Pauline, Louis, Camille Current Events 1 : Jan.2003 - July 2005

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Jan 7, 2003

What do you think? Will Stephanie's son Louis be the next heartbreaking hot his cousin Andrea...?

...I think he already is a charming little piece of sweetness....

Michelle more pic of Louis Robert Paul

...Prince Louis... a Gentleman

with dad

you'll never walk alone.....

...Le Tour de France......

....careful Louis, Lance is coming.....


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I think that Louis and Pierre are going to be little heartbreakers. I think that Pauline will be as pretty as Charlotte, as well. They are such attractive people! It's unfair! ;)

Pauline takes part in the 2003 Princess Grace International Gymnastics Gala January 25, 2003 in Monaco
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Thank you both very much for the wonderful photos! :)

He is so cute now, i am sure he will be very handsome later



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Paulin Ducruet during the Gymnastic Party and Children in Monaco on June 23rd, 2003



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Yap..I do have a lot more pics....

here you go....

Camille 03

with mommy

with Richard

one more....

hope you like it so far...

gonna post some more later...


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Princess Stephanie with her daughter Camille in her arms. 01/17/2003. 27th International Circus Festival of Monaco



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The daughter of Princess Stephanie: Pauline 01/16/2003. Princes at the 27th Circus festival of Monaco

Monaco, Monte-Carlo Country Club April 19th, 2003 Tennis Masters Monte Carlo On the picture : Daniel Ducruet, Princess Stephanie's former husband, and his children Louis and Pauline attend the semi-final opponing Carlos Moya to Guillermo Coria


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Princess Pauline 01/17/2003. 27th International Circus Festival of Monaco

With Stephanie's daughter Pauline, who acts as standard bearer. 04/13/2002

06/05/1994. First official picture of Pauline, Stephanie and Daniel Ducruet's daughter

03/06/2002. Princess Stephanie of Monaco with her daughter Pauline are watching Garou on the stage before his show


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Richard was Stephanie's boyfriend for some months ...about a year ago...

hope that helps....

Michelle :heart:
Richard was rainier's butler i think too
Since the day I saw camille in the circus festival, I am sure she's going to be a looker. She looks like a mini-grace, imo of course :)


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She's beautiful, but she doesn't look like a happy child baby; course, neither did her mother.
Hi, luuuu. Camille does look like a mini-Grace. I think she will look most like Grace out of all of her grandchildren. :)
Originally posted by Bubbette@Oct 3rd, 2003 - 11:29 am
She's beautiful, but she doesn't look like a happy child baby; course, neither did her mother.
why do you say that? I think she looks ok
He'll turn 11 on November 26th

Louis aged 6

Janvier 2002

august 2000

I'd say he has Alberts smile....but he looks a bit like his daddy as well.
His hair is getting darker by now but I guess thats only normal. His mom is darkhaired and his dad as well.
I'm curious how he'll look like in 5 or 6 years....

Louis at the age of 7 ( July 1999)

Louis can be wether calm or a bomb....
He's very close to his mom because he feels like her protector. After his parents divorce he was the 'man' in the house and so he developped a certain instict to protect his mom and sisters.

Louis and his Mommy


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Camille and her Daddy


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Pauline on her bike 1999


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Princess Grace International Gymnastics Gala 2003
Photos By: Getty Images

Monaco International Circus Festival 2003

Princess Madeleine of Sweden Look Alike


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Born: May 4, 1994
Time: 11:15 a.m.
Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Cancer Ascendant: This indicates that you are dedicated to satisfying your personal ambitions. However, you can appear so vulnerable that it is difficult for others to determine just how determined or strong you really are. You can be quite circumspect and hesitant to reveal your true goals until you are certain of success. There is potential for you to have traumatic partnerships, especially marriage. Many Cancer Ascendants prefer to marry late in life, and tend to select older or more mature partners or those who represent an authority figure. You are emotionally oriented and may attempt to hide this vulnerability behind a facade of forcefulness even though, more often than not, the ploy is unsuccessful. Emotional vulnerability does not deny personal magnetism or ambition. In fact your emotional commitment to something often causes you to work twice as hard as anyone else, becoming quite successful in the bargain. Home is not just where your heart is, it is usually where you want to physically spend most of your time and attention.

Sun in Taurus: You are likely to be very patient, a hard worker, and one of those people who constantly puts forth much sustained effort. Your demeanor is slow and deliberate, and attempts by others to hurry you rarely succeed. You need time to adjust to new ideas and changes. You can be stubborn to the point of becoming rigid, but you are practical and constructive in nearly everything you do. You carefully consider options before starting any action or coming to any conclusion. You function best under conditions where there is predictability, and where you can exercise a degree of control. Good-natured and friendly, your placid demeanor rarely shows upset or anger. Additionally, you don't take many chances, and you believe in sticking with the familiar and comfortable. There is not much adventure in your soul, and it is probably fair to label you a conservative individual.

Sun in Tenth House: You feel the need to improve your importance, so your career is usually successful and involves your whole personality, possibly at the expense of your marriage and friendships. You're ambitious and intrigued by power. You're a leader in whatever you do and people pay attention to you. You may become arrogant or rebellious if you let that attention go to your head. In order for you to feel secure, your drive for significance must be publicly useful. You're willing to work hard to obtain what you want the most---honor and recognition. Your family is often well-to-do and you hate anything that brings disgrace or dishonor to you or your family. You often feel it's necessary for you to set a proper example for others to follow.

Sun Conjunction Mercury: You're a forceful thinker, putting your will behind your thoughts. You're quick-witted, creative, ambitious and impulsive. Your mind may be detached from your personal feelings or your self-expression, but you have plenty of mental stamina.

Sun Sextile Saturn: You're honest, practical, patient, self-disciplined and have good organizational and leadership abilities. You're thinking is clear and precise and you're able to concentrate well. Success comes through hard work and patience, often involving some aspect of politics. You may have an above average number of responsibilities, but you have the ability and desire to assume them. Your conservative nature often means longevity since you avoid taking risks. You're a loyal, if somewhat stern, friend with a strong moral sense.

Sun Trine Neptune: Your outer drive and inner idealism work hand in hand. You're a natural mystic whose extremely sensitive to the inner currents, especially emotional ones, of not only yourself, but those around you too. You have good taste, refinement and a love of art and music. Your good imagination enables you to bring your ideas, inspirations and artistic potential to fruition. You're romantic, tender and devoted to your home, family and spouse. You're usually in the right place at the right time and say the right thing to the right people.

Moon in Pisces: This indicates that you are especially sensitive, perceptive, and perhaps even dreamy. You are very responsive to the depths of human experience, having an understanding and affection for nearly all people. You can be overly optimistic, sometimes looking at the world through "rose colored glasses." Emotionally naive, you continually overlook other people's shortcomings and deficiencies. You are essentially so romantic that you may rarely see life as it really is. You are tremendously unselfish, trusting and open-handed. Sometimes you can be a little too generous, especially with your boundless sympathy. This is a very passive position, and if you are not careful, others may attempt to take advantage of you. When they do, you are always so easily hurt; and you may spend much time feeling sorry for yourself. You are neither analytical nor critical, but maybe psychic. Most astrologers agree that this is the most psychic Moon of all. Highly sensitive, you connect with others on an unconscious, emotional level. You actually feel what they feel. Thus, you have a most sympathetic and compassionate nature, and these fine instincts can be invaluable to you in the everyday world. In many situations, you can be too giving and overly-idealistic. You may have difficulty seeing people in a clear way, preferring instead to live within a fantasy that you have created. You expect much of yourself, even perfection, and sometimes you may get down on yourself because of this.

Moon in Eighth House: You're sensitive to others and to social demands and are very psychic. Although you must learn to sacrifice your feelings and learn to live impersonally, using your personality to help others with their resources, you may allow yourself to be too vulnerable. You have an interest in sex, death, and the after-death state that may become a preoccupation. Your financial affairs are affected by partnerships and marriage---money may come through your partner, your mother or women in general. You're often involved in handling others or the public's money.

Moon Square Venus: You're overly sentimental and emotional and unwise romantic/sexual encounters can cause you sorrow. You have financial and social problems in your domestic life, due in part to being unlucky or careless with money. You give your affections indiscriminately and are too trusting of your spouse and partners, often resulting in your being taken advantage of. You may experience delays or difficulties in getting married, often due to your parents objections to your choice of partner. You give more love than you receive until your karmic debt of unlovingness is repaid. You have a strong urge to be the center of attention to compensate for an inferiority complex.

Moon Trine Jupiter: Altruistic, kind, generous, friendly, and good-natured, you seek to help others whenever possible. You possess religious devotion taught to you by your parents. You're devoted to home, parents, and family and want to maintain domestic peace and happiness. Financial success comes through an inheritance or your own business ability.

Moon Conjunction Saturn: You identify emotionally with material things and the memories associated with them. Your emotions are tied to past memories and you should direct your attention to constructive activities and goals away from the past. You're willing to work hard but may be overcritical in your drive for perfection, often having little praise for others efforts. Furthermore, you may identify strongly with your mother.

Moon Square Pluto: Your intense emotions generate a psychic field that makes others, especially women, uncomfortable. Your life may change suddenly and not of your choosing, often involving your family or domestic life. You can be clairvoyant, jealous, restless, impulsive, sensual and tend to be a loner.

Mercury in Taurus: This produces a mind that is patient and practical. Your thinking is often conservative, and your thought processes are fixed and stable. You are more apt to learn from experiences than from formal training. Your powers of concentration are outstanding. Many will consider you a "slow-poke" when it comes to mental matters and communicating ideas. You are slow to form opinions because you put much thought into questions before you render an answer, and you don't like to be rushed in this.

Mercury in Tenth House: Your career must be intellectually stimulating or you'll probably succumb to restlessness and change jobs. You may hold down two jobs to get that stimulation. You pursue education, but only to fulfill professional ambitions, which are usually associated with education or communication. You're politically astute, able to communicate with the public and those in authority and have speech-making and executive ability. You have good organizing skills and the ability to plan the future.

Mercury Opposite Jupiter: You have an original, fertile mind but are often absentminded. You can be a good bluffer but you're easily frustrated and your memory often fails under stress. Education is important to you but it may be interrupted or you may pursue esoteric or scholarly subjects that have no practical earning potential. You're curious, impulsive, and well-intentioned but often promise more than you can deliver.

Mercury Trine Uranus: You're intuitive, brilliant, inventive, mentally dexterous, and self-reliant. You have an excellent memory, a humanitarian outlook, a sense of drama and writing and speaking talent. You may appear stupid due to your single-mindedness and/or be impatient with those who are not as quick-witted. You have an excellent ability to communicate ideas. You're not dogmatic or orthodox and won't accept an idea just because it's popular. You're a trend breaker and a trendsetter and are far ahead of the times in your comprehension of life. This aspect denotes an advanced soul.

Mercury Trine Neptune: You have an easily developed and powerful imagination. You have an inspirational, poetic and creative mind and an aptitude for acting, music (especially composition), journalism and speaking. If you're creatively oriented, this aspect enhances you intellectual sensitivity. You have extremely delicate and acute senses so you avoid harsh conditions of all types. You're able to understand and translate the psychic premonitions of dreams and visions. Furthermore, you're a fantastic salesman who can manipulate the public mind on the subconscious level through mass media. You have a strong love of the sea and often live near it.

Venus in Gemini: Women with this planetary position like to think of themselves as being intelligent, articulate, friendly, and free-spirited, and want others to see them this way, too. You use your mental and verbal abilities to attract lovers, and consider a good mind to be the mark of femininity. You also value intelligence and well-developed communication skills in other women, and look for these qualities in your friends. You have lots of friends and acquaintances; and although they may be quite different in many ways, they are all intellectually stimulating, talkative, and hungry for knowledge.

Venus in Eleventh House: Your friendships and social/romantic relationships often begin in group activities, so you usually share the same interests with your spouse. You have many friends, usually of the opposite sex who are often artists or musicians. Your friendly, diplomatic nature, and kindness to others gets the same from them and they often help you fulfill your hopes and dreams. Your friends become romantic partners.

Venus Sextile Mars: You enjoy family life and are ardent and faithful in marriage but need and expect some measure of independence. You gain emotionally and sometimes financially through marriage. Your popularity can help you professionally and financially and you may become wealthy. You'd do good in any business dealing with artistic creations or merchandise. You like dance, sports, and other physical arts.

Venus Square Saturn: You're over-sensitive to ordinary misfortune. You find it difficult to express your true feelings because you fear rejection or non-acceptance. If you're wealthy and powerful, you may use it to attract a younger mate or a younger mate is attracted to you because of your wealth and power. In any case, there's usually a large age difference between you and your spouse. You should not marry until you're at least twenty-eight. Your parents may be a burden or emotionally oppressive. Minor faults (yours and others) take on major importance. You must often sacrifice your happiness for duty.

Venus Sextile Midheaven: This indicates that you are an agreeable and sociable person, who doesn't like conflict with others. You are more willing than most to make compromises, because keeping peace and harmony with those you love is more important to you than getting your own way. In fact, you will give up a great deal in order to stay on good terms with someone. You like to have the approval of persons in authority over you, and you will work to get it. Most important, your relationship with your parents is likely to be very good. Because of that, and because you have good relationships with other authority figures, you will feel secure in yourself and will be able to love and be loved wherever you go. Also you will attract people who can help you as you go through life. Your home life is also very secure. You should grow up in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by beauty and comfort. What you learn in youth will serve you well throughout your life, and you will always have a warm feeling for your childhood home and the places that you associate with it.

Mars in Aries: You have an unrestricted drive to get projects done, to start new projects, and to act decisively. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Despite your apparent leadership abilities, you may function best when you are working alone and independently because of your demand to have your own way. If you are in a group, you will aspire to be the leader.

Mars in Ninth House: You're curious, enthusiastic, independent, and often self-educated and skeptical. You're interested in serious study, but your mind is restless. You love to travel---mentally if not physically.

Mars Square Neptune: Because you are somewhat accident-prone, you should avoid machinery and mechanical devices. You are also more susceptible to infection than most people and should follow hygienic rules strictly in preparing your food. The same attention to cleanliness should prevail in all of your activities. The crises in your relationships may be caused by your casual attitude about your lover's credentials. Sometimes you lower your standards and attract negative types whose primary interest is sex. When such disappointments occur, you may become bitter and resentful, but you have only yourself to blame.

Mars Conjunction Midheaven: This aspect makes you highly ambitious. You desire importance and prominence in the world and in your professional life. Your energy is directed toward definite purposes that will further your long-range goals. You are highly competitive where position is concerned, and will fight to get to the top.

Jupiter in Scorpio: This placement suggests an intensity attached to your view of significant issues. You conduct your affairs in a more serious and secretive fashion, exercising your shrewd and critical judgment. You are intense and uncompromising in your beliefs and moral views. You have great faith in yourself and like to exercise will power over others. You are both farsighted and determined.

Jupiter in Fourth House: This indicates that you place great value on childhood, mother, nurturing ability, nurturance / absorption-type relationships, privacy, the family and so on. You may move around a lot, roam a great deal in childhood, or own a mobile home as an adult. You may want large, open rooms with a lot of light. You may prefer a rural home or one near trees or other country scenery. If you cannot achieve this, you may wish to decorate your home, if at all, in a way which brings nature inside: lots of glass and open vistas, or plenty of animal prints, or objects from various cultures from around the world. Additionally, you may make your home a place of continual study, with books and/or course material everywhere. You're mother could have modelled freedom needs and/or optimism, positive attitudes, and confidence. She may have been very religious (positively or negatively), travelled a lot - a way to maintain her freedom - or have been an intellectual, always studying, expanding her mind, searching for more inclusive ideas. This parent also modelled how to live out ultimate values and world beliefs. She may have had a deep faith, or constantly searched for more knowledge and understanding. If she lived according to her own principles and morals, who provided a positive model, as long as she had realistic values. If she espoused standards and expectations for others which she didn't live up to herself, or if she held unrealistic values and unattainable standards but refused to modify these, then she provided a negative role model. During your childhood, you may have thought your mother was perfect but, as you grow older you may be disappointed and notice some shortcomings.

Jupiter Trine Saturn: You're dignified, far-sighted, honest, and responsible, but you tend to take the easy way out. You have business, financial, and managerial ability and are able to coordinate long range and large-scale projects that involve heavy responsibility. Your good public reputation bodes well for life in politics or the public eye. You're even-tempered, practical, serious-minded, sincere, and stable.

Saturn in Pisces: This aspect produces a sensitivity in your dealing with world at large. When making your way in the world, you may feel vulnerable and defenseless. This is a depressive placement that can make you feel a little paranoid sometimes, often looking on the dark side of a situation rather than the bright side. You may sometimes feel like you are a victim of circumstances or a martyr of sorts. If properly channeled, your sensitive side can be a plus. The productive aspect of this placement is in the ability to exercise compassion in society with a pragmatic approach. Your road to success may be in the artistic, spiritual, or even the psychic. Religious beliefs may be the cornerstone of your life, filling a need for structure, and security. Your test in life may be one of developing confidence in your innate abilities. You may need to learn to trust and get in touch with your subconscious. The source of your creativity may be hidden there.

Saturn in Eighth House: You're often involved in your partner's finances, corporate money, insurance, taxes or inheritance in some way that entails responsibility. You must develop a sense of justice since you're accountable for others property. You may marry a poor person, creating a financial burden, and often have marital problems or financial problems in business. You may be restricted in your career due to lack of capital. You have a strong sensuality that may need restraining or a serious, somewhat inhibited attitude to sex. You'll probably live to a ripe old age.

Uranus in Capricorn: You're practical, ambitious and a magnetic and exciting leader. Worldly prestige is important to you. Your insight and intuition are good and you can advance your professional or social status through use of original ideas in business and science. You're able to develop old ideas in new and original ways, effecting change in government and business power structures. One side of your nature requires being free and looks to the future, the other side is conventional, traditional and stuffy and clings to the past.

Uranus in Sixth House: Although unpredictable on the job, you're a good worker. You don't like routine and need a job that will allow you to move around. In a routine or prolonged job, you either overwork or fight the job all the way. You're sensitive to working conditions and relationships with co-workers, employers, and employees. You may end a job if either of these is unsatisfactory.

Uranus Conjunction Neptune: You're insightful, intuitive, kind, original, and extremely self-willed. You have a keen imagination and mental and emotional sensitivity.

Uranus Sextile Pluto: You're a true idealist who's appalled at injustice and possesses the strength and endurance and ability to accept the new, especially if you feel it's for the betterment of the world.

Uranus Opposite Ascendant: You're extremely individualistic and desire personal freedom in all personal relationships, including marriage. Your popularity with others and contacts with the public are erratic and unstable. You're attracted to people who are attracted to the occult or science. You tend to suddenly meet and fall in love then end it just as suddenly. You regard your spouse as more of a friend than a mate.

Neptune in Capricorn: You have great drive and determination and are able to effect many changes for the public good. You must learn to incorporate spiritual ideas, inspiration, and intuition with practicality. Your purification of selfness and selfishness often manifests as an interest in ecology, preserving Earth's resources and the use of alternative and reusable sources of energy. You'll have new ideas on government and political concepts. You'll witness many practical discoveries and possibly the beginning of a world government with possible socialistic tendencies.

Neptune in Sixth House: Work will be a challenging sphere, and it is probably essential for you to try and discover a satisfying type of employment; otherwise, it can prove to be an area of inner conflict. You may find that you do not enjoy your work, that its repetitive nature irritates and bores you, that your potential is not realeased but only constantly repressed, and that it is only continued because there seem to be few other options to take. You may fail to reap the rewards at work that you believe are due to you, and because you have invested so much time and effort feel almost betrayed when promotion is offered to 'young high flyers', leaving you feeling disgruntled and wondering if it was all worth it. You may be vulnerable to being the 'fall guy' when things go wrong at work, others blaming you for their inefficiency.

Neptune Opposite Ascendant: There are often peculiar circumstances where marriage or partnership is concerned. Your relationships will be based on spiritual ideals, otherwise confusion and deception will abound. Be careful when signing contracts and avoid legal proceedings whenever you can. You have an intuitive sensitivity to the intentions, desires, and motivations of partners and the public, but you may also have a subtle and disarming charm that upsets some people.

Pluto in Scorpio: You're sensitive to your environment, intrigued with mystery, emotionally intense, and penetrating. You may experience remarkable events when much will fall into place psychologically and/or spiritually. You'll witness business and monetary reforms, new insights into the workings of nature, and innovative medical approaches.

Pluto in Fourth House: There's often mysterious or occult circumstances regarding your home and family. You have a strong, often occult, tie to the earth that can manifest as a love of nature, an interest in ecology or conservation, a study of earth sciences. Wealth and/or occult interests come in later years.

Pluto Trine Ascendant: You're a good leader and organizer whose self-confidence and strength inspires the same in others and gains their cooperation. You have a transforming affect on relationships and your environment and are able to accept change and come to terms with new phases of your life. You have excellent powers of concentration, keen awareness and sometimes clairvoyance and highly developed willpower. You're able to raise the level of awareness in others by altering the mode of personal interaction. Life is usually not difficult for you.
Originally posted by Tina@Jul 16th, 2003 - 1:15 pm
Monaco, Monte-Carlo Country Club April 19th, 2003 Tennis Masters Monte Carlo On the picture : Daniel Ducruet, Princess Stephanie's former husband, and his children Louis and Pauline attend the semi-final opponing Carlos Moya to Guillermo Coria
Look at Louis' nose, mouth and ears. They are exactly like Stephanie's. He is going to be such a heartbreaker as a teen. Those lips and chin just like his mother's give him that same sensual, kind of fires-banked-down-below look she has.
It's extraordinary how much Louis looks like Stephanie in so many of these pictures. Exact same perfect aquiline nose, soft full lips, pretty flat ears and strong square jawline. When he becomes a teenager, look out! He's going to be breaking hearts all over the place, just like his mother. Maybe it's just the resemblance to her, but those pouty lips make him look like he could be as strong-willed and throw-it-all-to-the-winds-for-love-independant as she it too!
He'll turn 11 on November 26th
He was born on Nov. 26th? Hee cool! That's my birthday too. :p

Louis is sooo cute, I bet he's gonna be a heartbreaker when he gets older. ;)
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