Paedophilia Forum shows Pictures of Dutch Royal Children: October 2008

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I thought that W-A and Maxima won a court case against these people! Why did it happen again?
Yuck yuck. I hate pedophiles like Mr. Clean and these scumbags. I mean, they want people to see them as just another sexual orientation when they're attracted to KIDS! They all need intense therapy or be put in the slammer.
I'm just going to echo what everyone else is saying, and say pedophiles need to be put away or even put to sleep. I know the latter sounds controversial, but these evil people are a danger to everyone - parents, children alike - and need to be stopped.

I feel sick now. I didn't bother to read the article or else I really would've vomited.
I agree with you, Sonjapearl. I couldn't bring myself to read the article either. I was already infuriated by hearing about this incident. I knew the article would make my blood boil. I think that it would be nice if the Dutch Royal Family would start a foundation to help educate parents on ways to keep their children safe from predators. They have the money and ability to generate publicity (the Dutch Royal Family, not the predators). They could use their resources to bring about awareness, and hopefully a change in the laws, or a crackdown on these monsters. They could also help other families whose children have been victimised.
I couldn't say better than you, lucien.

I find these paedophilia forums totally unnaceptable :bang: and I can't imagine how disappointed, angry and sad the parents must be...

I only hope Máxima and WA can find a solution to end with this scandal once for all, and help other parents on the same situation.
Lucien, I completely agree with you. I consider myself a very liberal person, but when it comes to crimes against children (and yes, I believe that posting a child's photo, clothed or not, and writing sexually explicit things about that child is a crime-it is NOT freedom of speech) then I have not one ounce of tolerance. A person does not have the right to use a child in ANY way for sexual purposes. These sick people need to be put away forever.
I agree -- I am NOT liberal at all when it comes to crimes against the youth and the elderly. It is our responsibility to protect them both as they are unable to do much for themselves. Both the elderly and young are prayed upon by the low class filth of the world. These maggots can't function with their own as they know how inferior they are to humanity -- so they must show their control over someone that doesn't have the ability to fend them off. They are evil mutations that should be "put to sleep" like the mad animals they are.:angry::censored:
:eek:What? Pedophiles using pics of Dutch royal kids again? It must me sort of provocation from their side, they try to check how far they can go with using children on the Internet...I guess courts last time were to liberal for pedophiles. I don't get something, are their websites allowed to exist?:ohmy:
I thought that W-A and Maxima won a court case against these people! Why did it happen again?

Well apparently it is a forum, so people can post whatever they want until it gets screened by a moderator. It will be interesting to see if they have removed it or want to face another case in court, which they lost last time. Legally I do not think the law can forbid such a forum (they would have done that if it was possible) but perhaps they can ruin them financially so the site will be taken of the internet.
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