Party of "La Banderita" (2007-2023)

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Cristina looks great !!!
Thanks for the photos
the ladies look spectacular. letizia's jacket is adorable, i liked it since i first saw it the other time she wore it, and elena looks simply so elegant.
Very somber but nice otfit for Letizia, suits the occasion perfectly! I do hope to see all four ladys chating, but not this time again!
Spanish Royals Attend Red Cross Day in Madrid
October 23, 2007
Madrid, Spain

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Very lovely act! great to see the 4 of them working on this
for me too
she seems very tired
some people go thin very quickly
when they are tired, they can change completly in only few days
and seem "normal" nice after only some days of rest, sleeping well etc...

I´m totally agree with you.
Women's thin by nature tend to lose weight easily .I am one of those women so i understand perfectly well what happens to Letizia,that after a few days of a lot of stress it is perfectly reflected in her face.
In any case I think that Letizia is doing an excellent job,she interacts very well with people and she is also very smart.:flowers:
I am in full agreement with you .:flowers::flowers:
I agree with you regarding Elena, she is really looking wonderful lately. I think the others look great also, but for some reason Elena seems to shine recently.
Letizia looks really good, I Like her jacket, her skirt, her shoes... Infanta Elena looks so elegant, as always, this color is beautiful, Christina's outfit is not good but isn't bad either, normal for me, and The Queen very good.
" *Love Is Like A Rose In Winter, Only The Strong Survives* My Favorite Rose: Felipe & Letizia"
well, Letizia is really nice today (thank God she's not wearing her hair down!), the jacket is recycled:

(Getty, FacetoFace)

the outfit looks quite good on her, nicely cut and she actually put effort on her appearance, I give her a good one on this;)

Cristina is on her "official act" clothing, her hair looks awesome though

Elena as always the classy, elegant lady, the best dressed of the SRF:flowers:

The Queen looks really good, I like her suit:)
Thanks for the pics, letizia and elena looks very elegant.
What are those pins for and who gets them?
Thank you for the photos!

Letizia looks nice, I particularly like the jacket, is it a repeat? I thought it was quite sweet that the Slovakian President and his wife dropped by.

Elena's suit was great but the colour was a little too insipid, Cristina looked boring and frumpy, yet again!
Thanks Lula for the pics!
Letizia looks elegant and also her shoes are beautiful this time!
The Infantas are classy, as always, but in my opinion those are not their best outfits.
Thanks for the video asturiana. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't show the other SRF women in the video. Letizia was so sweet with the baby.
All ladies look classy and beautiful. CP Letizia looks tired and thin but it's probably due to the stress of all her work commitments. None the less, it's always a joy to see her and she has a very sincere manner about her - it shows in the way she interacts with the public. She'll make a great Queen one day!
Red cross will collect money tomorrow for the Day of the "Banderita"

Red cross of Madrid will go out to the street one more year, tomorrow, in the called Day of the "Banderita", to collect money with the aim to be able to finance their new project ' Space Opened ', that has as aim obtain a place opened for the diversity, the living together and the participation, informed today the entity.

For it, the volunteers of Red Cross, headed by the Queen Sofia, the princess Letizia and the infantas Elena and Cristina, will extract to the street a hundred of tables and thousands of moneyboxes with which to obtain the donations of the persons from Madrid.

Cruz Roja recaudará dinero mañana por el Día de la Banderita.
it seems to be quite cold in Madrid today! Can't wait to see more pics!
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