Pavlos and Marie-Chantal and Family current events 7: November 2010 - May 2016

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I don't can translate it, CAn somebody translate interview?
Hello Iris, I cannot even read the article, it is too small. Did I miss something ?

No, you did not miss anything :flowers: There's no chance to enlarge that online version, it's just an advertisement for the print version.
They look nice thanks for the pics!!!
They are in Hawai to celebrate 50 th anniversary on DFS and the first annivesary of Marie - Chantal´s shop
Thanks for the update!
It is nice that Alexandra has managed to maintain good relationships with her ex mother -in-law.
I read on another forum that they´re at Olimpic games. They appear on Hola! magazine

A few pics of them have already been posted at the "Royals Who Are Attending"-thread!

Berlen for example has shared a nice group picture here!

And further findings should also be posted at our Olympic threads! :flowers:
i have seen to prince Pavlo and Constantine Alexius posing to photo with an athlete of Greece at facebook, with prince Nikolaos and princess Theodora, but I haven´t seen to MC
hi, I'm planning to send a letter to HRH Princess Maria Olympia. I adored her very much. What address can I use for it? Do you think she would answer? thanks in advance :)))
perhaps it has been posted before but could not find it in the search appliance of this website, which is still a quit pathetic appliance (why not google for this website).
Marie chantal seems to be posting on printerest -unless it is a fictional person like on twitter other royals- under the name Marie-Chantal G.
Yes it is her pin interest. Thank you. Beautiful pictures.
i dont want to start deep rumors nor countless discussions, i just have one question please. is Marie-Chantal pregnant? it might be the dress but i just want someone to answer my question, by the way, its this 3 photos i was the most curious about:
**Pic* *Pic2* *Pic3**

There has not been any official announcement, so we do not know anything and as always won't speculate. Let's just wait and see :flowers:
Hi, no need to look for who made the dress, MC often wears things that are purposedly quite loose around the waist, and on the contrary she likes to wear a short dress or some very skinny pants. I'm sure this just has to do with adapting to one's particular figure, that's all ; she said for instance in the long Hello interview after Aristides' birth that she had skinny legs, whish were "deceptive" because her figure was not yet what it used to be. I found it nice at the time to be that simple and straightforward.
Thanks everybody for the Pinterest link, I enjoyed the visit very much. Quite surprised about all the junk food, and also about finding a bicycle (anyone heard about MC cycling ?).
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