Official Visit to South Korea

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dazzling said:
& doesnt she look good. Actually looks better second time round, maybe because the hair?i dont know, but she is really pulling it off well o this visit. Haakon & Mette-Marit always have a great smile & its good to see them on visits together than solo events.They make a perfect couple:flowers:

Side view
back view
close up

Yes, and the colour! It is a nice colour, she worn often black en grey. This colour looks 'fresh'. :)
She should wear pink more often, what a beauty !
Mette Marit looks really beautiful today, that colour suits her very much. And the dress is beautiful as well. :)
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Today MM's coat remind's me one of crown princess mary of denmark that she wear on Queen Margareth Birthday Celebration of last year, but on other color, mary's one it´s cream.
Very nice outfit for MM. It looks great on her. Thanks for the pictures. Will there be a gala dinner tonight?
I don't know. There are no pictures and there is it late in the evening. So, I think there isn't a gala dinner.

But maybe, I hope so..;)
mette marit looked incredible. i loved her cream airport outfit, her grey coat during the day and (specially!) this lovely red dress she wore for a night event of some kind. doesn't it look perfect on her? red definitely suits her. such a shame she doesn't use it that often, because it really lightens her up.

a picture of the dress: ANP Beeldbank

a bow would have definitely looked a lot more elegant with all the outfits, but i still think she looked radiant.
that is a very flattering cut of dress for her body shape and her height. She looks very beautiful.
The color of it brings out more color in her face so she does not look so bland.
IMO, she is right on the mark with this one.
Mette-Marit really looked wonderful in every outfit so far! It's impressive that 4 years and two children later, she still looks great in the magenta dress!
Mette-Marit looks VERY pretty tonight!:flowers: The dress looks absolutely beautiful on her, and her hair is absolutely gorgeous. What is the point of their trip again, and does anybody have any videos?
troonopvolgers said:
Photos day two!

Mette-Marit in a pink-outfit!

ANP Beeldbank

really like the suit and colour on her !! any more pictures of this suit ? ( thanks for posting it)
Mette-Marit is looking gorgeous, I think she really suits shades of pink and blue, many women can not carry those colours of but Mette-Marit does so with elegance and grace.
Haakon always looks good can never be dissapointing imo. I dont know about Mette Marit in shorts, she does looks good but is it okay to wear shorts on an official visit? i dont think... besides that, she looked nice earlier that day in her pinkish suit.does anyone know what their lunch meeting was about today?
she looked delightful in pink and her shoes are as always unbeatable.

they also visited a local grocery with norwegian products:
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
once again, lovely shoes: ANP Beeldbank

not so fond of the outfit, perhaps it looks a bit too relaxed compared to the other people, but i still like pastels on her.

(sorry to be so recurrent on the topic, but aren't these amazing? she really has the loveliest-more creative shoes among the royals! ANP Beeldbank)

she wore a similar design to her dress in jordan some years ago: ANP Beeldbank
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She wore some color so I shouldn't really complain....except for the trouser shorts. You'd think she was there to do her grocery shopping. :ermm:

Most of the clothing looked like Prada, even the shoes (which were fantastic)!
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SASSY said:
She wore some color so I shouldn't really complain....except for the trouser shorts. You'd think she was there to do her grocery shopping. :ermm:

Yeah, I agree that outfit was not a hit with me. She did not even compare to Haakon he was wearing a suit and here she is in shorts. Nice outfit but not right for the event. However, had they not been shorts and instead either pants or a skirt it would would have been fine.
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