Oslo and Utøya Attacks & the Royal Family

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Is this correct?

BT informs that the off duty police officer who was killed on the island is CP Mette-Marit's step brother.

Kronprinsessens stedbror dræbt på Utøya - Udland - BT.dk

His name is Trond Berntsen.

Apparantly the court confirms is.

ADDED: It seems to be confirmed: http://www.bt.dk/udland/kronprinsessens-stedbror-draebt-paa-utoeya

Trond Berntsen, 51 years old and father of two, was on the island as a security guard. He was the second being killed, apparantly attempting to stop the gunman. He first managed to shove his ten year old son out of the line of fire. The son has survived.

ADDED AGAIN: It get's even worse. A survivor saw a boy around eleven, pleading the gunman to spare him as the gunman had just shot his father. The boy was spared. - As most on the island was from age thirteen and up and as Trond Berntsen's son must have seen his father being shot, it's very likely in my opnion that we are talking about Trond Berntsen's son in this wittness account.
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Apparently then the policeman, who was shot the Øtuya, were the stepbrother of CPss Mette-Marit.
My heart cries out of sorrow for the norwegian people and the NRF.
Ugh poor Mette -Marit it must make this whole thing 100X worse having one of her own family members be a victim to this awful awful tragedy
The policeman killed, Trond Berntsen was the son of Rolf Berntsen, the husband of Mette-Marit´s mother Marit Tjessem.
Rolf Berntsen married Crown Princess Mette-Marit's mother Marit Tjessem in 1994. Rolf Berntsen died 10 april 2008 to a severe illness.
Crown Princess Mette-Marit had a close relationship with his stepfather, and Berntsen had the role as back-grandfather of her son Marius.
- Crown Princess thoughts are with his family, said the castle's communications manager, Marianne Hagen, VG.
Kronprinsessens stebror drept på Utøya - VG Nett om Terrorangrepet 22. juli
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Very lovely and moving photo of Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus:
Thank you to everyone who was loaded info about this most dreadful event. I found the King's speech very moving indeed. A very emotional King Harald and Queen Sonja attended the memorial service and also visited a Oslo hotel where survivors and family members are currently staying. What a wonderful outreach by a true royal family. We are all thinking of Norway at this time.
What terrible news for the Crown Princess Mette-Marit and obviously for his immediate family, and especially his son. I know both her and Marius were very close to her step-father.

«Du har allerede drept pappaen min, jeg er for ung til å dø» - Norge - NRK Nyheter

This survivor tells an absolute harrowing story about an eleven year old boy pleading the gunman for his life; most probably the son of Rolf Berntsen. The survivor, Adrian Pracon, tells that when he and others heard shots they ran to the shore and jumped in the water, he was the last one and did not have time to get his clothes off. Out in the water is soon realizes he can’t keep going because his heavy shoes and sweater is making it too difficult and hard for him to swim, he swims back. Up on shore he sees the gunman shoot people in the water, and he sees when the bullets hits a person because a line of red would shoot up from the body and they would go under. The gunman sees him, goes for him, and he pleads for his life and the gunman for whatever reason doesn’t fire, even though he has him at gun point. At one point the eleven year came up to Adrian, and said his daddy was dead, but then continued walking, and the gunman is walking towards the boy. Adrian can hear what they are talking about, but he lies down between others and pretends to be dead. The boys says “don’t shoot me, you’ve shot enough. Now you have killed my dad and I am too young to die, please don’t shoot. Let it be. The gunman then retreated, possible because he felt some sympathy or something. Adrian saw the boy on land later on and says it wonderful to see him again.

Yesterday, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel attending a chirch service at the Norwegian seaman's church. Here's some photos and video.

Nyheterna: Kronprinsessan: "Fullständigt obegripligt" - TV4 Play

Støtte fra Sverige / Nyheter / Sjømannskirken

The Scandinavian Royals Message Board: Re: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel - photos

Articles in norwegian press about the Crown Princess step-brother.

Kronprinsessens stebror drept på Utøya - VG Nett om Terrorangrepet 22. juli

Politimann ofret livet for sin sønn - Norge - NRK Nyheter
The Crown Princess of Norway's step-brother was one of the first victims gunned down in the murder spree that left 86 dead at a youth summer camp.
Security man Trond Berntsen, the son of Princess Mette-Marit's late stepfather, was among the 86 people killed when Anders Behring Breivik opened fire at a youth camp.

Horror of Norway's royal family: Crown Princess's step-brother was killed in island gun massacre | Mail Online
Have they a good relationship? I heard, the mother of MM had a problem with her stepsons, after her second husband died. Something with inheritance.
I am so sorry for Mette-Marit and all these bereaved families !
She is very brave to have participated to the ceremonies when she was in mourning herself.
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That's really sad news. My condolence to Mette-Marit and all families of victims.
In his statement today the gunman/bomber said there are more collaborators and more cells.
I'm so sorry to MM, her family, and all of Norway. This whole thing is so awful and tragic.
My condolences for all Norwegian people, really sad event.
Condolences to Mette-Marit, the Family and the people of Norway.....
The enormity of the event is still not sinking in, especially with new discoveries around the corner....
The terror attack in Norway is just so terrible and scary to think that one person is capable of destruction and the ability to do this awful thing:cry: I was born and raised in Norway and luckly my friends and family is all safe.
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