Pascua Militar (2015)

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King Juan Carlos and Queen were not present at Spain's National Day Ceremony back in October,I would guess that the emphasis is on Felipe VI and Queen Letizia.
DM once again reporting the latest news on Queen Letizia and (once again :D) getting its facts incredibly wrong.

Queen Letizia of Spain joins King Felipe (and a troop of soldiers) to celebrate Epiphany  | Daily Mail Online

The event of the Pascua Militar has absolutely nothing to do with the Three Wise Men (or the three Kings, we call them here ;)) celebrations, nor with the festive parades they describe which actually happens on January 5th's afternoon.

With the help of this article from ABC, let's take a look at what this event is actually about and its origins (Traslation from ABC)

The tradition goes back to 1782, when King Charles III established this celebration in order to thank the Spanish Army for the recovering of the island of Minorca, that had been under English domain.

Since them, it's traditional that the King of Spain greets the members of the Armed Forces every January 6th, coinciding with the national holiday and festivities for the Epiphany.

Completely different are the traditional celebrations of the Epiphany, that remember the day the three wise men visited baby Jesus in Bethlen and offered presents to him, and that start with festive parades in every city or town (no matter how small this can be) to receive the Three Kings that come from the East to hand out presents for the children that have behaved well during the year. I would disagree as well with DM that Epiphany is as important as Christmas Day, but I guess then every kid in the country would disagree with me :D

(I guess I might do a post about this on the Christmas traditions thread since this is one of the most special and popular traditions in Spain and officially closes the Christmas season ;))
Impeccable King, the Queen looked impeccable under her head. (The hairdo was a bit mismatching the very formal dress and event).
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