Pavlos with a family photo!

"Best Daddy ♥️ happy Father’s Day"

The second eldest boy - the one to the right of Pavlos here - is the truly handsome one of the five children. He reminds me of the masculine version of pictures of Anne Marie when she was young. The rest of the children seem to favour their mother’s side of the family more.

Behind all the glitzy Instagram photos they do seem to be a genuinely close brood. I hope Pavlos enjoyed his day!

The family is currently on vacation in France. Marie-Chantal and Maria Olympia were pictured at the Club 55 in St Tropez yesterday, June 22:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
They seem desperate and to attend every possible posh party. Royalty without its core function i.e. the throne and thus any official role and functions, are just celebrities...
Pavlos and Marie chantal enjoy London with the company of her sister Pia and her partner!

Pavlos with Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Kent

And from his facebook:

"Good to see old friends Billy Rait and Ronny Johnston for the presentation to the The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards #SCOTSDG of the new standard by HM Queen Elizabeth II"

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Marie Chantal talking in her blog for Anaphylaxis ,severe allergic reaction, that Prince Odysseas suffer on 10 July after eating sushi.

"A frightening thing happened to me last night and I feel the need to share this story with you. My thirteen-year-old son Odysseas had a severe allergic reaction to something he ate. It happened so fast and I pride myself as being the health expert in our family, but this took me completely by surprise, as I never thought for a minute with all his symptoms that he was going into anaphylaxis."

Marie-Chantal Blog – Anaphylaxis and my son
The CP Family currently make a tout to the Greek Islands! From Sifnos to Antiparos!

We have some pictures from the family from last night in a restaurant on the island of Sifnos

The family shares moments from their holidays in Greece.

The yacht "Mari-Cha III" with which the family travels this year in the Aegean

Konstantinos discovered and photographed "a couple Sea Nymphs" His sister and their friend Ella Richards granddauhter of Keith Richards who join them ih the holidays in Greece
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Wow that would have been scary for poor Odysseas. And for his mum and family. I wish him a speedy recovery.
The yacht "Mari-Cha III" with which the family travels this year in the Aegean

Konstantinos discovered and photographed "a couple Sea Nymphs" His sister and their friend Ella Richards granddauhter of Keith Richards who join them ih the holidays in Greece

Does this superb yaught belong to Marie Chantal? She should be very rich!
Yes this yacht belong to her father, and yes she is very rich!
For some reason most rich lists now seem to state "Robert Miller, Princess Marie Chantal and family". I'm not sure why suddenly they seem to group them like that when in the past Robert Miller was just listed, I assume its because he has in some way or another given some of his wealth or assets to his daughters. Anyway this DM article says in 2017-18 they made £420million!! But i would guess that includes shares in companies, value of business etc
Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece made £420m last year | Daily Mail Online

A glamorous billionaire Greek crown princess and hedge fund heiress made £420million last year as the extraordinary burgeoning wealth of the City's top speculators was revealed today.

Marie-Chantal Miller, 49, is married to Pavlos Crown Prince of Greece and is worth £2billion, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

Her fortune springs from her American investor father Robert Miller, 83, who is the duty free shopping king of Asia and America after setting up a single shop in Hong Kong in 1960.

He would later set up an investment business that would make him and his family even more money - £420million in the past 12 months alone.
How much does a teacher or a good Greek course cost? The Money is not all.
Royalty magazine circa 1995 did an article on Marie Chantelle around her wedding. Not a hundred percent sure it was 1995. Anyway her wedding gift/dowry from her Dad was £150 million, or $300 million aussie dollars. As well as the diamond fringe tiara.
One sister married a Getty and the other sister married a von Furstenberg. Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother and Queen Elizabeth 11 both attended Crown Prince Pavlos's wedding.
:previous: Each wedding (of the Miller sisters)was lavish beyond belief.

The eldest(Pia)married Christopher Getty in Bali, riding on elephants if I remember correctly.

Marie-Chantal married Pavlos in a London ceremony attended by numerous crowned heads including HM the Queen, with real gold sprinkled on the wedding cake IIRC.

Alexandra married Alexandre von Furstenburg in NYC with the papal nuncio to the UN officiating and several city blocks taken up with the pre-wedding festivities.

I have often wondered what was the ballpark figure of the total amount of $$ that Bob Miller spent on his daughters' weddings...just the ceremonies alone, not counting their respective"dowry's":cool:

Each marriage(except MC's) ended in divorce. :sad:
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Last year, I read a article, when was published the list of the richest people in Great Britain, there was the miller family, but this article, pointed out that fortune really is unknown because they, the Miller and their bussines is in Hong Kong. The calculation of his fortune (Robert) would have been made on the basis of estimates, and based in the value that could be presumed from his investment fund, taking as a starting point that Robert Miller did sale operations of this fund in 2011, based on that sale, they start to calculate the possible benefits. But remember that we do not know the reason for the sale. In conclusion, it is an estimate of the investment fund of his father, but the debts are not computed, or even the distribution of profits between shareholders or costs. Secondly, they considered MC the largest shareholder, not counting his sisters, as MC would be the heiress of the fund, something that is not correct either, because the share is unknown if MC is the largest shareholder or the heiress. In conclusion really it do not know the fortune, and nor the motive of certain operations performed by Miller.
what is obvious is that they love teaching and showing luxury and wealth.

I do not know if this is good or bad, personally I do not like it, they like to teach luxury and wealth, and that people value them because they are so rich. I do not like that, because I think it defines them as idlers.
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:previous: My philosophy is that if a person made their own fortune and did not steal it or cheat anyone, they are free to spend or flaunt it anyway they want. The same goes for people who have inherited their money.

It is THEIR money if was earned or inherited.

Is an idle life dedicated primarily to the acquisition of more, more, more money something I believe could make ME happy?

No it is not.
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