P. Elisabeth, P. Gabriël, P. Emmanuel and P. Eléonore: News and Pictures Part I

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Interesting, in the U.S. the current age is between 7 and 8 years of age. Typically children have had about two years of preparation either from a parochial school (private) or at religous education (for public school students.)

So, I think that depends. In Portugal is at 8/9 years and in Spain too. Felipe Juan Froilán had his first communion on 24th May and he is 8 years.
That's not true. In Belgium children are 6 years old when they have their first communion, so I expect it will be next year. I suspect it'll be a private occasion (like their baptisms), but we'll see some pictures.

In Belgium it has changed 2 yaers ago! Previous it was at 6 year, first year in elementary school. Nowedays it is in the 2 year of elemantary school. So at age of 7, 8.
When does she start a school and how are her brothers?
Belgian schools for children of their age begin at the beginning of September in Belgium
Elisabeth and Gabriël will start on the 1st of september.

Elisabeth will start elementary school this year.
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Lovely video/pictures, Stephanie. I never heard this song before, but rather appropriate ;)
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Thanks stephanievl! I love the Belgian Royal family. The kids are adorable!
Thank you stephanie, do you know which chool they attend? I believe Laeticia-Marie goes to thesame school. As her parents were in the UK did she go with her uncle and aunt?
No, Astrid is back! You can see the pictures in the Tread of the childern of Astrid.
Tjey go to the Sint Jan BErchmanscollege in the center of Brussels. It is a Dutch speaking school, also Leatitia Maria and Louise Marie go there.
So Elisabeth starts real school this year? How old is she?
Elizabeth looks wonders :wub:
She is my favorite little Princess. She seems really concentrated really "into" the act. :) Well, Elizabeth has a great Teacher: her mother. She got her mother's poise and grace.
The Princess Elisabeth Polarstation has been inaugurated by Prince Philippe in Brussels today. More information about this can be found here

Princess Elisabeth in front of a model of “her” zero emission Polar station which is exhibited at Brussels´ Royal Palace till September 16.

Two 3-d images of the station
Pic 1
Pic 2

And a link to the webpage of this Polarstation:
Belgian Antarctic Research Station - Princess Elisabeth Station: - First zero emission station

I really like that Philippe and/or Mathilde bring Elisabeth with them on engagements that are relevant/play for her - this one, and I saw pictures of her in a hardhat somewhere in a playland with her parents. I think this, along with the regular photoshoots, is a splendid way of easing her into a life in the spotlight.
thanks for this pictures :flowers:
they are wonderful, children look like their parents :wub:; Elizabeth is so sweet, she's a little lady;
I'd like especially picture of children with this fur toy
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