Official visit to France, Slovenia & Austria: April 5-10, 2008

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Feb 5, 2004
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This article is saying (sorry it's in German) that King Abdullah and Queen Rania will pay an official three-day visit to Vienna next week (it's even called a state visit there). They will stay at Hotel Imperial and will meet Austria's president Fischer Wednesday at his official residence (the Hofburg).

Politik-Glamour für Wien angesagt -
Interesting that they are going to Austria, they paid a visit there quite early on in the King's reign.

Thanks for the info Veram!
yes they made an official visit to Austria in January 2001.
Thank´s Veram!

It´s official or state visit?
I have to keep my eyes open (and my camera in place). I would love to see Queen Rania in person. I wonder if they have planned an appearance for the public folk as well. You can hardly find information on the visit. ;( Not even the official site of the president Fischer has posted anything.

This is the hotel, King Abdullah II and Queen Rania will be staying at.
Luxury Collection Vienna Hotels: Hotel Imperial - Hotel Rooms at

small image:
Amman, April 5 (Petra)—His Majesty King Abdullah II left Amman heading for France at the start of a European tour that will also include Slovenia and Austria. During his several-day visit, the King, who is accompanied by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, will hold talks with leaders and senior officials from the three countries on means to boost bilateral ties and the situation in the Middle East.
I'm looking forward to the pics from Austria would be nice,so they will meet the couple Sarkozy sound intersting:Carla and Rania:cool:
the hotel looks gorgeous! i'm quite impressed the press knows such details on where they are staying.

i'm also looking forward to some glamourous rania and carla shots! i bet they will get on well: they seem to have similar interests, come from similar backgrounds and they are around the same age.
I'm not sure if there will be a meeting, it's not mentioned anywhere.
another visit!!!! that's great.....the royal couple don't get bored from all those trips ant visits no body can say they do:D i guess it's fabulous to visit alot of country althoug when it's for work.i can't wait to see first photos.especially the one with Carla if the meeting happen i think both ladies well get on well ;)as Carlota say.
We haven't seen a several-country tour like this from the couple in years. I hope this will be an interesting one.
Queen Rania will be Sorbonne University with Sharon Stone.:flowers:
Jordan's Queen Rania smiles on April 6, 2008 at the Sorbonne university in Paris during the "Cite de la reussite" (city of sucess). The forum held every year in France is to debate this year on the theme of the involvment through a range of topics from culture to the economy, from philosophy to politics.

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Thanks for the photos! She looks great.
She looks nice. I don´t like her shoes (she wore this shoes in Milan last year) and I think her rings are new.
The watch she is wearing in the pictures is a white gold Cartier Tank Francaise. I wonder if it was a gift from President et Madame Sarkozy?
The watch she is wearing in the pictures is a white gold Cartier Tank Francaise. I wonder if it was a gift from President et Madame Sarkozy?

No this watch is old, Queen Rania wore it many times in these years.
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I wish there had been some pictures of the gala dinner would have been interesting to see the ladies dresses and the mens heights even with their shoe lifts - he he!
Queen looks pretty,as always she's really stylish!!!!:flowers:
Her Majesty Queen Rania looks fabulous in the dark navy outfit. I am not sure about her shoes and stocking though ... The bright blue coat is a truly perfect choice. Bright colours tend to favourably enhance Queen Rania's complexion.
I am looking forward to seeing gala outfits.
Queen Rania highlights role of university students to foster dialogue
“You were born at a time of increasing multicultural awareness. You have already been exposed to many more and different cultures than your grandparents could have imagined. You live in the country with the largest Muslim population in Europe. And you know that Islam is not monolithic, but a vibrant mosaic of cultures,” she said. Her Majesty cited a recently ... - Article
what about the king?what were his plans for yesterday? we didn't see or hear anything about him??isn't this an official visit!!!why we just see the queen?
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